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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Yes I do know wot is a comedy programme is and it is "ABSOLUTELY".

Oh to be in Stoneybridge, now that winter's here.

Superb fun. Morwenna Banks, (vaguely remember Morwenna doing a sketch about Tony Blair or (Tony Hair) as she called him, John Sparkes, Gordon Kennedy et al.

Just had a look at the old pics on the site, smiling to myself at the library, love the welsh couple. So much going on as I have both Scots and Welsh blood so can relate to the humour.

It has to be repeated purely because it's so funny and yes there is a generation out there who would love it. If all the recent stuff can be continually repeated then surely the sketch shows that are now classics can be held in the same vein.

Please Channel 4, even if you do repeat it also let's get the DVD's on the shelf as soon as possible.

We demand this now, if not I shall be voting for Stoneybridge council to lead this country in the next General Election.

Glad I found the site!

Jamie Shannon
"Stoneybridge" (I wish) Derbyshire. UK

Plz, Plz, Plz bring out Absolutely on DVD??
From everyone in "Stoney Bridge" :-)

Stuart Greig
Glasgow, Scotland! Just round the corner from "Stoney Bridge"

Absolutely must must must be available on dvd soon. every bit of this brilliant series is missed by its adoring fans and would be a financial gain for the company as well as bringing a wealth of joy to its wonderful and still waiting fans!!! absolutley forever!!!

Martyn H.S
Wimborne, Dorset

This was a brilliant series and I didnt know till I tried to buy it that you couldn't!
My husband and I watched it  when we were first living together and we really want to see it again.  He liked Frank (I didnt).  I liked the family dressed in beige with a Mum who only ever washed up, plus Stoneybridge and Morwenna Banks child (It's true) and load loads more. 
Please put onto DVD.  Fantastic television.

Sally Banister

To put it bluntly, this show was bloody funny.                                      Channel four should get off their arse's and release this on dvd.
They would make a bloody fortune.

Stewart Bell
Greenock, Scotland

I was introduced to Absolutely on the web. I would love to buy a DVD of Absolutely as well as other TV shows from the U.K. You have no idea of the following you have here in America. There is lots of money to be made by making U.K. comedies available to us.

Herbert Moseley
Catonsville, Maryland, U.S.A.

The Great british public deserve to see how funny Absolutely was. Channel 4 please re-run the shows or release the episodes on DVD.

David Yan
Birmingham, UK.

I expect many have already said this but Absolutely was a brilliant, inspired comedy show which has left an indelible stain on my brain. When you compare it to the drivel C4 now pumps out at all hours of day or night - it is a real shame. Let's hear it loud and clear - REPEAT THE ENTIRE SERIES NOW AND RELEASE ALL OF IT ON DVD.

Amos Phillips
London, UK

Absolutely is one of the funniest and most ground-breaking comedy programs I have ever seen. It deserves at least all episodes being released on DVD, and should certainly be shown again on TV.

Robert Beatty
Bristol, UK.

I simply wish to add my own voice to those calling for the re-airing of what has rightly been called one of the funniest programmes of all-time.

Gavin Dorris
Glasgow, UK

This was one of the best comedy series I watched when growing up. The characters were all classics - Frank Hovis my particular favourite.
Reasons why I would buy it - I and at least 8 of my mates would order it for xmas!!!!

Joe Burke
Warwickshire, Uk

I have recently returned to the UK after 12 years abroad and have been frantically searching for videos of the Absolutely series which was on just before I left the country. Unfortunately I missed the release of the video collection and all attempts to find a copy have failed (only options are used copies of VHS tapes via EBAY).
Kind Regards Steve Kenny
Middle Tysoe, Warwickshire

Please listen to whats being said!

Absolutely was one of my favourite shows until it came to an end. I had them all on video until eventually U chewed all my tapes up from watching them too much! The market for DVD releases of this nature is getting broader by day and this show is the cause of so many great memories for me and the majority of people I know... Like a previous poster on this petition said 'Still love it, Still quote it'... Please whoever owns the rights get it back out there. One of the Stoneybridge sketches was only recently voted into the top 50 comedy sketches of all time... Lets have a release to be proud of...

'thinks he owns the place he owns... tiny tears, tiny tears you're my very own ba- bee'!

Anthony Weldon
Southampton, UK
I know a detailed reason for a dvd release request was asked for, but really - it should be obvious. I was astonished to find Absolutely isn't available on dvd. It was overflowing with talent & originality. To those with the ability to arrange a release, get your act together :-)

Michael Rozdoba
Sunderland, UK

One of my fond memories of university days is watching the episodes of Absolutely that we'd taped off the TV yet again, and still laughing at the Greensleaves Dance. Again.

I've searched for videos or DVDs of it since, but never found anything. Only found out today from this site that there have been one or two videos -- missed them -- but a DVD set with all the series would definitely go on my Christmas list.
Oh, go on.

Tim Morley
Cambridge, UK

Please  issue this series on Dvd -not only to confirm to youngsters that there's been plenty of good humour around for  quite a while (-but why is this still locked away?)
  - The 'Sensible hair'; 'I can do anything' songs , Ms Banks 'Little Girl' monologues had me falling out of my chair.... the Stoneybridge Council ,Denzyl and gwynneth were only aspects of one of the best shows from the eighties..... in my opinion Absolutely should issue a 'Callum Gilhooly' video or dvd to complement the 'mr Don and Mr George' previously available.....
  I am fortunate enough to own The Vido and Absolutely. (after considerable and concerted sleuthing)...so can PROVE how good it was...but it's so frustrating to recall only fragments of many of the other sketches....the Family..... etc,etc,etc....

Channel 4 or absolutely should Release this as a 'complete series' dvd before our brain cells atrophy from lack of stimulation....and do the next generation a favour at the same time.

NE Scotland.....currently abroad

On a personal note I have been looking for this series to be repeated or on DVD media for many years. I feel that the issuing of other series such as Big Train set a precedent for programmes of that time. These two are contemporary in more than their airing time - also their approach to absurd situations. Absolutely was more satirically astute and overall more immediately amusing. It spawned follow up series for some of its stars and most importantly introduced the world to John Sparks - surely one of the most original and disrespectful comedians seen recently!
With the relatively low cost of DVD transcription (unless their are serious copyright issues) and the fact there are so many very average "comedy classics" issued, it really is the time to consider this innovative and groundbreaking series for re-issue.

Dr C A Moore
S Yorks

Way ahead of its time, most comedy sketch shows of today have charecters based on there sketches. and well overdue a reshowing or release on dvd.

Steve Carr
Oxon U.K.

Still quote it, still love it.  Saw the Sparkes and Baikie shows at the Edinburgh Fringe earlier this year.  The magic is still there.  My copies of Absolutely and Mr Don and Mr George on video, taped off the telly, oh so many years ago, are now such bad quality, so please release them on DVD.  Stoneybridge Town Council, Calum Gilhooley et al are a legacy screaming out to be passed on to a younger generation.  Come on Channel 4 and all your off shoot channels - we've all seen more than enough repeats of Friends (often seems to be on a constant loop!) and Sex and The City to last a life time.  If you're not going to release Absolutely, at least repeat them. Please!


Surely the fact that Absolutely was recently voted high into the list of Best Comedies ever (in the top 20, I seem to remember) on Channel 4's own show is enough to make the C4 bosses realise that they'd be onto a winner if they released Absolutely the Digital Vido Disc. Just look at what it's going for on eBay - upwards of £40 for just 75 minutes of it.

So many memorable lines that my friends still quote to each other today...
I only eat you for the challenge... The poo definitely had the weight advantage etc.
And C4, do it properly this time: all 12 episodes or whatever it was.

Andy Reynard
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

Because it was very funny, and my son was inspired by it and wants to be an actor because of it and I want to give it to him for Xmas 2005.

Will Watson

I'd buy the entire series if it was on DVD, just to watch Denzil and Gwyneth serving vest for dinner.

Stuart Hutchins
County Durham

I am so pleased that so many others still remember this brilliant show and want to get a permanent copy to enjoy again at home.  The fact that so many still remember it so long after it left our screens without any other mention in the media surely means there is a huge audience for Absolutely out there.  I'm sure for everyone who has already signed, they could count at least another dozen friends who would want the chance to see Absolutely again.

Liz Bailey
I remember watching this series on tapes my Dad had recorded when I was still very young.  I know there were some great moments, but it is starting to fade in my memory.  If a DVD were released I would buy it and relive all those happy memories.

Rob Jackson
North Wales

Please, please, please lets see Absolutely released on DVD - I'm sick of being outbid on ebay for the videos.  Channel 4 need to realise they could make a fortune here - lets have it in time for Xmas 2005.

Debbie Emmerson
Blyth, Northumberland

Absolutely is yet another veritable classic of British comedy genius. Other far lesser comedy series have been comitted to DVD: why not this one? Future generations must be afforded the opportunity to chortle at Sensible Family planning their evening's Fiewing, with due reference to The Authorities; also to guffaw at the antics of Mr Don and Mr George, who never did seem to Get To Falkirk. Most of all, people must be given the chance to learn the considerable benefits of having Sensible Hair.
Absolutely Productions/Channel4: look at this petition: think of the money to be made! The demand is there: let's see a nice DVD box set, please.

Steven Brown
Edinburgh, UK

Absolutely! was fantastic, Frank Hovis was the best, this MUST be either released on DVD or re-shown, ABSOLUTELY!!

Roger Starbuck
Kent, UK

This is one series that someone (Bravo, Paramount, uktv are you listening?) should re-run. I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that most people have just about had enough of Dads Army and the like.
I mean I have got a lot to lose if Absolutely is shown again (my 2 kids think im a comedy genius coz I use bits periodically, and they have'nt seen it) and I still want it shown again.

Neil McDonald
Stonehaven (close)

YES, I do want Absolutely to be brought out on DVD. First of all there are lots of memorable characters, like the little girl and Frank Hovis, and second of all there are great songs. Absolutely is absolutely fantastic - it is, it's TRUE!

Richard McGinlay
Essex, U.K.

Sheer class does not come along to often & when it does, we have to make the most of it.  That means making it available to those who missed out on its original showing on TV.  Absolutely ranks amongst the very best of original humour & has influenced many comedians & writers & indeed many of my friends still comment on sketches even to this day.  How many shows can boast that they live that long in the memory.
If the show does not get the go ahead for a repeat, then please make it available on DVD in its entirety so that I can buy it for everyone I know & they will love me forever.

Jim Marshall

It must be released on DVD because I want it for Christmas. My wife never saw it. My sister and brother-in-law adore it. And I recently went to a race-meeting sponsored by a company called Shadwell which brought it all flooding back. The cast were all brilliant. Please bring it back.

Chris Brooks

Channel 4, please release a box set of the four series on DVD.  Frank Hovis is worth the price on his own, and there's a new generation of people who've seen him on Welsh TV and at his live Edinburgh show this year.

Roger Cantwell
Swindon, UK

This series was the first Scottish way out surreal comedy I got hooked on. Inspired genius like Albert Bastard, Frank Hovis, John Sparkes manic bits, laughing Jesuits on tractors etc. shouldn't be allowed to disappear.
I still think the series was the funniest scottish, and one of the funniest ever comedy series I have seen, ranking alongside Milligan, Fry & Laurie, Chewin' The Fat etc. The series left a mark on TV as the company still produces many of todays better programmes.
The main reason is the obvious one: Absolutely was great comedy, I want to see it again and will buy the DVDs if they ever do come out. Failing that, please show them again so that I can record them. Nuff said?

Phil Wood
West of Scotland, (Cove, nr. Helensburgh)
Channel 4, please release Absolutely on DVD.
You're sitting on a goldmine. Unlike Frank Hovis.

Helene. P
Brentford (Locks 1, Stoney bridges 0)

Absolutely is side splitting humour appealing to many of us and our parents.  We still remember the scenes, talk about the sketches and laugh out loud now.  Far better than a lot of rubbish shown at the moment.  BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wavey Davey & Debbie Too
Newcastle upon Tyne

Absolutely was, and still is, one of the funniest and most inspirational comedy shows I have ever seen. The tilted reality of the whole thing gave it an identity entirely it's own and some of the characters stand out for their originality both in establishing entirely new stereotypes like Frank Bovis and for actually reducing me to genuine tears of laughter!
Morwena Bank's lunactic photographer was a one off that could have run much longer but sadly, like most of the rest of them, never had the opportunity. Please make it available so I can at least  introduce my wife to it! Laughter is in short supply and comedy shows worthy of the description even more so!

Chris White
South Yorkshire

Absolutely was one of the funniest series I have ever seen aired on British TV. Myself and my wife have, ever since seeing Gwyneth (the ugliest woman in the village according to Denzil) using raw chickens as house shoes, prayed for the return of this fantasically funny show.
I really  sometimes cant understand the level of some peoples humour.
If you didnt think this show was funny you must be dead.

John McAnee
Derry u.k.

Well basically it's a classic. It's influenced lots of comedy since, without which our comedy wouldnt be what it is. And if it's not going to be released, in it's entirely, Monty Python might as well be deleted.

Giles Vint
Coventry, UK.

Bring this out on DVD because......

1) It's HELLA FUNNY!!!
2) It's better than 'Little Britain', 'Nighty night' and 'Max & Paddy' COMBINED.
4) The 2 video compilations missed out on many of the best moments, and they're WAY overpriced on eBay and the like
5) 'On the lavatory with Frank Hovis'. Nuff said
6) There's just not enough Scottish comedy around. (Rabb C. Nesbit sucks)
8) More genius surrealism, less toilet humour and gross-out stuff. In general.

Eric Ferrier
Durham, U.K.

Absolutely was the best comedy sketch show ever! It was on the box while I was at uni 15 years ago and me and my friends are still quoting phrases from it! I can't understand why it hasn't been repeated on the tele or released on DVD. Please release it on DVD and don't let this excellent comedy go to waste.

Lorna Elliott
West Sussex, U.K.

Absolutely was a classic, way ahead of its' time and it leaves rubbish like “Little Britain” in its' shadow. The cast were superb and the character set was well thought out and presented with some exceptional examples who should be better represented on mainstream TV instead of being resigned to filler material for BBC2.

Peter French

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