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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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"WHAT DO WE WANT?"  "we dont know"  "WHEN DO WANT IT?"  "now!"
Come on bring out the DVD with every episode on it, its pure gold, me and my brother have been laughing at it from memories of fifteen years ago.
I want everyone to know just how funny Absolutely was, there has been nothing in comparison on the bloody telly since this classic sketch show.
I am 110% behind the release of a DVD.

Salford ,Manchester

It was the best sketch show of its time and should be available on DVD.
I'd certainly buy a copy. Characters like Callum Gilhooley should've had his own spin off show. Puts current rubbish like Little Britain to shame.
This is proper comedy. So we should have a DVD of it released then ?
We should have a DVD of it released NOW !

Andy Leray
I am signing this petition because Absolutely was the funniest sketch show bar none. If the series was to be released on DVD or repeated on telly I would be overjoyed, I recently bought "the vido" and Absolutley number 2, I was so chuffed when I spotted them on e bay that I rang my brother to tell him what I,d just found, he too was an Absolutely Addict lol. There is so much to laugh at on Absolutely that it just has to be seen by the people who had the upmost misfortune not to witness this classic programme.
Thanx for starting up the website Andy

Brian Wilson
Salford ,Manchester

Please repeat Absolutely or release it on DVD as it was the best and funniest comedy sketch show I've ever seen.

Croxley Green
Hertfordshire UK

Channel 4, E4, E4+1 and now the new channel More4.  Surely there is room for it to be re-shown rather than endless nip nap shite programmes about property developing or swapping your harridan of a wife for some posh totty (mind you that one is good).
DVD? Got to happen as these things are so cheap to produce and would sell more copies than "Fishing! Ain't it b*****ks!" dvd's so must be a viable commercial option.

Joe McLeod

Absolutely was ground breaking.
It ranks with "Para Handy"
It compares favourably with Monty Python
It is one of the best comedy shows ever.
Some of the stars in it have gone on to other, but not necessarily better things.
If it were on DVD I'd buy it

Duncan Mackinnon
Central Scotland

This show had some original and certainly memorable characters in it. Why should it be repeated? In a nutshell it's better than 'Little Britain'.

Karl Doe
Berkshire, UK

Uh, basically because its the best comedy series to ever grace our screens, need you ask?
I have to watch Peppa Pig with my kids, just so I can hear John Sparkes and Morwenna Banks' voices!!!
As Andy Harrision says, "Come on channel four, what in the name of Swansea are you playing at?"

Rich D
Somerset, UK

Absolutely was brilliant. Still laugh thinking about the sketch where the cleaner burglars tied the house occupants up while they cleaned the house; meanwhile that guy plays the keyboard at the bottom of a swimming pool, singing "I can do anything, anything at all". Why series like this are allowed to fade away and not be released onto VHS or DVD, I will never understand. The same could be said for Newman and Baddiel in Pieces, another brilliant show that has been neglected. Go on, release it on DVD!

Ian OKeeffe
Limerick, Ireland

What a brilliant idea, I would so love to see the series again, can't believe that in this era of apalling re-runs and crap whole series DVD's - this gem has been overlooked. Something must be done about it, how do I get in touch with Stoneybridge council to tell them, please forward the address.

Sue S

Absolutely - The Monty Python of its day!!!

London, UK

Signing, I'm only signing.....

Absolutely was the mutts nuts, dogs danglies. Stoney Bridge, Vid-a-o, The chap that loved Honda's so much he converted Holly joes. The programme was genius and should be shown again, and realsed on DVD immediately. No arguements. It's a shame they didn't do more. Oh, nearly forgot Burt, Burt Bastard. How could I nearly forget him? My father and I model ourselves on Burt :-)
Anyway, all you's out there... sign now and get this classic released and re-run.

Scott Hall
Somerset, U.K.
Saw a couple of the absolutely cast doing shows at 2005 Edinburgh festival and they were brilliant. Then managed to see a few clips and they really stand up 15 years down the line. The shows are really funny and still quoted- especially such characters as siadwell, little girl and marvo the memory man.

Toni Hall

Sadly missed and one of the best comedy shows to have come from that period.   The likes of Henry Honda and Bert Bastard are all but family friends and you know what I can't stand?  I can't stand up!  Yes it is in common use and should be enjoyed by all.

There is just so much of it that is still original and still funny and I look forward to the day when I can buy the DVDs.

So come on Ch4 spend some of that spare cash you have now that you have lost the cricket.

Tony Hall

It should be released on DVD because the type of comedy which is popular today is almost directly derived from the type of material the ABSOLUTELY team were doing all those years ago,so there is obviously a market for it.
it also helps that it is funny,funny,funny and lets not forget funny.

Keith Bennett
Aberdeenshire U.K.

Absolutely was one of the funniest and most original comedies ever.  IT IS IT'S TWUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd buy it in an instant if it was released on DVD.

Dawn and Graeme White
Glasgow, Scotland

I saw Jonathan & Pete at the Edinburgh Festival this year.  It reminded of how funny the show was.  I have a couple of series taped, but would love to see the others again and would definitely buy a DVD - so would a lot of my colleagues.

Ross Allan
Fife, Scotland

Any gags I could crack here would shy into insignificance in the shadow of my memory of this truly outstanding show.

I wholeheartedly add my voice to the call for a DVD release.

Hamish Drummond
Dundee, Scotland

Its just one of the FUNNIEST,,most varied,,,,generally demented,
most groundbreaking comedy shows ive ever seen on telly.
Its absolutely (oops) disgraceful that its never been out on dvd too.
I mean,,,Scotland INVENTED the dvd format after all,,,,, and the feckin english came up and stole it!  ;-)
Get it out one dvd for the fans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOW!

Glasgow Scotland

Absolutely is one of the best programmes to have come form Scotand. With all the channels available ir should be repeated at some stage. Please release it on DVD and I promise I will buy it.

Derek Smith

It needs to be released because it was incredibly funny!!
Stoneybrdge Town Council should declare war on Channel 4 or at least encourage a boycott of Channel 4 until they release an Absolutely dvd.

Salford, Lancashire

HELLO! CHANNEL 4. ARE YOU OUT THERE? You'll make a lot of MONEY... Let me spell that out for you......"M" for medecine...... "O" for...oh look at that Honda! That's a thousand, ah didn't know they made a thousand, ah'll definately get a Honda next time..... "N" for gnome........ "E" for edecine and "Y" for....
You do not have the right to deny the above people the opportunity to see this piece of pioneering comedy genius again. There's a generation out there going around spouting what are apparently non-sequeters.
The poor bastards are suffering from the lack of reference material and consequently the bewildered expression of those around them. Everytime I cross the border at Carlisle my cry of "POOOOOOOOOOOFs" is met with an akward silence from the back of the bus. Help us out. Help yourselves out.
Do the zenzible thing. Sell all the above customers some DVDs. We'll do the rest of the marketing...MONEY.

Malcolm Stevenson
Fantastic series, I have the best of vido sorry vid E o.  Please hurry up and release the DVD of all the episodes!  There's plenty of people I know who are dying to see this since I showed the video.

Thomas Nicholson
Manchester, UK

Get the dvd oot now !!
.. if not we will have to send Calum Gilhooley round.

Alex Horsburgh
Cowdenbeath, Scotland

Original, entertaining and, more importantly... genuinely funny!

Ed Vaughan
Manchester UK

Yeah, let's get absolutely out on DVD before by VHS copies wear away completely. With no edits. And while we're at it. Get Mr Don & Mr George out there too.

Leo Collett
Exeter. UK

Absolutely was one of the most anarchic comedies I had seen in a long time. I especially loved John Spark's Denzil, and Morwenna Banks' small girl. I think the world is ready to laugh again!

Dorothy Treasure
Wiltshire, UK

Would definetly be worth a few ££££'s to the stoneybridge tourist board!
Oh aye, and channel 4. C'mon guys, get yer finger out!

Lorne Brand

The whole series should be released on DVD because it is a mixed bag of extremely good, off the wall comedy.
Performed by a group of excellent comedians, who afterwards went on to further their comedy carreers (except Gordon who went on to the lottery show).
Other comedies springboarded from their success and it would be good to see them again. Bring back the cleaning burgular!!

Robert Freshwater
Forest of Dean

Please release it on DVD - my life shall not be complete until then!

David Crichton
Coatbridge (not far from Stoooooneybridge), Scotland

Absolutely was a part of my youth, but I am devastated that it is not available in dvd format. This was a classic sketch show,both funny and bold and adventurous. Please let others enjoy its magic.

Leslie Herridge

Possibly THE funniest program I have ever watched - if it was released on DVD I would DEFINATELY be buying it!

Nicola Mackenzie
Derby, U.K.
If the original vidos were released on DVD all my Christmas present dilemmas for family & friends would be solved and myself & my sister would be able to stop trying to describe the finer points of quality comedy to our children but actually show them instead.
Reserve me several copies now!

Andrea Paterson
Cheshire, England.

Please release the complete series on DVD!!
There are even people in Germany (not just me), who will definitely buy it!!

Kassel, Germany

It was an amazingly good sketch show, with characters better than the Fast Show, but somehow, because it was hidden away on Channel 4, most people missed it.  The catchphrases were so strong and it managed to play the daft/surreal stuff so well, it had you rolling on the floor.  I saw it on vido(!) about 4 years ago and although it hasn't aged too well, it's still remarkable comedy that was truly ahead of its time.  It needs to be seen!

Richard Eatough
Reading, UK

Absolutely MUST be released on DVD: it is an absolute classic of cult Scottish comedy. New generations must be afforded the opportunity to witness Sensible Family discussing their evening viewing with advice taken from The Authorities...  If Channel 4 don't want to release it on DVD, they can Get To Falkirk.

Also, I'd like to suggest that The Creatives also be released on DVD (also starring Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty): another comedy triumph.

Steven Brown
Staffordshire, UK

Come on, pull your fingers out and give us Absolutely on DVD. Otherwise pikeys on ebay will just kep profiting from very poor copies, and we all know they're all baby killers and drug barons.

Kent, UK

Absolutely is sorely missed from our TV screens- a staple diet when I was a student- episodes watched again and again and laughed at again and again. It should be brought out on DVD as I could do with renewing my aquaintance as it can't even be found on any of the satellite channels

Leeds, UK

I would be fourth in the queue for an Absolutely DVD, possibly not a best of compilation (a DeVeDee?), but definitely for complete series.  My memories of the show are many and varied, and there were so many original and extremely well played characters.  My favourite memory is the quality of the comedy songs, which were of far greater quality than any other sketch show's efforts and they had jokes in!!!! The best from my memory were the Sensible Haircut song and the Simple Minds/New Age pastiche with the flying sausages.

Nick Headland
Norwich, UK

This is one of the best comedy sketch shows I have ever seen.
It had many moments of sheer brilliance and is one of the undiscovered (by many) gems of british comedy tv.Stoneybridge will forever be remembered by so many as well as Calum Gilhoully (sp?) and Denzil and Gwynd.Class.

Also I fancied Morwenna Banks :P

Craig Rough

Please release on DVD if only for Frank Hovis comments on giving his 'Poo filled' trousers to Oxfam.

Mark Hall
West Yorkshire

I am so pleased there is a web site for this show.  I had forgotten the name but remembered Frank Hovis on the toilet as it used to make me cry with laughter.
With all the absolute tosh that is on TV today (Absolutely?) they should re-release this under sung program.  It really was the best commedy channel 4 ever produced and I still tell people about some of the sketches and they just didn't watch it - it just didn't get the publicity or re-screening it deserved.
Please please please release it on DVD, go on just for me....

This is Stewart Easby, on the toilet in Portsmouth.
Absolutely was one of funniest shows ever.
Please can it be released as a DVD?

Rob Baker
Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Please get this released on DVD, preferably all the episodes in order, not just a "best of". Everybody's idea of "best" is different. One of my fav sketches was the one with Calum and the 2 JW's. But if it wasn't included on a best of, then I would be disappointed. So the best solution would be a season by season release so as we get it all, can laugh at it all and not miss a single minute of it.....er ........all. ABSOLUTELY!!!

Bangor, N.Ireland

Easily one of the best British sketch shows of recent times, relentlessly experimental and FUNNY, unlike dross such as Little Britain. There's a huge demand for a release of Absolutely, but please ensure that it is treated with the respect it deserves.  The shows need to be full and uncut (no missing ad-caps please!) and let's see some worthwhile extras on there too.  Vic Reeves Big Night Out was recently released on DVD - this is obviously another important British comedy show which was long over-due a DVD release - but it has been utterly ruined when transferring it to DVD, and they have left out obvious extras like the New Years Eve show.

Niel. K
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Gavin lives in YORK not NEW YORK!!! This is the sort of stuff I need to see on my tellybox! if a DVD is released, I promis to buy 1 copy for each of my goldfish!

Chris Petrie
London, UK

Please Please Please Bring It Out On DVD

Neil S Ramage

I think Absolutely should be released on DVD, or at the very least repeated on TV, because it was a superb show that made me laugh at varying levels of intensity...

For the 'No wasps' sign alone it should be lauded greatly.

If the people who own the Absolutely source material have no interest in creating a commerical DVD or television repeats then they should release it on the internet for the many fans.

To do otherwise would be unfair.

Gary Parslow
Bournemouth, UK

The best show channel 4 ever showed.  I would pay a lot for a dvd collection of all the shows on one set.  Loved the pizza fish, callum, don & george, "don you're simply the best".   I even liked some of the songs, the family, jesus with a parting, the fact we invented the english  oh and the Scotland draw for the world cup Scotland, Brazil, Italy, France and England's group lapland, the local school and me and my mum!!!!  Bring it back, (and the Mary Whitehouse Experience would be good too on DVD.)

S. Templeton

Because it's clear from watching the shows when they were broadcast that SOOOO much care and attention went in to them - and this just should not be lost forever. I'm sure the there will still be thousands of fans born in the 70's who loved this first time around, and will want to watch it all over again.

Plus - it can held up as the shining forerunner to so much that is popular now. "Like Little Britain? Well this pisses on it." (I'm sure there are better slogans, I'm not in marketing).

Don't do a "Best Of...." though. Please Ch4. Release a whole series (one at a time if you don't fancy a mega-box-set...).

Paul. G

I am always amazed that people have to go to such extreme lengths to get classic TV programmes released on DVD, and make no mistake Absolutely was classic, with great characters and catch phases galore. It is no suprise that many of the stars went on to bigger things. I think Catherine Tate and other comedians who have gone on to have their own character based shows owe a debt to Absolutely for opening the door on this genre. Please release Absolutely on DVD asap, I can't wait.

Mick Appleton
Slough, Berkshire

Absolutely got me into alternative comedy.  I was very young at the time but so many sketches and characters are still so vivid in my mind  - that's the sign of a great and unique show to me. 
I'd definitely buy a DVD if it was released.

Keith Marnoch
Hampshire, UK
Repeat Absolutely and release on DVD! Help bring back memories of happy times on the train home quoting the, George you're simply the best, sketch whilst tears roll down our faces (tears of laughter)! I'm sure most of the other passengers on the train thought we'd simply lost our minds although I'm certain a fair few knew exactly what we were on about!

D Vido D by Christmas Channel 4, please.
Carolyn. D

I used to anticipate each episode of the show with an almost religious zeal.  It was essential viewing for me and my drama-school buddies at the time and there were many 'improvisations' where you would suddenly hear a line from the show dropped in.  IMHO the Absolutely team were third only to The Pythons/Goons and I can't give much higher praise than that.  My vhs tapes are most definitely on their 'last legs' and a complete set of DVD's would easily find a place in my already exhaustive collection. 
Go for it!

Terry Sutton
Mexborough, U.K.

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