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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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It was funny, it was original, it was memorable.
As Bob Geldof would say, "Give me your fookin highlights, NOW."

Fife, UK.

Denzil....im in the hoover!

need we say more!
get it on dvd
the lot
not the best of
do it now!
or we'll make things of wvood!

Matt and Mark
Bristol..nr Stoneybridge


There is only one reason that anyone controlling the release of this comedy gem on DVD needs to know:

A willing audience of moneyed late-twenty & thirty-somethings has cash ready, and a desire to buy!

Aside from this, he list of reasons pertaining to Absolutely's merit as a comedy is well-documented in the comments of others here. The big reason is that MONEY CAN BE MADE however 'niche' the product we cultists are ready for it.
I've recently introduced people to the show who weren't even born when it was aired and they love it!

Simon Coulstock
Tonbridge, Kent

These were grown men (and what appears to be a woman I believe) made a highly jollity-filled half hour of entertainment, which cheered up my winter evenings, I can tell you.

Wandering into my local humva store (you know the one with the dog), I oftimes browse the vido section to find if the televisual feast is available for consumption for my family.....I leave disappointed and dispondant...... Many times I have been tempted to take home a copy of The Golden Girls or Upstairs Downstairs instead, but have baulked at the idea as I approach the counter, and then have had to return the vido to the correct section, which I can never find again, so drop them near the  "Strange International Films" section instead, and leave red-faced.

Nevertheless I have my own vido recordings which brings comfort to my family on evenings such as these (it's raining now). The humour is often sarcastic and what some may call, ooorrd, which is fine, for I have often been described as ooorrrd, and as such appeals to a person such as myself. I know it will appeal to persons like myself and my family, and if the great British Public stands for anything at all, (which judging by the X factor it does), the people responsible for showing this show should jolly well get on with the job of getting on with the job...pretty damn soon.

There. I think I have given a pretty good detailed reason, am I not right eldest twin?
He agrees.

Now excuse me I have a paper to read.

Lynton Brown
Somewhere Sensible (with family)

Please please release on DVD in 2006.

Kevin Gallagher
Airdrie, Scotland

Please release Absolutely on DVD. This is classic comedy with a big following that would sell well

Paul Brooks
Bristol UK

I adored Absolutely, it was my favourite comedy programme for a long time, I still miss it! All my family loved it and it still comes up in conversation as both my brother and I would love to have the full set of programmes on DVD...PLEASE PLEASE CHANNEL 4 BRING OUT AN ABSOLUTELY BOXSET!!

Alexandra Brown
Shropshire, UK

Ok. Here's the score:

1. Anything with John Sparks in is automatically brilliant.
2. People in Wales still get to see D.I.Y. Denzil on telly.
3. Stoneybridge.

Get your corporate thumbs out of your corporate arses and give the people something which is actually memorable.
We're sick of being force-fed mediocrity like Big Brother and Little Britain, and if
this bilge can be deemed to be "Commercially Viable" then we definately have the right
to demand a total classic like Absolutely on DVD.

It's fkin legendary ffs. Enuff bllsht.

Dave, The North. UK.

Two main reasons for a DVD release

1. Cash. Whoever owns the rights is sitting on a goldmine. There are lots of people aged 30-45- ie people with money to spend who would snap up a box set DVD of the show- just look at the number of people on this list.

2. Justice. It was a fantastic, inventive, original and influential show which can't be allowed to disappear into the ether. Given the amount of garbage which is currently being given the full-works DVD treatment these days, there must be room for a show of this quality. "Little Britain" has become a cultural phenom with about a tenth of Absolutely's wit, verve and weirdness (and I'm being generous to LB here)

3. "G for Gnome" "E for Eye", Callum Gilhooley, we need you

Andrew Daley
Wigan, UK

Some absolutely cracking comedy moments and characters which seemed to have been completely forgotten due to poor timeslots and the fact that it was seldom (if ever) repeated.  It wasn't even completely released on video except for the single 'best of' (or worst of) compilation.

We don't need fancy menus, extras or uneccessary padding.  Just the episodes on DVD - simple.


It was, quite simply, one of THE best shows ever to grace Channel 4.  I used to pass out from lack of oxygen because I was laughing so much at some of the sketches.

Please release it on DVD; I don't have ANY of the Vidos - I did ask someone to buy me one for Christmas when they first came out but they didn't, which I've lived to regret ever since.

Go on - put me out of my misery and bring the laughter back into this dreary world...

Grant Mason
Leith, Edinburgh

It is the funniest series I have ever seen.
the only programme ever to have me come home early from the pub to watch. thinking back wish i'd learned how to use a vcr to record.
if I had the dvd i'd file it as "the best comedy show" so long as i could find room next to all the others that begin with "the". still havn't figured out where to put ""the" the".

Colin Kinnear
Liverpool u.k.


Please release it because I want to pay you money to own it!

John swindail Bristol, UK

"Absolutely" was head and shoulders over most other programs on TV - how many other shows can still produce such a range of pictures and laughs in one's head 15 years after watching them?  I'm sure it would appear fresh in amongst the reeking dung that is stultifying current television - and a DVD release of every program (not some dreaded highlights package which misses out the best bits) wouldn't go amiss either - I want to be able to show my friends what I've been going on about all these years.

Andrew Tatham
Norfolk, UK

It's a crime that this hasn't been released.  There's an entire DVD-buying generation that grew up with Absolutely and would love to re-live it restored to its original state.  It was on during the time I was at university, and inevitably the next morning the sketches would be re-enacted and catchphrases repeated.  To this day I still sing the bank holiday song...

Colin Henderson
Glasgow, Scotland

Oh Powers That Be, please see fit in thine infinite wisdom to repeat/release on DVD this fine specimen of sketch comedy.

As an 18-year-old mere slip of a boy, I came across Absolutely quite by chance - on an old video of Vic Reeves' Big Night out episodes (which also featured that terrifying Guinness ad with Rutger Hauer and the psychic woman (the version where you hear what he's thinking. Chilling))

It's criminal that young comedy fans such as my good self must endure pant-wettingly horrifical alcohol promotions in order to view this under-rated work of humorous programming.

SORT IT OUT! Please.
Many hundreds of thanks,

Adam O'Brien,
Wannabe Absolutely Fan
Gourock, Inverclyde, Scotland.

I'd like it, I'd prefer it, even if it doesn't come with lots of pockets.
Please release absolutely on DVD as my friends just won't believe how good it was.

Brett Stacey

PLEASE repeat Absolutely and release it on DVD as I can't afford to buy the vidos at £70 each and I'm fed up trying to describe how brilliant it was to friends too young to remember it.  I saw Pete Baikie & John Sparkes in Edinburgh this summer and it's made me even more determined to relive the Absolutely experience.

Catherine Bolt
Falkirk, Scotland

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE repeat all 28 episodes and/or release a box-set DVD of the funniest comedy programme ever!!!

I've almost worn out my copies of The Vido and Number 2 videos (which, thanks to the advent of DVD, I soon won't be able to play any more!), and I'm sick of just reminiscing about our favourite sketches with all my mates when we could all be watching them again if anyone had the sense to repeat/release them.

Absolutely is a shining example of timeless comedy genius, and obviously a million times better than the dross that is continually pumped out by Channel 4 nowadays - anyone else sick of flicking through channels on freeview looking for something funny to watch and finding only seemingly endless repeats of Friends?  Friends wasn't even funny the first time around, for crying out loud!!!

It's been over 12 years and we all still miss it - surely this website gives those making the decision an idea of just how big the audience would be for repeats and/or DVDs.  That, and the fact that the videos are selling for up to £50 each on ebay.

Please give us the chance to see this comedy classic in full again after a far too lengthy absence from our screens, while also giving a whole new generation the chance to appreciate it.

P.S. I'd pay £50 just to see Macglashan reading the news again!

Claire Reid
Brechin, Scotland

Absolutely was a classic, surreal, intelligent comedy sketch show, featuring talented performers, and unforgettable characters.  It should be re-issued without question when you look at some of the tat currently available.  The Scottish Tourist Board should re-issue it to improve anglo-scots relations and encourage more visitors up north.

Jo Scott
Suffolk, Uk

It's been said so many times, but I should say more than that this show was by many years the forerunner of The Fast Show, League of Gentlemen, Black Books and all other fast paced, short sketch, dark humoured, slightly surreal, brilliantly written sketch shows while also being at least as good as any of them; but I can't think of anything more to write other than that Absolutely absolutely must be available to buy Now.

Oliver Skertchly
london, U,K.

Can't believe no-one has had the smarts to get the series (the whole series, not a "best of" out on DVD.

Get it sorted, C4.

Alex McLaughlan

Way ahead of some of the comedy on offer on tv these days, if you ain't gonna repeat ABSOLUTELY get the DVD out, what's the hold up !?

Alex Horsburgh
FIFE, Scotland.

Absolutely was wonderful because a) it was very funny, b) did not involve foul language c) was unusual, different, a bit weird even. Such a refreshing change from the dross that is churned out like mogadons for the plebs  from the Beeb.
If it was released on DVD it would sell like mince pies on Christmas Eve and would develop into a must-have piece of comedic treasure. I have just bought my first DVD player, imagine my disappointment when the first show that I wanted to own was not available.  Typical of the Scots, always want to keep a good thing to themselves.  It should be released before it's forgotten.

Tim Murray
Cricklade, Wiltshire

I hear this show is brilliant, and would be very interested in seeing it on DVD.

Paul Machliss
London, UK

The series was highly original and very funny and deserves a DVD release much more than some of the TV shows you see being sold in HMV at the moment (I mean, 'Knight Rider'? Who's buying that?).  A lot of the sketches could easily be used in a  'How To Write Comedy' masterclass and even the bad ones were interesting. It deserves a release!!!

Graham Linehan
London, U.K

It needs to be released as too many people have missed so much.

Bruce Adamson
Scotland, UK

The best comedy show, it needs to be released.

Brian Jones

"Absolutely" must & shall be released on DVD purely because of its stonking funnyness. It was hilarious then & its hilarious now.

If anything, it should be released on DVD to stop the w*****s on ebay & Amazon selling it second hand for anything up to £70! You could bankroll the Stoneybridge Olympics for £70!

On the night of my 30th birthday celebrations recently I put "Absolutely - The Vido" on for my friends & I to watch - we almost pissed ourselves.

Believe me, there are many folk out there who would buy it on DVD.

Billy Mackinnon

"I've been to Brazil but I've never seen a Davey Bond Film.

No, wait.  I've seen a Davey Bond film but I've never been to Brazil."

I heard Gordon Kennedy on Radio Scotland in April saying that there was a possibility of a DVD release on the back of Absolutely's appearance in the Top Comedy sketches show, but I've heard nothing since.

Please sort this out soon.  It's criminal that this show is being ignored while other dross is being released on DVD.

Ian McGill

Fantastic show...need DVD - I've been looking out for it for 14 years!

Leeroy William
New Plymouth, NZ

The only reason as far as a potential DVD publisher/distributor is concerned is "will people buy it?"
To be honest, I probably wouldn't, but I'd rent it from my postal rental thingy if that counts for anything.

Bod Notbod
London, UK
This was pure genius. DVD now. DVD now.

Dan Roberts
London, UK

Its a tragedy that this show has never been picked up by Paramount comedy channel, considering they show Vic Reeves Big Night out at any given opportunity.

I would like to think that this petition will be given to someone with some clout at Channel 4 to make the best decision of their life and either repeat Absolutely or release the whole series on DVD, i think its incredibly frustrating when you know that a genuinely hilarious show like this one is gathering dust somewhere in the vaults of Channel 4 and not being shared with the masses.

Please someone out there listen, all these people who have left intelligent articulate arguments on this site for bringing this show back to the public can`t be wrong and i think are definetely not in the minority.

Any way i would like to say that the funniest sketches for me were the Security Guard (with his whistling directions) and one sketch i remember set  in a pub and the landlord saying "the man in the green jumper your talking shite" and pretty much the majority of the sketches was of a high comic standard.

The whole of the Absolutely team need to get behind this movement and hopefully before next Xmas i will be sitting with the 4 series box set a couple of Jack Daniels and a big smile on my face.

Davie G

BaaaaastUrds!  One of the funniest shows on British TV......ever.  It must be so easy to get the old recordings out and rip them to DVD!  Go on CH4 do it before AlbUrt puts his teeth in your coat pocket!!

Richard Hyde
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

So much retro nonsense has been released on DVD yet strangely this, possibly the best sketch show ever (definitley best of its time) has been overlooked.

John Colston
fife, UK

I only have series 2, taped off of the telly, and the tape is starting to wear thin.  Besides, vidos are going to be obsolete before too long! (Although I would have to keep and maintain one if the buggers don't release anything on DVD!)  So spare a thought, eh?  Do you really want us laughed at amongst our friends and peers for still owning a vido player in 5 years time?

And one more reason before I go - Callum Gilhooley extolling the virtues of the Suzuki 350 to Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Can we have it on DVD then? (Prompt for Absolutely: Now you say, "you can have it on DVD now!")

Ian Bullen
Wigan, UK

This should be released on DVD as it was one of the best sketch shows ever and I would love to be watching this again in the near future

Michael Kelly

Absolutely was one of the best comedy shows of the 1990s, and in my was up there with the likes of The Day Today, Alan Partridge, and The Mary Whitehouse Experience.  Brilliantly perfromed, cleverly written, with sketches that are still quoted to this day- it is too bad that it never ran for longer (it did spawn Mr Don & Mr George, but this was quite as good as the original sketch show).

This show has been influential to many comedians and writers (I am one such writer / comedian).  I consider it to be as good as any of the other influential 90s shows listed above, except unlike them it didn't simply reuse the same ideas week in week out, and was by far the most original and funny.

Please release it on DVD or on TV as a matter of urgency.  If appalling shows such as Knight Ryder and The Professionals still get repeated and released on DVD, surely something from 6 extremely talented writers / performers deserves a release too!

Quentin Reynolds (aka Q, Airdrie)
Airdrie, Scotland

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