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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I know so many people who remember the programme fondly, and still talk about the yellow family and Stoneybridge. Morwenna Banks, the talented star of Catterick, was doing fabulously unvain character comedy in Absolutely long before Catherine Tate's hit show. I think it is less dated than other sketch shows, because it was character based with a streak of surrealism, not dependent on punch-lines or simple catchphrases. I'd love to see a full DVD release.

Victoria Guyatt

I am one of the lucky few, have the Absolutely Book and the Vido plus some choice recordings from the TV.  I think we should spread the word and allow others to enjoy such classics as the Pizza Fish, Stoneybridge Town Council elections, need I say more?  You know you are in a selct few when you mention it and a knowing smile and a quote comes back at you rather than a blank look and 'don't you mean Absolutely Fabulous?' 
Bring it out on DVD now so I can enjoy all the sketches again in their digital glory.

Shropshire, UK
Anna Hall

I am 'absolutely' astounded that this has not yet been released on DVD, when no end of other crap is churned out by the powers-that-be. A whole new generation awaits the brilliant comedy that the team delivered in their own unique style. I only have to think of Stoney Bridge and it reminds me of the lady in Scotland who ran out of her house during the show to screech something like "We've been mentioned on the telly..." - truly great and this should be released NOW!!!

Pete Jones
Crawley, UK

My exposure to Absolutely when it was first on was minimal, I being only a youngster of between 6 and 10 when it was on Chanel no.4.  However, as I am now a student, I am quite prone to 'cult comedy' and search for it in its modern habitat. 

Thus, I discovered Absolutely from older friends who were students at the time it was on and the loved it.  I bought 'The Vido' and 'Number 2' from Amazon and settled in to laugh myself silly.

Now I would like it to be released so that I can enjoy every sparkling (and I use this loosely given how dark the sets were at times) moment of this wonderful comedy series.  To refuse to relese it on DVD is ageist as it would prevent younger audiences experiencing the full Absolutely, erm, experience.

Dumfries, Too close to the border

A cracking and groundbreaking comedy show with a real cult following.
Students like myself who watched this 14 years ago are now all in their mid-30s with disposable incomes.

If you bring this out on DVD - it will sell.

The 2 DVDs I am waiting and waiting for are Absolutely and Tutti-Frutti - how long will I have to wait for???

Tommy Hughes
Bradford, England (ex-Clydebank)

Please bring out ABSOLUTELY on dvd now or i will go back in time to 1965 and shoot geoff hurst!!

Ben Rose
Aberdeen, UK

Absolutely was an amazing piece of comedy that still hasnt been given the credit it deserved.

The kind of 'stupidly funny' comedy is hard to come by and I think monty python and absolutely are the top two of this category.

Theres not many comedys that i actually laugh out loud too but this was one of them, but trying to get a hold of it on video/dvd is practically impossable.I actaully went into Virgin Megastore to even try and order it, but they said channel 4 recalled all the absolutely products. Would be great if the cast done it again and lets be honest, they arent doing anything great at the moment.

So , I think there should be a dvd set of this great comedy to lighten up this already darken world of ours, make it a happier place. Especially coming up to christmas. Please, Please release the dvd!!!

Alister Colquhoun
Glasgow, Scotland

I was born in England, have Welsh roots and was brought up in Scotland from being five months old, so this show appeals to every bit of my mongrel sense of humour - and basically it is just one of the best shows ever! 

And I'm sick of trying to explain how funny it was to people who are too young to remember it, or who were too set in their televisual ways ever to have watched it (sad, sad people).

Give the people of Britain what they need to help them forget the hassles of life in the 00ties - who needs absolution when they can have Absolutely!

Dumfriesshire, Bonnie Jockland
It was spectacularily funny before funny was trendy.
I think the poo had the weight advantage.
N for... nothing.
O for...nothing.
Get to Falkirk.
All these things make no sense to the vast majority of the population.
They should be told. Sensibly though, the Christmas comedy DVD market is huge. Anything with even a little hype and marketing will sell well.
And once word has gone out...

John Shire
Brighton UK

I think this should be released on DVD because of how uniquely funny it was. It has some of the most memorable characters and always made me laugh with just how silly it was.

This has GOT to be released on DVD to show the new generation what comedy is all about!

Oliver Jeffrey
Kent, U.K

How many shows that you haven't seen for a decade still make you laugh when you think of them.The DVD's would sell like hotcakes.

Neil Aitchison
Dunfermline, Fife

1. MacGlashan crossing a deserted English border, shouting "POOOOFFFSSS!", and cycling away.
2. Bert Bastard advising children that Detol is for drinking.
3. The Clever song.
4. Gilhooley describing what each side of his brain does.
5. On The Lavatory, with Frank Hovis.
6. The Countryside
7. The same pattern but further away.
8. "Goodnight Sweetheart" is available on DVD.
9 . I cant watch wmv files on my Mac.
10. It would be wrong if Jack Docherty and Gordon Kennedy surrvive in public memory for  the Lottery and a rotten chat show.
Not very detailed reasons, but there are 10 of them.

James McCourt

Cos it was fab! Is that detailed enough? Or do you want clever comments like "it tapped into our collective subconscious and worked on several levels and ..." blah blah blah ... I don't know what I'm taking about, I just LOVED it and, let's face it, plenty of lesser comedies get to be released on DVD so just let's HAVE IT! This website proves there's enough of a market out there so COME ON!!!!!

Mike Jones

For Frank Hovis alone this must be brought out on DVD, Frank's comments on his life almost killed me I couldn,t even hear what he was saying I was laughing so much.
I have about 3 episodes on VHS including the anti english rant in the pub which precurses Scottish Independence.

John Smith RIP
regards and thank you for keeping the flatulant flame farting.

Julian Hills
Lewes UK

I got a voucher recently for DVD's/Video's and the only thing I could think of, except WC Fields was Absolutely. Neither are available, why not, when so much that is available is rubbish?
My favourite sketches were Frank Hovis and the Stoneybridge council meetings - all the characters were called Archie. Why not bring these classics back?
Many people I know remember the show fondly, so it would be worthwhile.

Andy Orrock

This show has to be released.  I've hunted through some old video tapes but unfortunately cannot find any of the old series.  I'm tired of having to tell people that never heard of it, and confuse it with Ab Fab how good it was and not being able to show them.

Come on c4 there are some moments of real comedy genius that shouldn't be shelved.

Marcus Evans
Blyth, UK

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us have Stoneybridge on DVD again... Absolutely was without doubt my all time favourite commedy shows...
Dont care how much you charge, just let us have some way of buying it.

Hong Kong..alas but from Kilmarnock, Scotland originally

Absolutely was and still is one of the best comdey sketch shows ever seen. From the very start of the serious to the present day, myself, freinds and work mates often quotes lines and complete sketches from the show. It had that new and daring look about it at the time it was produced, and still is watchable unlike other comedy shows. It seems ageless. For this series not be available again will be a great loss to the fans and all the people that never saw it. I am sure it would sell well. This series should be up on the shelves available to all!

Andrew Astles
Please, Please bring this out on DVD.  The trouble is I have 'tiny tiny hands' and have problems with bulky VHS cassettes!

This is the kind of show which will guaranteed do the following;
1.  Make you laugh until speech is impossible and your knees are soaked.
2.  Make everything seem worthwhile
3.  And when explaining a sketch to a virgin or non-virgin viewer; a) Virgin - you will either give up half way through or you will get half way through resulting in convulsive laughter and them thinking you are mad.  b) Non-virgin - you be unable to speak before you reach the end.

There are only a handful of shows like this and it would be criminal for the memory to fade.

Richard Shire
Salisbury, UK

I've just emailed Absolutely Productions to ask why there is still no sign of a DVD (or DVDs), and was sent this link.  We have ancient videos of the series, but they're totally worn out, and it would be brilliant to see and hear them clearly again!

Esther Shire
Salisbury UK

'Absolutely' was a first class comedy sketch series, in the mould of The Fast Show or Harry Enfield and Friends. A bit more left-field, but immensely creative and truly hilarious.

I find it hard to believe that in this age of low-cost digital distribution of video content, 'Absolutely' is not available to buy. There were so many brilliant moments - not least Frank Hovis and Morwenna Banks' little girl character that were sheerest comic genius.

Don't repeat - I live abroad - make it available to buy on DVD. I've got a fine collection of Red Dwarf, Simpsons, Fast Show, Dads Army etc etc on DVD (bought when visiting the UK) and I MUST HAVE ABSOLUTELY!

Michal Dembinski
Warsaw, Poland.

Absolutely is one of the BEST broken comedy shows ever. If the cast were English I'm sure it would have been far more widely repeated. If C4 can't or won't repeat, what about Paramount? We need a DVD so that Stoneybridge, Frank Hovis and Callum Gilhooley are not lost when the VHS tapes all turn to dust.

Macclesfield, UK

I emailed Absolutely Productions yesterday, asking if there were any plans to release a DVD, and Gordon Kennedy replied, sending me the link for this site. may I say "Congratulations!" on your excellent work.

I have both the "Vidos", the book and all of series four on tape and, now that we are in the digital age, a DVD would complete the set nicely.
I don't know if releasing all four series is possible but anything would be welcome and I very much look forward to the release of one.

Incidentally, the programme was labelled as being too derivative by many when it first came out but I have several friends in their forties and fifties who have watched it and compare it favourably with no less than "Monty Python". And if that isn't love, it's pretty bloody close!

Ajay Ramgoolam

Cos its one of the best comedy's ever ....that simple.


Yes, I DO know why Absolutely should be released on DVD!

My father's generation was brought up on quality radio comedy such as The Goons in the 1950s, and were treated to Monty Python in the late 60s/early 70s.  Both have now achieved classic status.

For my generation it was Vic Reeves Big Night Out and Absolutely.  While Absolutely built on the solid foundation of previous sketch shows, such as Python's, there was something unique, fresh and natively Scottish (okay! and in places Welsh) about the Absolutely characters: McGlashen, Don and George, Callum Gilhooley, and the Stoneybridge Council.

Family members and friends of mine alike still quote large chunks of Absolutely sketches at one another. Bizarre phrases have permanently entered our everyday vocabulary, such as "we am, this are, is be!"  Whenever I'm asked to spell my name I always say "that's G ... as in Gnome!"   Absolutely helped change my outlook on the world -- a world with "NO WASPS!" is certainly a more fun and tollerable place to live in.

Absolutely is still a largely undiscovered classic of comedy that richly deserves a wider audience and a more permanent record than the fond memories and changed worldviews of hundreds of late-80s teenagers.

Gareth J M Saunders
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

This really was the comedy of my and many other of my fellow students, teenage years. Plenty of other lesser comedies have been repeated over and over to death and Absolutely hasn't had a sniff.

It would be much more entertaining to see Absolutely on our screens again than endless repeats of Friends and 24 hour Big Brother rubbish.

Ian Jones
Herefordshire, UK

One of the most inventive and hilarious comedies of the 80's.  With fantastic memborable characters and sometimes toe-curling sketches (eg 'hissing at me') it was compulsory watching in my student house. A DVD is long-overdue and would help raise this series deservedly to cult status.  But a word of warning - there better not be any bl**dy songs on the DVD (no comedy group ever did songs well - when will they learn?)

John Benfield
London, UK

Absolutely was a pivotal part of my growing up.  I watched the episodes every Friday without fail.  I would love to see the series repeated or brought out on DVD.  A classic Scottish comedy!

Elaine Wylie
Perth, Scotland
Great Celtic comedy. Brilliantly executed and full of memorable characters. Put it on DVD it would surely be a best seller. I found the original run unmissable. John Sparks was my hero.

Keith Jones

I loved this show when I was a teenager back in scotland.  Would love to get hold of it on vido or dvd.  good luck

Graeme Murray
Southport, Merseyside

"Absolutely" was by far one of the best Sketch shows ever to come from Scotland! If a DVD was to be released I would definatley be one of the first to buy it (I know tons of other people would follow!) :)

Robert McGinty
Fife, Scotland

I have the entire series of Mr Don and Mr George on my computer in avi format but have never been able to find full blown version of any Absolutely episodes. Most of my videos have now perished due to time and over playing. I would give anything to have them on DVD.
It would be the biggest shame for this hugely innovative show to disappear into memory. It's one of the things I remember from my teenage years and will always remember watching it on my portable black and white tv in my bedroom.
Please please PLEASE I BEG you, bring it out on DVD!

Lisa Graves
Hull, UK

I would pay good money to see Absolutely again. It was possibly the funniest sketch show ever, and there's a whole generation of people who should be able to view such a classic. I've shown my son some of the clips from this site, and he found them hilarious and wanted more.
There's a lot of people who missed it the first time around who think that some of the modern sketch shows on now are hysterical, and I'm sure they'd love to see the original and best.

It seems a shame when other shows get repeated so often that people get sick of them, yet Absolutely is nowhere. You'd think that one of the hundreds of satelite channels would show it, if no one else.
I'm hoping the rumour of a DVD release is true, because I'll definately buy one. It's not only the Scots that loved it either, I live right on Englands south coast.

Stoneybridge forever!!!
Isle of Wight

This sketch show must be given the light of day, be it a re-run on Television or, preferably, a DVD release.

With everyone talking about Still Game, the popular spin off of Chewing The Fat, it has come to my attention that many Scottish people can't remember, or worse still, have never seen Absolutely.

I sincerely hope this petition and these words spur some executive to take a brave leap of faith and put this on DVD or at least back on the Telly, you will not be disappointed at the reaction, I assure you.

Ewan Gallacher
Edinburgh, Scotland

This was a completely fantastic, groundbreaking show, a worthy forerunner to the fast show, yet somehow much less lauded. Perhaps the subtlety of the humour to much for some critics, but I would love to see it released for those of us who genuinely appreciated a show well ahead of it's time.

David Tonner
Motherwell, Scotland

Saw this when I was quite young and thought it was hilarious.  Would like to buy this so I could watch it again.  It must be released as it was one of the best comedies ever

Michael Kelly

Absolutely was one of the greatest comedy shows ever to be screened on Channel 4. Today, years after it was last shown I still talk about specific characters with friends, most of whom have never had the good fortune to have seen it. It is a glaring ommission from my DVD collection.
At a time when good comedy is thin on the ground and we are forced to watch repeats of programmes like 'My Family' the release of this absolute (no pun intended) classic would go a long way to restoring the quality we would like to see in British comedy today.

Kevin Burns

G for Gnome, O as in 'O, look at that Honda....'
Greatest comedy ever written.

Scott Lamerton
Trowbridge, UK
What more reason is needed to get Absolutely released on DVD other than: I would buy it on the day of release! (Just like I bought the Comic Strip presents box set the other week...) My brother would buy it, too. So many classic sketches, personal faves being the "On The Lavatory" ones. Genius. DVDs now please!!!

Stuart Dade
Kent, UK

I would love for absolutely to be repeated on t.v. and released on DVD. Repeated so that younger viewers that have never heard of it can watch it to see how brilliant and funny it was. To be released on DVD for me! So I can watch it over and over again! For all the fans out there that are dying to see it again please please please please release it and repeat it

Lee-Ann Macphee
Inverness, U.K.

I cannot believe that one of the greatest comedy series of all time hasn't been shown again, let alone brought out on DVD! Given the nations obsssion with DIY we have to see Denzil again. I haven't touched the Hoover since.

Mark Bush
Bristol, U.K.

Considering some of the rubbish that gets released on DVD, im really surprised that Absolutly, and Mr Don And Mr George havn't been released.
Best comedy show ever.


Quite simply, one of the funniest sketch shows in existence.  Easily beats the new format shows such as Little Britian into a small thin paste.
This should be released as a box set containing all of the episodes broadcast.

Richard Peart
Bradford, UK

It's not enough that this show should be released IN IT'S ENTIRETY, but that THAT THEY SHOULD REGROUP AND MAKE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sketch where callum gilhouley trying to buy a  flight to new york easily rivals the parrot sketch. i must have quoted it ten thousand times.
"that's G for ...gnome, N for...nome.." etc

Channel four need to up these guys salaries and get them back on the telly pronto or they should "GET TO FALKIRK"

Ged Denton
Florida usa

Very simply its some of the best comedy to have been shown on tv in the last 20 years and I've goat an anorak.

Mark Strachan
Livingston, Scotland

Channel 4 better release it or I will poo in their taxi.

Stephen Cameron
Preston, Lancashire

Can't for the life of me understand why this piece of comedy genius has never been shown again by Channel 4...or at least give us devotees a DVD version to buy PLEASE :-)

H Mackintosh

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