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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Absolutely represents my formative years. Most of my student years were devoted quoting many lines from the show with friends such as "Frank I want to have your pullover". I used to watch the series over and over again on my collection of VHS tapes that I had recorded from the telly (Not to an obsessive level!) and was completely devastated when my collection had been stolen some five years ago.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that John Baikie and John Sparks were Resurrecting some of the characters at the Fringe, I saw them on Saturday night and was thrilled to see them again, This show HAS to be reissued and made available for a new audience, and for us old fans to relive it again.
I even had the chance to meet John Balkie after the performance and I'm glad I had the chance to let him know how much I appreciated his work in absolutely. (He even did the "Clever, I'm Terribly Clever song in the stage show!)

The variety of characters, the quality of the actors performances and the sheer entertainment value of the series just has to be appreciated again.

Sean Foster
Derby, UK
Absolutely. If this show is'nt released on DVD then what else should be. It's the precursor of Chewing the Fat and most modern BBC Scotland comedy. It took over the mantle of such as The Vital Spark. Do it now.

Alex Scanlan

Absolutely should ABSOLUTELY berepeated and released on DVD. It was an incredibly groundbreaking show, and is STILL funny now. Its humour has not dated, and i'm SURE it would find a new audience very quickly, given the right promotion. Many infinitely inferior shows are available, so why not release something that GENUINELY deserves it?

Paul Robertson
Liverpool, U.K.

Great show would like to see it sober.

Martin Reid

Absolutely was very, very funny as well as being groundbreaking. The fact that it's been buried in a vault is shameful. I want the DVD!!!

Lincoln Fong
Twickenham, UK

The most original and most under-rated sketch show ever to includea blue anorak as one of its star performers.
Funniest sketch of all time is not 'Fork Handles', it is Calum's visit to the Post Office to get his passport. Pure gold.
A 4 disc box set with a decent set of extra's would fly off the shelves and give us all a chance to appreciate a very special comedy ensemble.
Bring it on!!

Alex MacDonald

Bring back absolutely on DVD or Repeat!

Detailed reasons?
To Repeat - wont cost you anything - already made
People will watch it - good ratings for no pence

wont cost you anything - already made - no need to bother with comments etc
Will rake the makers in lots of cash with DVD boxsets sales

plus I liked it and miss it
(esp the "evil" pollutant guys - I can tell you im having a bal....with my aerosol...") Genius

A McIntosh
Glasgow UK

This MUST come out on DVD - it'd be a goldmine!

The best after-pub viewing in the world. That scene where the wee mannie on the bike cycles up to the English border, drops bike, tiptoes over the border and screams "pooooooooofs!!!!" then hares back again ... It goes down in history!

D Morris

One of the best things Channel 4 ever put out. It's long overdue for release on DVD. There are many people I know who still remember and love the series and use catch phrases from it. Come on Channel 4, get the finger out and release it!

John Doole
Glasgow, Scotland

I loved Absolutely and so did a few of my mates.  I could guarantee at least 5 DVD purchases and I would expect a few more once we had shown the ignorami a few episodes!

Richard Fagg

Please please release Absolutely on DVD and hopefully with the extra Royalties, Gordon Kennedy, won't have to work on utter c**p like River City!

Gregory G
One of the most original shows on televizion.  If they had the b*ll*cks to commission this in the 80s, why can't we have it released on DVD in this decade?  Have we become too beige?


I want the show back because my name is Callum Gilhooley, and I'm not kidding!

Callum Gilhooley

The ones that I taped off the telly years ago are wearing out from Drunken 'after pub' watching.  Will keep bidding for it on ebay in the meantime!

Clare O'Hara

I miss absolutely, And was glad of the snippets on the website, but to be honest, why should collectors get all the money for the Vido (£50 on Amazon) PLEASE bring out a DVD please, please
Absolutely was the best sketch show of its time, and a set the standard very high.

Nic Storr
Nuneaton, UK

Please release this piece of comic genius on DVD.  Surreal, often Pythonesque, sublime and sometimes vulgar, but always very, very funny.

David Bowles
Norfolk, England

Come on Channel 4 or UK Comedy Repeat Absolutley - I repeat - repeat it!
Even though the program was aired many years ago, I still have many memories of the sketchs & when I rember them I still laugh @ them today.
It was one of the most funny & clever in a seriel manner but like early monty python it wasn't pretencious it had raw querkyness to it irony.

If a DVD set can't be done due to percieved non-intrest @ least air a few, or have a special week or day for it - but please please advertise it well or let the owner of this site know about it early enough, so he can email all of us.  It would really upset me to find out I missed some re-runs, which is the contrary to most of the re-runs picked by channel 4 or UK Comedy.

Richard Gooding-Arrenberg
Berkshire, UK

I paid £42 for my copy of Absolutely - The Vido on ebay - I resorted to this after 10 years of attempting (unsuccessfully, obviously) to track down the person who nicked my orginal copy from Ross's flat in Glasgow (hmmm...is the culprit out there?  Ross?? Own up please!).  I now have queues of people wanting to copy the vido (and poor-quality episodes subsequently obtained from a kind stranger)- all of whom would pay vast sums of money to own the originals on DVD or vido. 
Happy to arrange a protest march if required!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Vido copies of Absolutely go for over £30 on ebay - surely demonstrating the business need for a DVD release!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Please release "Absolutely" on DVidoD!!! I beg you. This has to be the best British comedy show of the last 20 years!

Alan Duncan

One of the most original and innovative comedy shows to be aired.
Would like to be able to purchase the DVDs for posterity.

Rob Mackay
Dublin, Ireland
I think its a strong indication of how big an impression Absolutely made, and how timeless its brand of comedy, that, even after all these years, my friends and I still use catchphrases in everyday conversations!
Many a small village has recieved the salute of "Stoneybridge!" whilst Callum's passport application has been paraphrased for untold number of situations!
So many lesser shows have been given DVD releases, or endlessly repeated, yet this work of genius has been overlooked for quite long enough!
The original fan base is, I believe, strong enough, but the humour of Absolutely is sufficiently timeless to grab a whole new generation into its mad world!

Dermot Curran
Nottingham, U.K.

An absolutely hilarious and classic heft of comedy, influencing everything from The Fast Show to Grandstand. The ramdomness of Mr Don & Mr George was herring. On the Lavatory was ... well ... lavatory humour. Stoneybridge? I'd love to visit, or even be a town councillor there.
And as for Little Girl's view of the world, I have been pronouncing Hospital as Hospickle ever since.
I'd certainly pay money to see it all over again.

Dr Dave. P
Wales, Next door to England

I blame this program for all the laughter lines on my face.  Absolutely - it's so typically Scottish!  Give the rest of the world the chance to laugh and release this classic on DVD now.  Pleeeeeeaaase!

Nicola Fielding
Edinburgh, Scotland

I was lucky enough to see a few episodes of this being recorded....and how I would love to see them again! 
I had hours of the series on a vhs long play tape, upon which I had scrawled the Absolutely logo in tipex pen...and just to taunt me I still have the tape, though it was long since recorded over by an old flatmate of mine....
So let us have a dvd....please!

Marc B

Come on Channel 4 get your fingers out of your arses and get this released. I can't honestly believe they have lost the master tapes to this.
If it wasn't for programmes like this we woud'nt have chewin the fat (which has been released by the way ok different company)
So come on channel 4 get it released. Now go and help your mother in the kitchen.

Darren Stewart
Redcar, UK

Such a wonderful show.  Ideal for collapsing in front of after coming home from the pub.  Stoneybridge was always my favourite and the little girl explaining the way the world is - just genius. 

Please release it on DVD - it really would be great to watch this classic show again and again and again.

Amanda Hatton
Derby, UK

Why wouldnt a company like channel 4 not even consider releasing a classic like Absolutely on dvd. There are loads of fans who loved the show when it was first aired and just cant see this program anymore.
Please bring this to dvd, I'm sure there are 1000's of fans who would rush out to buy this.
I wonder if someone has the copyright and doesnt want then to be aired due to them not getting the sometimes way out humour, or maybe just have big brother dvd's to produce year after year.
Come on and give us some Absolutely to dvd.

BTW, please if they do release it, don't do it like the Goodies and bring some episodes out, bring full series sets. Please

Sheffield, U.K.

When I think back to my youth in Edinburgh I always remember myself and my friends at Uni sitting round in the pub going over each sketch and annoying everyone with the catchphrases. - Get ta' Falkirk.

'trousers, i'm wearing trousers.  You probably don't know, probably don't know what they are....' - Peter on a piano being wheeled through a number of sketches - pure tv gold.

Please release it on DVD.  Or just reshow it and I'll get someoone to record it and stick it on a dvd for me.

Comedy this good is a rare gem that can not be forgotten and lost is a sea of mediocre crap.

Bill Coghill
Sydney, Australia

It's no' even out on vidayo! Ach, criminal...

Andy Morten

Second only to the first 2 seasons of Monty Python, this comedy is a by far an under-rated show. There are too many unique and funny characters to mention. Let it just be known that I check for a DVD release every few months, (only to be disapointed again) If it does happen please let it be a full (not compilation release)
Let it also be know, that I will willingly spend over the normal DVD price for this show.

Craig Garvie
Edinburgh (nr Falkirk)
Absolutely was a Friday night institution with me and my mates. We'd always tape it and then watch it when we came back from the pub (and laugh our heads off). You're doing a great thing with this site. It's excellent. This was pure genius. Please release it on DVD.

Kenny McIntosh
New York

I am a Scot living in Bristol. We need to see more comedy about Welsh people because they really are like that.

Nicola Wakeling

My god I cant believe I have the opportunity to beg for this hilarious sketch show to be released!!!!! Im so happy, I grew through my teenage years constantly watching these on video tape, now they are worn out!
Please please get them released how can this just slip by!! I wont allow it!! Stoney bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley Wilson

Unfortunately, my time on this world is short, as I have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness, to which there is NO KNOWN CURE.

I have become affixed to a large pink object, and as a Thrumble Nose sufferer my only chance for survival is to have an Absolutely Complete Series 1 - 4 box set on DVD, hopefully with a pinker cover.

Please please please help by releasing Absolutely on DVD, for Thrumble Nose sufferers the world over. Only this DVD can help those less fortunate.

Come on, let's get it togeather, and make Absolutely History.

Ian Slavin
Liverpool (Near Fishgard), England

Pur-lease release this absolute gem on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need to buy it, sharpish!!!

Neil Frazer
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, U.K.

Judging by the interest in this website, and feeling that absolutely might be better understood now, I petition to get the program repeated or at least released on DVD for all us Stoneybridgers who wish to relive the greatest moments of a highly under-rated show.

Matt Evans
Torquay, Devon

This series is fantastic and it is great to see the selection of clips on this site keeping the memory alive.
I was only 15 back in 1991 but couldnt wait for Friday nights to come round again as Channel 4 had a great bill of Vic Reeves Big Night Out and Absolutely...ok,The Golden Girls were sandwiched in between the two but thats where Mum found her sanity.
Frank Hovis was a legendary character-there was on seen where he was in that filthy mens toilet standing in front of a mirror and trying to give himself a shave with a cut throat razor. With his quirk or nervous twitching, whistling like a demented canary with a broken neck, begins to thrash the razor centimetres from his face ( this goes on for about a minute) before lifting his head and trusting the razor towards his Adams Apple and with a sudden halt decides that he doesnt need a shave today.

Vince McGeever

If we can have Little Britain, The Fast Show, League of Gentlemen on DVD then surely there is a place for a release of ABSOLUTELY. If you are worried about uptake then don't be. Look at Ebay and you'll see the average price for a vhs copy of absolutely is at least £22-£30-and thats not even for a complete series!!
So come on-give us what we desire-the chance to own and cherish a masterwork of sketch comedy and characters.

David Stokes
Oldbury, UK

The best sketch show ever, the best characters ever and if they can put 'Big Train' out on DVD (the second best sketch show ever) then this needs to be available, please C4 !

Stephen Day
Leamington Spa

A hilarious and very much underrated comedy sketch show - only with hindsight can you now appreciate how forward-thinking it was at the time. If released on DVD it would be an instant hit!

James Coulter
Rugby, UK
This HAS to get released on DVD.  The best sketch show ever.  There has been no better sketch show in the past 10 years

Pamela Laing
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Absolutely was the only sketch show that, to this day, I have ever found to be laugh out loud funny from start to finish.

I remember watching it on a friday night when I was a kid, pissing myself it was that hilarious, my dad telling me to get that rubbish off!
My favourite character was frank "on the gavatory" but every single one was a classic.

It beats chewing the fat and other so-called comedy shows hands down.

It would make my day if it was released as a box set
Ian Mcmillan
Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland

This comedy stands up against contemporary material both sides of the border which relies heavily on the same punchline or gag being regurgitated each week until it becomes a recognisable soundbite.

William Martin

This programme was one of the showcase series' for Channel 4.  Unique talents brought together to create absurd, surreal, laugh-out-loud, see-a-little-of-yourself-in-the-character-and-then-be-slightly-worried sketches, delivering original, brilliant and special comedy.

I never missed an episode and waited expectantly for repeats or videos to no avail. 

The quality of this comedy meant that I was more likely to try future Ch.4 pilot comedies, some of which have gone on to sell videos, etc.  Was I wrong to show this loyalty?

Please make this available on screen or in the shops, and perhaps giving a new audience the chance to respond to their eclectic humour.

Fiona Langston

Bring it back now!

I miss McGlashan's rants, Calumn Gilhooley's obliqueness and morweena's wee girls legs swinging awway - its true!

Shadwell and Gweneth, and John Sparks man on the bog - nothing on telly just now is as funny.
If you don't believe me, ask Stoneybridge town council - hilarious!

Sean Allan
Edinburgh, UK

It was a class comedy show which in my opinion are few and far between nowadays

Gary Mitchell
Tranent, Scotland

Having stumbled upon this site I have a desire to see all of the Absolutley series on DVD. Some classic stuff. "I'll have the veal. yes, the baby veal".
travel agent to calum; Your name sir;
Calum; Calum Gilhooley.
Agent; Can you spell it
Calum; Aye.
Agent; TO ME !!!!
Great stuff, I would love to seee it on DVD. "Have you ever thought about going on a diet"; "Have you ever thought about wearing a wig?" Funny. Please put it on DVD.

Los Angeles, CA. USA

My husband and I have Absolutely moments every day.  We use the catchphrases in our conversations as much as possible, such as pass the biscuits Rodney, with suggestive hand movement, and are you ready then?, I'm read now, I didn't know they did 1000's maybe I'll get one next time, and alas no, we haven't any books.  It's not because we are sad gits living in a time warp, but because we still find the sketches funny.   Bring all the series out on DVD or back on the tele would be even better. Then everyone wil be saying 'Denzyl there be be big spider in here'. I'm not Scottish, but McGlashen is my favourite.  I want to share these with the world.

Paula McMaster
Luton, Beds

If they need reasons for Absolutely being repeated then someone's had their sense of humour terminated by My Family. There's been some good sketch based shows since, eg Fast Show, Chewin the Fat, but Absolutely was far, far better.
Here's another good reason for releasing it on DVD - they can make lots of money!
And they should release Mr Don and Mr George's series on DVD too.

Martin Chambers
Newcastle upon Tyne

This is one of the most original, dark and hilarious sketch shows ever.  Many of the cast went on to bigger things and with Morwena Banks recently being bought to the air again courtesy of Vic and Bob's Catterick, there is no excuse!  Now is the perfect time to release a DVD  of Absolutely.
Please times one hundred million billion.

Stephanie Leonard
Hertfordshire, UK
For such a great comedy, to have never been reshown on TV is a travesty.  THere are very few shows that make me laugh, cringe, and choke on my coffee but Absolutley was one.  Surely with all the extra channels available that seem to be filled with such dire shows someone could find a spare half hour a week to place some quality stuff on the screen.

Release it on DVD and I'm first in the queue too.
Jim Rayner
Isle of Wight


Simon Geddes

Undeniably the foremost influence on comedy shows of today.
The whole series must be released on DVD!

Dave Stepney
Abingdon, U.K.

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