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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Oh god, it was just so funny, and it was out at the precise time I was at Poly - it's almost the comedy soundtrack for my misspent youth.

I have the book of the scripts, but would so love the DVD.

Sion Hughes

This is the funniest and most origianl comedy series on UK TV.

Stoneybridge and shean canary still make me laff all these years as does frank hovis.

If this was released I would buy it and make sure my friends watch it :)

Paul Grace

By far one of the funniest shows ever!  Please, please, please release on DVD or at least repeat on TV.  Totally under-rated, sheer comic genius! 

Emma C
Glasgow, UK

No other comedy series this old is still this funny - I tried Naked Video and it was awful.  Perhaps now its appeared in the top 50 comedies, it may be DVD's (yes, with Don & George).  I loved it then (and I was quite young) and I love it now (got one video) but  the whole lot needs to be on UK Gold and then DVD - they did Twin Peaks!

Gary Smith
Street, Somerset

By those who caught the show when it was orginally aired some of the comedy catchphrases are still used as in jokes, such as If you is clever you do sums and if you is silly idiot you do sand pit. and At this meeting of the Stony Bridge council.... I feel that if Absolutely was made available to a wider audience these catch phrases would be as reconisable as "I am the only gay in the village" Any comedy show which can make my overly synical family laugh that much must have the potential to make the whole country laugh.
You also have to remember that it was in a strange time slot for a show like this and when Absolutely Fabulous was put on in the same time slot it took three searies before it became popular with audiences and that was a show with Actors that we all recognise.
Give Absolutely a fair chance to become the show it has always promised to be!

Louise Bell
Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Simply the best sketch show since Python - and I don't mean that lightly.
Hysterically funny, totally surreal and full of superb regular and on-off characters it's funnier than many similar shows on today. Why this has never been repeated or released on DVD is totally beyond me.

Fortunately I have some episodes I taped from the TV but they are getting exceptionally worn! Plus there's loads of stuff I haven't got.

Do not let this brilliant show, it's talented cast and their wonderful creations vanish into TV obscurity. Callum for PM!!

Neil Trehearn
Slough, UK

Absolutely was brilliant - innovative and hilarious - it had me crying with laughter regularly. It is far better than any other sketch show which has appeared since! It provided many amusing lines, one of my favourites being 'I've got some lovely pigs' nerves in the oven...'.
My treasured video tape of a few episodes has been long lost. It's got to be issued on DVD - I can't understand why it hasn't been done yet. Please!!!

Jenny Oldridge
Leeds, UK
This series was a comedy gem. I wouldn't hesitate to snap it up if it came out on DVD. In fact I've just spent the last hour looking for it online!! Whoever's responsible, pull your fingers out and get it launched on DVD. For christ sake even Lovejoy's come out on DVD...

Dave Patrick
St Albans, Herts

Wow, I thought it was just me!!

Absolutely on DVD would be a dream come true. I only have a few episodes on VHS and they are getting worn out. Please, C4, bring it out.

James Brooks
Hyde, UK

I'm not even from Scottland and I love this show! Absolutely is the proof
that comedy is an art form! So please release all 28 episodes on DVD!!!

Thomas Jurecka
Vienna, Austria

It has to be one of the greatest Comedy programmes of all time!!.
I used to have about 10 episodes on Vid-a-o- or is it vid-e-o?...and tragically the tape got too old and I had to throw it away.
If channel 4 did not publish it on DVD then at least could they repeat it every now and again so us fans can tape it or record it?.
The programme itself launched a few careers in itself and it would be great to see the shows again.
Thanks to this chap for putting together the web-site in his spare time its been great to see the sketches again...so come on Channel 4 forget that Big Brother trash and bring out this excellent programme!!!

Lyndon Brock
Manchester U.K.

It is an utter travesty that this comedy GEM is not on DVD yet. Come on Channel 4 remove collective fingers from you know where and get cracking. Absolutely is and always will be a classic.


D'ye know who invented the DVD ............ The Scots,.. until you English came an' stole it....... c'mon release the DVD now or McGlashan will come an' get ye !

Alan Louttit
Paisley, Scotland

Come on Channel 4, put the DVD together and release it ! There are so many unfunny "comedy" shows out there which are getting released left, right and centre - why not release something which is genuinely funny, groundbreaking and worthy?

Swansea, Wales

The number of 30-somethings in my department who get a swoony look on their faces if you mention Stoneybridge, Magrit etc - there has to be a huge market out there - not to mention the people who were too young to be allowed to stay up to see it the first time round.
I'd buy a Vide-o, or even a vid-ay-o.


I have "Absolutely - The Vido" but it now getting worn out. Absolutely videos are going for a lot of money on eBay so there is a demand to see you guys back on the TV.
Please bring out Absolutely on DVD - I loved the characters of Callum Gilhooley, Mr Don & Mr George, The Nice Family, Denzil & Gwyneth, Frank Hovis. I'm sure with a bit of promotion it will sell extremely well!

Paul Fixter
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Comedy is valuable, it is something that unites people in laughter. The ability to make others laugh is, in my opinion, the single most important quality that we as humans have.
The Absolutely team were truly a meeting of comic minds. Comedy like this should not be lost. considering all the other rubbish that we have to put up with repeated time and time again, why is Absolutely locked in a vault somewhere? to repeat it would mean that old bastards like myself get to trip down memory lane, and a whole new audience will see some classic comedy moments (my personal classic is the side-parting sketch), and also see where some comic talent had its first airings. this has been confirmed through the fact that when I found the AbsolutelyAndy website and was able to treat the people in the room with me to some of the clips he has uploaded, they laughed and laughed loud. none had seen it before yet all expressed an interest to see more.
So please channel 4, get the message. Instead of showing low quality reality tv shows go back to your roots and if nothing else release the genius you have locked away in a dusty old room somewhere. If not that then at least release the whole lot on dvd.

Bob Peek
This programme was absolutely brilliant and helped me through my youth. Me and my mates used to watch it constantly on a Friday & Saturday night getting boozed up before we went to the pub and it always put us in a good mood. The characters are unique and we have never seen the likes again. Mr MacGlashan is one of my favourites mainly due to his passion for Scotland and especially the episode about the World Cup draw when he is sitting in the pub. Englands group "Lapland, Melchester Rovers & Me and my mum" etc.
I just found episodes of absolutely on "Bearshare" and was well chuffed to bits but unfortunately the quality is somewhat lacking due to it being from a VHS tape. This programme has got to be released on DVD in order for people to experience it for the first time or for people like me to experience the whole thing again. I have loads of episodes on Video and considered myself to be one of absolutely "greatest fans" (just ask my wife) and I still use lines from the series in my everyday life.
Absolutely is Scottish comedy at its best and I am well impressed that this site has been produced by Andy (thanks mate you made my day).
Cheers and bring absolutely back.

Dave Watson
Forfar, Angus, Scotland, Nowhere near the "Yets of Muckhart" !!!

This was, buy far, the highlight on tv of my youth!  When so many other old progs are being put on DVD, why shouldn't this superb prog be released?  I've just spent a fortune buying old VHS off Ebay - lets get the good quality DVDs released!!!

Glenn Dunkerley
Kerikeri, New Zealand

Quite simply this should be repeated as its one of the funniest programmes ever to appear on brittish tv. The laughing man just makes me double up laughing. i would love it to be released on dvd and would be queing up outside the shop on the day of its release.

Iain Clark

This show was a favorite with me and my brother.
broadcast on an obscure israely tv channel some thirteen years ago, it brought many a laughter to us python grads around the country.
Once in a while I'm able to find someone who remembers the good ol' stoneybridge folks, and then I know for sure that it wasn't all in my head...
please bring them back, they deserve digital-format eternity!

Michal Weiss
Tel-Aviv, Israel

I stumbled across Absolutely late one night and thought it was fantastic! I fondly remember copying the catchphrases and laughing about the previous show in my Standard Grade Maths period the next day. I was actually separated from my pal (we were put at opposite sides of the class) because we used to buckle from talking about what we had seen on the show! Surely there's room for class like this among all the reality TV crap we have to endure these days.
I'd love to see it released on DVD too!

Donald Smith

I would definatley buy ABSOLUTELY on DVD.  It was the most funniest program on the box, I made sure that I did not miss an episode.  Please bring it to DVD - you`ll make everyone "Absolutely" Ecstatic. 
As its not repeated on TV or any of the Satellite channels then you MUST show it again or release it on DVD for all the fans of the program.

Jeff Neil
East Stanley, County Durham

It's so sad that people didn't cotton on earlier what an iconic, influential, ascerbic and downright lunatic effect this has had on the face of general comedy since it's release and premature finish. The parallels are out there if you've seen anything since and I don't mean word for word.

1. Albert Bastard - Lucky Albert (Paul Whitehouse)
2. Stoneybridge - Dibley Parish Council
3. Callum - Only Me (Harry Enfield)
4. Nice and Nasty - Arabella (Fast Show)
5. Don and George - Vic and Bob
6. Mc Glashan - Harry Enfield (oi..... No)
7. Painter - Babs (Health Club)

There are others if you look closely.
All my episodes on VT got lost over the years. Only one survives.

So as a seminal comedy that made me fall about in tears for the first time since Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, get it on DVD NOW !!!!!!

Mark Sadgrove, U.K.

Oh man,so many reasons I loved Absolutely. I still go on about it to this day. It would be far easier to show my friends a DVD !

Andy Balfour

The best sketch show ever. Cannae believe they haven't shown repeats on the telly recently. Release on DVD at the very least ya poofs! ;-)

Paul Fyffe
Dunfermline, Scotland

In a time of unfunny reality DVD release's and show's on T.V the public need/demand quality entertainment and when you consider alot of us so call 30+ yr old's have a good deal of dispossable income and grew up with these classic show's you might think that a cleaver marketing man might put 2+2 together look on ebay to see how much the vido is changing hands for and realise that we have the power/technology to transfer VHS to DVD dont miss your chance :)

One of the most original and innovative programmes of its era, it has to be put onto DVD so that future geneartions can also enjoy it...
Dave Pay

I totally agree that Absolutely should be either repeated on TV or at least made available on DVD. It's one of the funniest shows of all time. I can't believe it's not available to buy commercially!

Mary-Anne Pierson
Moray, Scotland

"Comedy - invented by the English....but perfected by the Scots!"

Absolutely continued the fine vein of surreal television comedy that occurs so rarely these days. Please bring it back and let the world once more experience the joys of taking a crap in the back of a taxi.

Andy Jones
Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK.

There's no other show I can think of from the time that repeatedly comes up in conversation amongst my friends as much as this.

How that lazy sit-about-all-day eejit David Blane can get a dvd out and Absolutely can't is beyond me. Remember the 'Little tartan drummer boy in a plastic tube' sketch? Class.

Come on Channel 4 get your finger out.

Bob Keith
Glasgow, Scotland

What an hilarious show, it was good old family entertainment, the sketches could be timeless,another monty python,if only we could get the chance to watch it again and again,please show the repeats,or put on our shelves to buy,if this is the case and awful amount of copies would need to be made. Please dont deprieve my children,the next generation off the funny,innocent humour.

Tina Hughes
Co. Down, Ireland

It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Please release on DVD!!!

Paul Castle
Dartmoor, UK

Well, I never got to see Absolutely because I was too young to remember it. Being a fan of Barrry Welsh and Pub Quiz naturally I would love to be given the chance to see Absolutely
Bring it out on DVD so youngsters like myself can appreciate this piece of comedy gold!

Jarrad Owens
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Ah the memories - what a fantastic site - I will e-mail your link to my ex pat mates in NZ - who remember the series fondly - I used to have the series on Betamax - yes Betamax!!!!!  But alas the old video gave up the ghost!  I need to get it on DVD before it is too late!!!  I am sure there are many more like minded people who have not yet experessed the same desire! 

Pure genius!

Absolutely is without doubt the best and most underrated comedy sketch show ever seen on TV. Today's shows such as Little Britain are far inferior. Sketches such as Callum's edson, yedson and edson and Bert Bastard chasing geriatric quim were pure class.
Compliments to Andy for a superb site. Any chance of adding some more clips? eg. the very 1st Stoneybridge sketch or McGlashan's Hurly Burly Bag.
I have also heard the rumour that the mastertapes of the show were lost, but if this were true how did Channel 4 show several clips of various sketches on the greatest comedy sketches show?
Come on Channel 4, release the DVD now.
It would make an vine gift.

Jim Craig

Repeat it or release but don't brush Absolutely! under the carpet.  The Stoneybridge council..''its not VIDO its VIDAYO''.. . Frank Hovis singing Tears by Ken Dodd and Denzil and Gwynedd..''Gwynedd, Gwynedd what arrew doing with  that Hooffer..?''. 
All these and so much more deserve to be seen.  Its so much better than almost anything I can think of on tv at the moment. 
This comedy  deserves to be seen again and by a new generation.

Richard Willams
Absolutely needs to be released on DVD if only for its place in Scottish comedy, its rare to see comedy of this calibre on television and it would be a tragedy to allow it to fade into a few people's memories.

That and I'm sick of having to explain who Calum Gilhooley is.

Rab Robertson
Bo'ness, Scotland

One of the finest sketch shows ever, with a selection of surreal and hilarious characters - Bert Bastard, Frank Hovis, Denzil and Gwenedd ("I'm stuck in the 'oover Denzil") and the Stoneybridge crew. I almost got thrown off a coach for shouting 'Stoneybridge' several times at an increasing volume. Brilliant show, and I can't understand why it's never been properly released. Come on, powers that be!

Chris Price
Wolverhampton, UK

For years I've been telling my daughter about how hilarious Absolutely was. We've just watched some downloaded clips and its still hilarious, even my 14yr old daughter agrees,its knicker wttingly funny.Forget D.V.D. C4 should repeat it or at least put it on E4, although I would settle for D.V.D.if I had to. By the way do you remember John Sparkes show "heres Barry Walsh" ? I've pee'd myself a time or two watching that.
Good Luck

St Helens, Mersyside.

Absolutely should be released on DVD or re-run as I am so tired of constantly explaining to people how funny it was, and what it was all about.
Hardly anyone seems to have seen it and I am sure people think it is a figment of my imagination.
There are also so many people who would really appreciate it that were too young to see it at the time.
Please please please re-run or release this as my memory of the sketches is fading fast.

Sarah O'Reilly
Glasgow, UK

I still remember to this day, the moment I first saw Absolutely.  It was the 'Men of Verona' foot puppetry sketch, so quite an introduction!

I was still at school at the time and it was my little sister who had told me to switch over to channel 4 that night, unusual because she has never really been one for cult comedy shows.  This would have been during the first screening of series 1, but sadly I only saw about 2 and a half episodes first time round.

I waited eagerly for the repeat and of course never looked back from there! I videoed every episode from all 4 series, athough the pictures look a bit grainy now and I think I have lost a few episodes here and there.  Hence why I would love to see it re-released on DVD and repeated.  I mean, BBC repeat Monty Python years later so why don't channel 4 do the same with Absolutely?  At the very least, one of the satellite channels should be screening it.

There are already surely enough names on this petition and visitors to this website to make a DVD release viable.

Here's hoping!  Fantastic website by the way.

Mark Dale
Glasgow, UK

If this had been shown on the BBC it would have been released on DVD in at least 3 different versions by now.  What is the problem? It's not as if there isn't interest or a market for this show as this site and petition indicates clearly.

It's by far one of the least trumpeted but most influential comedy sketch shows of that period.  It would be a real shame if Channel 4's comedy output was remembered for FAQ U and imported generic sitcoms instead of innovative programs such as this.

It doesn't cost much to put out a DVD these days anyway.

Brian Reddie

Absolutely productions & CH4 Should Bring it out on dvd cos it is one of the best (NO CORRECTION THE BEST) comedy sketch shows on TV ever FULL STOP.

Alan Doran

Bloody brilliant series! Fair play to the Scot's for bringing some quality Tv to the box.

My fave sketches were the one's where Peter Baikie was the `Piano Man' playing those mad songs

`mmmm, mmmmmm, brrrrrrrrrr, zzzzzzzzzz. haaaaaaaaaaa, hhhhhhh'



I used to watch and tape this show religiously every week, but unfortunately videoes don't last forever!  Channel 4 sort your necks out and get this back on NOW!!! Can't believe this is not on DVD.

Joanna Power

Absolutely was, and remains, the greatest comedy sketch show ever.  The characters were unique and the writing was a work of genius.  Who can forget the redrawing of the UK, leaving England to be a strip in the south about 4 miles wide, or Stoneybridge and "Whose corrugated iron is it anyway"?  As for the songwriting?  The funniest and most creative partnership since Derek and Clive!
Bring it back or get it out on DVD now (failing which, just in time for Christmas would be nice!)

John Gray
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK


One word for your site - Sensational!
McGlashen sketch is tv gold.  Well done and you can add my name to the campaign to get it DVd'd!
Nice work.

Graeme Easton

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