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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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The quality of this series was apparent from the first broadcasts. I recorded the first two series but accidentally erased a favourite part!
I also remember thinking that there were at least two women in it until I realised that Morwenna Banks was playing all of them; incredible.

With such a wealth of good material languishing somewhere doing nothing it's hard for fans to see any argument for not releasing all episodes on DVD. Just compare it to the hordes of low-quality stuff that DOES get released. This is a National Treasure!
Also, with the recent increased capacity provided by the Freeview TV channels, a repeat could surely be accommodated. New series like Little Britain are repeated endlessly, but there is always room for a 'new' cult.

People love to discover new veins of comedy, and there is at least one new generation of viewers since Absolutely was first aired.

Alan Olrog

It's worth a release on DVD just for the McGlashen sketch where he writes a a play about a man who invents a time machine and goes back to 1965 and kills Geoff Hurst!!

Sean Greaney

When the Falkirk is this going to be released on DVD? It has to be one of the all time funniest sketch shows of all time. Only a few of my friends are big enough fans and can recite a some choice catchphrases after a few beers. It is really good to know there are loads more folk out there who loved this show as much as me.
Keep up the crusade Andy and lets hope Channel 4 get the finger out and make the old skool fans very happy, and introduce a new generation to this comic genius.

Brian Deuchar
Minishant, Ayrshire

Scotland does not have much to be proud of comedywise, aside from Still Game. Billy Connelly is crap despite what anyone says. There were enough cracking sketches to fill a box set, so do it, of the little girl gets it!

Dammo London

Please bring back this brilliant show,

Stoneybridge, the little girl (its twue!), the pretentious fashion shop where the feller has to pull himself up to the counter on a trolley! Excellent!

Dan Wait
St Neots, UK

Channel 4, you HAVE to repeat Absolutely or release it on DVD!!

The Absolutely vido's are selling for £25-75 on Amazon, that shows the market for them!!...it's far superior to some of the guff that the BBC have been releasing on DVD so there's gotta be a market for it

I still use Callum's phonetic alphabet from time to time...thats G for Gnome, N for...Nome, O for Nothing, H for Honda, I as in Medsin & Edsin, not I as in Edsin Yedsin & Edsin :-)

Steve Macphee

Absolutely should be back on our screens NOW.

A Timeless sketch show, it's hard to believe it hasn't been repeated already. In the same style as The Fast Show, it is instantly quotable and still fresh after all this time.

We want it back, or watch us mutter 'bugger' into our tea...

Gaz Timmins
Coseley, Wolverhampton, UK


We loved it so much that we (13 years later) still regularly quote from the shows on an almost daily basis... too many faves to possibly begin listing but .............
"it was the ggggrease",
''not as tidy as Janet's but not bad",
"and when a baby is borned, it is only one inch big with a centimeter on it"

My husband even wrote on his wedding card to me.... "and may I please have a glass of mineral water, as I am thirsty after my long walk... Yours, Mr Perkins"


P.S. "My underwear's from Maaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrks... Ping"

Kent, England

Hello channel 4. I was about 10 when Absolutley was first screened and I remember laughing so much at Bert Bastard choking on a stamp and
my brother physically wet himself at it. Be kind to a chap and please release the whole lot on DVD so I can laugh again.

Gareth Williams


I worked with a man called Davey Bond for 2 years and was the only person who found it remotely funny  - it's well past time for a repeat or DVD of the funniest sketch show in years.

Suzanne Whyte
Rotterdam, NL

One of the best comedy series I can remember.  I have tried in vain to obtain DVD's or videos of the series and would be thrilled if it was released as would my daughter.
Comedy genius!!!

Jane Nicol
North Ayrshire

PLEASE release this on DVD.  It just isn't fair that young people like me should be denied such a good show.  Why should old people have all the fun?

Malcolm. M
London, UK

My cash is waiting for the chance to be blown on the DVD. What more reason could any potential publisher need?

Ben Purvis
Northants, UK

Looking through the details of the shows that  you've put together I have obviously missed a few of the original episodes and sketches.

If it was mastered on DVD, I'd love to be able to keep a copy of this to watch at leisure, and I think that it's popularity would be much greater these days as it was well ahead of it's time.

Murray Scott
Glasgow, Scotland

Denzil and Gwynnedd are two of the funniest characters I've ever seen on any sketch show.  Most of the others are magnificent too.  Release it!

Ed. R

Please, Channel 4, let the world re-enjoy the wonders of Stoney Bridge (the toon with the.....Stoney Bridge) and release this wonderful comedic masterpiece on DVD!

Dan Goodfellow
Kent, Uk

Absolutely is the best thing since Monty Python!!!!!! My particular favourite is John Sparkes. You must bring it out on DVD...... or else! I must get them (or I may scream) Aparently my Densil and Gwyneth accent is perfect (according to my dad!!!) Hee heee!!!!!!

Emily Dean

If there were no Absolutely there would have been no Fast Show.

Absolutely was avidly watched by myself and my peers but due to the fact it was on CHannel 4 at 11 on a Tuesday  or similar was not picked up by mainstream and larger audiences.

Since it's demise it's legend has spread by word of mouth die hards and there are people who would like the cahnce to see it for the first time to see what all the fuss is about and perhaps see where a few of the fast shows ideas grew from eg (Bert Bastard sayin arse compare with coughin man in Country Matters in Fast Show).

Please put this on a decent DVD and make yourselves a few bob into the bargain


Tremendous site evoked a lot of memories of being a too childish 20 year old , I think I've had an out of anorak experience , time to go and set the Videooow



Absolutely was undoubtedly the funniest sketch of it's time. I will never get over the discomfort of watching Denzil and Gwyneth (my favourite characters). I have to admit I still recite their sketches to this day, much to the annoyance of my friends - especially those who have never seen it! Please bring it back......please, please!

Claire Sharp
Motherwell, Scotland

Absolutely was probably the best, and certainly the most underrated British comedy show ever made.  That is all. It's enough, isn't it?

Doug Johnstone
Edinburgh, UK

One of the most underrated comdy series on TV . Had the capacity to work on many levels , and the characters are so memorable that even now I have to stop my wife speaking like Gwynedd about the Sponking Club!!! Please show on tv , or at least do a "Best of " DVD.

Lea Rogers
Bucks , UK

The simple fact is that there is a market for Absolutely to come and DVD. Look at the these people offering their money. It would also be very popular down the day centre.

Dave Evans
Nottingham, U.K.

I remember vividly watching siadwell's video diaries on the tv when I was younger.  time to hit the sack saidwell....and dad would hit me to sleep".  Just reminiscing about all of the sketches has me cracking up.  Please...someone..bring it back to TV or DVD.  I could get sanctioned under the mental health act if I can't provide evidence of this great humour to the australian public - they may think I'm crazy and put me away.... please..you have to help...

Sydney, Australia

Absolutely should be shown again or repeated on Television. This has been one of the funniest shows to appear in the last 16 years (has it really been that long since it first aired?). I have not been suprised that people who saw it still hold it in such high esteem and many people who at the slightest mention of it break out into a huge grin and start reeling off (mostly from memory) sketches from the show. 
A superb body of work, worthy of it's place in British comedy and to be seen by a new generation ... and for everyone who has replied so far.

Barry Morris

Detailed reasons?  Forget the details!  Every sketch was funny, the songs were priceless, the characters unforgettable, even after what must be 15 years - and the cast was the best!  Pete, Jack, Gordon, Morwenna, Moray and John, I urge you on behalf of everyone who's seen Absolutely to release it on DVD! 

Noel Bateman
Brighton, UK

Absolutely was solid gold comedy!, If I were an MP I would lobby to pass a bill to make this programme, not only compulsory viewing by all but also to be broadcast daily on all channels in place of the news.

Jason Knight
Romford, Essex

Absolutely stands out in my memory as one of the best comedy shows on TV.  I can't understand why it hasn't been released on DVD.  At at the very least give it a repeat showing on C4 or E4 (or, here's an idea, on both).  We're subjected to constant repeats of much less funny shows and some of the tat that's on our TV these days is just mind numbing so give us what we want or we'll, errr, sulk - quite a lot.

Claire Letchford
Hertfordshire, UK

Absolutely was one of the best comedies ever and one of the most under-rated and should at least be repeated on one of the cable channels, when you consider some of the crap that is repeated twice daily on these channels such as "Married With Children" which I cannot believe I once found amusing...

Robert Henderson
Clydebank, Scotland


Absolutely was one of the funniest things ever.   Calum Gilhooly's "out of anorak experience" and boring the Jehovah's Witnesses just has to be seen.   Absolutely brilliant!

Bobby Howie
Glasgow, Scotland

Please, please release Absolutely on DVD.  This must rank up there as one of the top all-time comedies and must not be lost to the world.  A whole new generation deserves to sample the delights.
Come on you know it makes sense.

Andy Chalmers
Dunfermline, Scotland

It Absolutely has to be repeated. There are people out there who don't know that they are members of the Vague People of Great Britain...

What do we want?
Don't Know or the Quite Alright

What do we want?
Well, not very much. We're quite alright really, but we wouldn't say no to a blender.

Kenny McNab

I have managed to buy all my other favourite comedies on DVD but am horrified that my favourite is still not available on DVD. I thought that if I could get 'Brasseye' on DVD then there shouldn't be any problem in obtaining 'Absolutely', how wrong I was. I had little joy browsing on the C4 website so am delighted that this petition is in full swing.

My video tape with some snippets of the prog, is now getting tired and old so would like to get the entire set on disc.
So that I can once again laugh out loud at Denzil & Gwynedd, Little girl, Callum Gilhooley and his blue anorak, Stoneybridge, Frank Hovis and the hilarious Man with a twitch. Also will never forget the sketch about the geriatric olympics and the old man who's hand got stuck to the frozen peas in the supermarket..... Indelible in my mind...... Stupid, surreal but incredibly funny.

Also would like to share this comedy with all those mates who can't remember it....yes there are certain folk, of my age, who can't remember it....nuts, I am aware. What were they watching instead?

So please Channel4 give me and the like minded folk on this petition a chance to see the show again and better still may it be released on DVD, a boxset would be nice, with some promotional postcards of Stoneybridge!!

Selby, North Yorkshire

Bring Absolutely to DVD.  A seminal comedy show that marked a generation (with laughter lines).  So many excellent characters and original wit.  Just how much fun can two people have with a hoo-over!  If only London's Olympic bid was in the hands of the Stoneybridge Town Council!

The younger generation deserve a chance to watch this series instead of the constant repeats of other series- however good they may be.

Remember, "Detol's not for puttin' on yer face - it's for drinkin"
(B B'stard)
Bring it back. Sorry for being a pedant but it was such a fantastic show!

Alan Powell
St. Albans, UK

I told my daughter about this great comedy show I used to watch and that I would buy her the DVD so she could see it.
I am shocked that Absolutely is not, nor has ever been, available on DVD.
Surely some mistake?

Mark. V
Leicester UK

I would just like to add my wee voice to the people of taste and wisdom who have already entered the reasons as to why this show must be repeated. I honestly believe there must be a conspiracy to keep this wonderful show of the box.

Absolutely was, is and always will be one of the best comedy sketch shows ever.

Please please Channel 4, show sense and get the DVD's ready for xmas, after showing it again in full this summer.

Peter Mallon
Renfrew, Scotland

With the advent of DVD - regardless of whether there are enough extras - this shold a prime opportunity to preserve this excellent and jaw strechingly funny comedy. At the very least repeats on say E4 should be the order of the day, we still get repeats of Monty Python, Father Ted et al and while they never get too old, there is room for other shows, that people remember fondly and would probably pay with teeth or something to see again.

Simon Caldecutt
Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

Absolutely on DVD would be awesome! Loved the show, and (as is fairly typical for Channel 4), it seems they don't give a tinker's cuss whether or not it ever sees the light of day!

Please, please, please release it on DVD, or at least have the courtesy to repeat it on C4, E4 or even the Paramount Comedy Channel!

Jon Dracup
Walsall, West Midlands

Absolutely appeared on our screens at a time when Scots comedians were few and far between on UK TV.  Even now all these years later there can be few groups of 30 odd year olds in Scotland and indeed throughout the UK who don't know at least some lines from Absolutely or whole sketches.

The fact that the Stoneybridge sketch appeared so high in Channel Four's recent top 50 shows that the series is still popular and well loved.  Come on folks, do us, yourselves and your bank managers a favour and release all Absolutely editions on DVD soon. 

It'll be a best seller honest - the Scots invented it after all!! ;)

Ewan Dow
Perthshire, Scotland


I've been waiting 16 years for a repeat of series 1, and over 12 years for the dvd/videos of the series.

Get your finger out, Channel 4. This is another cult favourite such as Father Ted. Think of how much money that has made you...

Wolverhampton, uk

Dear Sirs at Channel 4,

Please could you issue a definitive Absolutely boxset for all us fans of this fabulous series.  It was the best comedy series of the early 90s, a much forgotten TV gem. 
Thank you.

London England

Dear Sirs at Channel 4, please stop the endless repeats of 4th rate shows and please please please air the entire 4 seasons of absolutely!
My life is slowly falling apart without the inspired wisdom of Mr Don & Mr George. help me!

Paulo M

Absolutely was the ultimate hilarious surreal comedy sketch show. I can remember crying all day at school because my tape had screwed up when I had been recording it and I just knew in my heart that there would never be another chance to see this slice of comic genius again. It provided us with years of quick-fire quotes, only to be shared with the coolest kids in the know. Even now I throw an Absolutely line into a conversation amongst new friends in order to suss out who is cool and who isnt. Unrivalled until The League Of Gentlemen, Absolutely has that cult comedy status that will ensure massive commercial opportunity for whoever makes the inspired decision to distribute it.
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? I promise to buy at least one copy for myself, one for my mates who loved it at the time and one for all my hungry friends who missed out,

Sarah Pettipiece
North London, U.K

Come on channel four, what in the name of Swansea are you playing at? This programme is the only rival to the only other surreal comedy shows ever made; Python (Flying Circus) and Spike Milligan (Q). It's an outrage that such an innovative sketch show featuring Scottish and Welsh people has never being put onto DVD.
It's even more of an outrage that the series aren't repeated, and regularly at that.  If you don't want to put it onto terrestrial TV (even though it's better than a lot of the rubbish you are putting on now) put it on satellite. There's a whole new population out there wanting to watch excellent, irreverent, sublime, surreal comedy. Plus Stonybridge is still the only rival to Paris for the 2012 Olympics. If this petition fails I'll never visit Swansea again!

Andy Harrison
Leeds, Yorkshire.

Please return Absolutely to our screens and release every series on DVD. It's the best cerebral surreal comedy since Monty Python.
I'd buy it. Come on Channel 4. Look at the money you could make. And you can buy so many nice things with it. After all, "The best things in life are free, and the nice things in life are £1.30"

David McCaig
Glasgow, UK

Our VHS recording from the TV is now worn to the point of imminent extinction. Absolutely is THE best comedy show EVER - "it is, it's TRUE". We have lost count of how many lines we still quote from the shows (ranging from Bert Bastard's "lots of Quimmmmmmm" to "whose corrugated iron is it anyway Brucie ?" and not forgetting the immortal Calum Gilhooley "It's blue, and its got lots of pockets" or Stoneybridge's "bus shelter - to rival all other bus shelters" "Seen Canary" i.e. "Davie Bond" etc. etc. etc.).
We met another Scot in the Cavern Club in Liverpool 2 years ago - and just happened to hum the "Absolutely" theme tune to each other - he turned out to be as big a fan as we are - for the subsequent 3 hours we exchanged reminiscences of our favourite "Absolutely" clips (much to the surprise and amusement of those around us !!).

Channel 4 are missing an enormous marketing opportunity - broadcasting the series and following it up with DVD release would reach an expanded audience - and fascinate the next generation of viewers (as well as arousing happy memories for us existing, dedicated worshippers).
Here's to finding a wee tartan drummer girl in a plastic tube at the bottom of the hurrly burrly bag !

Gary & Susan O'Neil

I want to see this excellent programme released on to DVD. Why?

Because "Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway 2 - The Best of Series 3 " has just been released onto DVD. Is this a timeless classic deserving of a DVD release? How can this be justified when Abolsutely lies in some forgotten vault somewhere?

Absolutely was a masterpiece of comedy. I still quote lines at friends and although I more often than not get blank faces back, those that know their stuff (comedy wise) reciprocate with a "the least I can do are nothing at all".

Please return to our screens soon!

Adrian Thompson
Herts, UK

"Do you have the same pattern only slightly further away ?"
Such unexpected and clever comedy deserves a second airing... and what better reason to release it on DVD than that *we would all buy it* ???

Dan Parsonson
Suffolk, UK

Happy, happy memories. Who can forget the episode when fevered preparations were made for the Queen's visit, only to be thwarted at the last bacause "she's gone for a dump"? Whole swathes of friends met post-Absolutely do not understand my mirth at myself when quoting at appropriate junctures in life - of which there are so many. A week will not pass when a quote pops out "You 'ave sausage on yooooers"; old ladies that smell of "cat and pants" still abound; Tom Cruise still needs "a wee podum".
I would buy this on DVD, my brothers would buy it, it would be bought several times over as xmas presents in order for friends who stilll lead Absolutely-free lives, so that's at least a hundred quid from this contributor alone, if you want to reduce it to the bottom line of cash, ignoring the general increase in happiness that would result from this release. In fact, why isn't anyone running for Parliament on this platform, they'd get my vote. If it was repeated first, this would only boost DVD sales, so please just do it!!!!

Sarah Canham
York, U.K.


Absolutely was, and is, simply outstanding comedy. I still treasure the original video I bought and would be delighted to spend my hard-earned cash on a DVD release of the collected works of these giants of TV comedy. Failing that, at least show the programme again so that a new generation can truly appreciate what great comedy is all about.

Mick Sturbs
Braintree, Essex. UK

Absolutely is probably the most underrated tv comedy sketch show of all time - the comments of the many other petitioners here go someway towards redressing the balance, but it would so nice for C4 to withdraw its vote of no confidence ;-) and release the entire series on dvd.

The writers and performers of this unique show have been involved in many other projects since (Jack Docherty helping to make a star of Graham Norton by letting him stand in on his chat show whilst he was on holiday, Morwenna Banks' excellent c5 series and Gordon Kennedy presenting the first ever national lottery all leap to mind), but it really is time that this truly original series was given the long overdue respect that it deserves.

willy, willy, willy, noted, noted, noted

Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Please, please, please release every series on DVD Chanel 4. I have extremely fond memories of laughing so hard a little bit of wee would come out. I would willingly part with many pennies to be able to watch this programme for eternity. I cannot understand in this money grabbing world why it has not been released already...look at the response this website has received. 
Relentlessly funny and genius performances....it is..it's true.


I loved Absolutely and I personally would buy any realeases of the series.  Me and my brother have been talking about it none stop for the past couple of months after finding an old episode on tape, which eventually led to me finding this site.

Come on Channel 4, its shows like this that made you famous for having great comedy shows on your channel.

I still laugh as hard as I did then.
"The best thing in life are free, the nice things are £1.30!"

Michelle Doran
West Lothian, Scotland

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