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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Get it out on dvd now! 
When you look around at some of the, ahem, "classic" comedy that's been dusted off for dvd release,  there's no excuse!

Frank Hovis doing the greatest ever version of Ken Dodd's Tears is reason enough surely?
Oh and also, proof if proof be needs be that Paul Whitehouse dressing up as an old man and saying "bugger" was not an original concept...

Steve Clayton

Channel 4 recently made a programme called best comedy sketches - Absolutely featured at No. 30 with the Olympic Bid for Stoneybridge.  If Channel 4 can include this on their programme surely they can see that there is a fanbase for Absolutely and therefore an audience who would buy the dvd of the series????   

Gail Jarvis

This was one of the funniest comedy shows on T.V. and was way ahead of it's time.
Calum Gilhooley and Macglashan were my favourites.

The members of the Scottish Tourist Board and local government councillors are the modern day equivalent of the show's Stoneybridge councillors.
The characters were all ABSOLUTELY brilliant and will give loads of enjoyment to those who have never seen it and more belly laughs of nostalgia from those who have already had the pleasure.
Come on Channel 4!! Get it ON or at least release a DVD!!!

Stevie Gallacher
Gourock, Scotland

Yes, I hereby pledge to buy every episode of Absolutely released on DVD. I miss it.

Absolutely made many a Friday night in my late teens and there are millions of youngsters growing up now who are not going to get the benefit from this programme.

Please, please, please let me see this again.

Michael Pacey
Dunfermline, Scotland

Why do you need a petition. The powers that be should be able to recognise on their own one of the funniest comedy programmes ever written. And that's saying sommat!

Andy Gill

Probably one of the funniest and most original sketch shows ever seen on TV. Myself and friends used to cry with laughter while watching way back in the early 90's. It's a real pity it can't be brought on DVD to be enjoyed by a new generation.

Monty Python has not been lost why should Absolutely?

Martin Chatterton


Please, please please can we have Absolutely on DVD. My mum is still obsessed with vidos and kajagoogoo! (thankyou stoneybridge town council!) it is superior by far to anything on telly at the moment...and as for the 'no wasps' sign... surely the marketing men at channel 4 can see the potentials for merchandise!!!!!!!(with summer on the way, we've had to make our own again!!!)
All these years on and we are STILL quoting it on a daily basis.....there's not much goin' on in cornwall this time of year.....!!!!

Karen Wright
Truro Cornwall

From sitting on my mothers knee, many a dark night long ago, I can still remember such classics as, Stoneybridge (With its stoney bridge), Callum Gilhouley (Distinguishing features? Aye, my anorak), Gwynnydd and Denzil (Co-starring Daffyd) and the Laughing Man (A ha ha, ha ha ha ha...) To get a chance to see this series again would be amazing and well watched. Other classics such as 'The High Life' and 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' have been (eventually) released on DVD, why not Absolutely?

James Kynes
Edinburgh, UK

As Iconic as Monthy Python and in fact funnier!! All of it was belly achingly funny - Characters were fantastic, it must be put on again and a DVD series released now!, I tell people how fantastic it was and can't even show them the proof. It must be saved!

Bradford, UK

It's funny...we were talking about Absolutely in the pub last night and saying how good it was and how we had forgotten about it until it was on that C4 comedy show the other night.
C4 really should release this on DVD and repeat it. People need to see the genius of McGlashan again. I need to have this show to watch whenever I want. The World needs Stoneybridge. It is one of the funniest comedy programmes I have ever seen. At least i have the Mr Don and Mr George videos but COME ON get Absolutely released on DVD.
I was gutted when I found out you couldn't get it this morning.

Darren Brodie
Ayr, Scotland

This is classic comedy ... it's years since it was shown and yet I still fondly remember it. I would love to see the old peoples' sports day sketch again, just for the line 'I love sports day because...'; superb.

Please release this on DVD. I've got the cash in my hand, ready to go.

Chris Plumley
London, U.K.

You only need one reason for releasing it on DVD... because I, and lots of other people, would buy it and so it would make money! And that is what is the reason for releasing Absolutely on DVD IT IS IT'S TRUE!

Tom Hawkins

There is no need to regurgitate the masses of praise heaped upon Absolutely here. Everyone knows it was one of the best comedy sketch shows ever aired on British TV. Suffice to say, there are plenty, including me, who have searched play.com, etcetera, trying to buy the complete series on DVD. That's got to say something.

At the very least, can't C4 post all the episodes online and let us download them for a fee, so we can burn them to DVD ourselves?. PLEASE!?

We can't be held responsible for our actions if this deprivation continues. It's a form of torture, don't you know. it's twue!

D Gardiner
Edinburgh, UK

Absolutely was without doubt one of the defining comedies of my earlier years. It is testament to this fact that me and a collection of my friends still can't help but struggle to call a VCR anything other than a Vido.

I would love a chance to own both wonderfully fresh and entertaining series on DVD, if only to help my wife understand what she had missed in not watching it when it was originally run.

It may also help those members of the public who find Little Britain its superior understand how clever and original comedy can be.

It would be a sin to let this memorable piece of archive comedy be forgotten without giving its many fans a chance to absorb themselves in its unique charm whenever the urge should take them.

Gary Alner

Why shouldn't Absolutely be repeated? In a world where Graham Norton gets ratings for a spin-off of a come dancing remake this spunky commedy creams stuff ten years newer.
Frank Hovis for prime minister.

Tony Bland
Essex, Uk

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please ......... bring back Absolutely!
I watched the clips on this site and I nearly wet myself laughing - I forgot how funny it was!
It would be great to see a repeat on CH4 and it realised on DVD!

Kerry Webster


Channel 4's Top 50 Comedy Sketches show brought back some great memories of this superb series and I was shocked to discover that it's not available on DVD or even VHS !

It would look just as funny now as it did then, so please BRING IT BACK TO OUR SCREENS and (even better) let us have it on DVD too !

Mike James
Cheshire, UK

Should be on DVD as it was one of the funniest things ever!!!

Dave Broadbent
Sheffield UK

I think that Absolutely should be made available on DVD and even repeated on TV, as there has not been such an original comedy sketch show like it since it was first broadcast. There are so many memorable characters eg. Calum Gilhooly, the little girl etc. with such memorable sketches and catch phrases. I am thrilled to have found the 'O for nothing' sketch on your site, it's made my week!!

Janet Matthews
Kent, UK.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this on DVD! I loved this programme, my father and I would have tears of laughter running down our faces and Denzil, Gwynedd and Illted are now family phrases...'van - u - like' 'I'm stuck in th hooover'.....
It was a fantastic show which is rated by other comedians and viewers, please give a new generation and those who watched it the first time round a chance to watch the brilliance again. (I was only little so my dad used to record it for me!!!!)

Just think Channel 4, people remember it to have rated in the top 50 sketches, and they would by the DVD, make yourselves some money and give the public some pleasure!!!!!!!
I would have no problems with what to buy my dad for the next couple of years for birthdays, Xmas and fathers day....
Go on, please re-release it!!!!!!!

Leanne Martin

The sketch for Stoneybridge was in the top 50 sketches ever! If this isn't a reason for it being released onto DVD what more do they want from a comedy?

Also, it takes something very funny to make my girlfriend laugh and when the little girl sits on the table and tells you everything is TRUE! she can't stop.

Please get this on to DVD!

Steve Gaines
Bristol, UK

I'd pretty much forgotten this classic show! Thanks to the top 50 sketches it's back on my mind and in a time where mediocre comedy all to often gets heavy rotation on the sattelite channels, the very LEAST C4 could do is release a DVD. Sell it to Paramount comedy, bung it on at three a.m on a Tuesday night; whatever. I need to see the Stoneybridge village council and Mr Don & Mr George again!

Bradford, W Yorks.

Whoever owns the rights to this fantastic comedy sketch show should pull their finger out of their fundament and get it on the shelves - tout suite!
why should I plead when you can only gain by persuading me to part with my cash for your excellent product. Get on with it.

John Turner

My friends and I use to watch this all the time and still use the punchlines of the jokes in everyday conversation and banter. There are too many classic sketches and characters to mention.

It goes without saying that I would love to buy a complete set of DVDs as I only have the old Absolutely The Vido compilation tape. I would also love to see Mr Don and Mr George released too. If there happens to be any footage of "The Hairstyles", a live band made up of members of absolutely, that should be included too as that was a hilarious gig at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.
Come on Channel 4 just do it!

Graham Cochrane
Essex, UK

They have to re-release this, "it is its true!!!" One of the best comedy shows ever, I want it all on DVD. My favourite sketch is the Denzil one with the ratatouille, "I didn't ave any rats so I used mice instead". "Denzil I am stuck in the hoover" is also a classic, as is the lawyer sketch.

So come on CH4 make this happen.
Kirstie Manderson
Essex, UK

Absolutely was the best sketch show on television ever - It's true!!!
Please bring it back, my video of the final series taped off the telly has finally died. :-(

Jo Hill
Sussex, UK


Absolutely was pure genius. It was extremely funny, clever, observational and, at times, surreal. All of the characters were superb in themselves and it surely was a forerunner for the likes of the Fast Show, Little Britain etc. It should be reeated not only for historical reasons but simply because it is still riotously funny.
I was laughing out loud just loooking at your web-site. At very least get this shamefully under-rated and overlooked series out on DVD ASAP!!! Loads of people will buy it. If I could put my hand into the 'Hurly Burly Bag' this would be my wish.

Andy Gallacher
Glasgow, Scotland

I loved this program. John Sparks is one of the few people to have reduced me (and a friend of mine) to tears of laughter with the Frank Hovis character! The whole program was excellent and full of great characters. I've never understood why it's never even been repeated on TV let alone released on dvd!

Considering some of the very mediocre (and lets face it, downright drivel) that gets released on dvd and repeated on tv it's criminal that Absolutely is just lying on a shelf somewhere gathering dust!

I hope the people who can do something about it will do so!
Thanks for the site.

Steve Foster
Notts, UK

Absolutely used to make me, my friends and family laugh until we cried. It is fantastic. I have always wished I could get hold of a complete set of episodes but all I have are some very worn VHS tapes and no video player! Please, please, please release Absolutely on DVD and while you are at it I'll have Mr Don and Mr George too.

Tara Cochrane
Glasgow, Scotland


Saw the clip on the 50 greatest comedy sketches last night and it brought back wonderful memories of this fabulous series.

Frank Hovis should be knighted for being the most disgusting man on the planet - but so so funny. Whenever I mention this series to anybody, they have no idea what I'm on about - thankfully there are others out there that appreciated how good this show was.

Get the whole series out on DVD Channel 4, it's long overdue.
"Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen"

Colin D
Warrington, UK

I "need" the complete absolutely on DVD. I will personally buy a hundred of them. It was a pure genius classic. Please please please release it on DVD and show it again on TV as well.
I hadn't seen it for ages then saw some clips on here, and Callum had me in stitches. And release mr. don+mr. george on DVD as well

Jimmy Moore
Essex, UK

I loved this show and even went to see Jack and Moray's live show after Absolutely wound up. It was the funniest night of my life! Been on the look out for the VHS/DVD but had to check this site to see that no such thing exists!! I am so disappointed. I have cash in my hand right now ready and waiting for somebody wise enough to get it on the shelves now.

If people power can get Family Guy back on telly then the least we can do is get Absolutely on telly or DVD.

While I am at it what about Mr Don and Mr George as well as Nightengales. All classics!

Chris Carberry
Houston, Scotland

This series needs to be released onto DVD. It has to said that this is one of the funniest series on TV for a long time. I have to see the man on the lavatory having a chat or Calum Gilhooley talk about his sad life to anyone that will listen. Come on channel 4 release it NOW!!!

Ewan Talbot
Suffolk, UK

I was heartened tonight to see that Absoutely managed get into the Channel 4 top fifty sketches. However, I am 'absolutely' disgusted that I am unable to buy this outstanding product on DVD. Not only is it a damn shame for all of us who where priveledged to see the original programme but, there is a generation out there how have never heard of it never mind seen it.
If Channel Four are so proud of their output and innovation there should rectify this immediately. Instead they seem happy to fill their schedule with 'Location, Location, Location, Location, Location' and god awful repeats of 'Friends'. Channel 4 should be ashamed of theselves.

All the Best with the Struggle,

Lorne J. Spence
Troon, Scotland (Not English Poofland)

Channel 4 brought back memories of the show tonight and a quick search on the Internet brought up this site. The Scottish racist was wonderful as was Denzil and Frank Hovis. Reember, Cleanliness are next to Inverness. Paul Holt
Southport, Merseyside

A classic comedy; full of brilliant observations, shining examples of life, gross and petty. ok occasionally they missed the point or overpayed the joke, but, don't all the greats at sometime or other!?
it was and is amongst the greats, why it has never been repeated or released has always puzzled me?
The ground breaking attributes of the writing, delivery, perseption of individuals was something that took comedy one stage further in britain, yet has never been acknowledged.
I have been waiting for years for to be released on vhs, and now dvd;, or at least replayed on the tv.
One of my hobbies is introducing my daughters to classic comedy of the past: monty python, im sorry i'll read that again, red dwarf, reggie perrin the list is endless.......except Absolutely is missing!


Dick Harris


Oh dear the bigwigs at channel 4 should take a look at your site Andy then they might realise that there are many people who very much agree that this was one of the most funniest productions ever. Oh and then also how much we would love to part with our money for a complete series/box set on dvd and the amount of cash there losing by not doing so.
Thank god for this site lets hope it does the trick, well done Andy.

Andy H

Only found out that this is not available on VHS or DVD. Can't believe it. Was such a good series.

Have been trying to get it to buy for ages but just thought I couldn't find it. Need to see Calum Gilhooley again and also the brilliant anti-english character. Think he was called McGlashin? With his rants about 'poofland' and how England always get an easy world cup draw whereas Scotland just get Brazil, Germany and Holland.

They need to sort it out. I am more than happy to part with my money for it. I have been for ages.

Come on!! Lets get the Stoneybridgers out there.

Iain McDonald
Sheffield, England

10 Years ahead of its time but tragically overlooked its as funny today as it was then , instead of showing re-runs of friends ad infinitum why not repeat Absolutely , if it had been made now it'd have pride of place on CH4s Friday night schedule, but repeating it any night would make a lot of people very happy and allow a whole new audience to enjoy it.

Marian McSeveney

Absolutely HAS to be repeated and released on DVD purely because until I saw it mentioned on CH4's 50 greatest comedy sketches tonight, I had forgotten it existed. Don't let this happen to anyone else! BRING IT BACK!

Sarah Macgregor
Inverness, Scotland

I can't BELIEVE Absolutely is not on DVD in its entirety. My Partner is Australian and hasn't seen any of it. so I NEED to get hold of it to share it with him. Apart from that, I now have a very good friend (for the past 4 years odd) who I have just realised bears a striking resemblance to Calum Gilhooley! If not on DVD, Channel 4 should at least repeat it, as they are all FANTASTIC and it was JUST SO DAMN FUNNY!


Leeds, West Yorkshire

I can't believe it hasn't been released on DVD or even played on E4. I have Sky, and all sorts of crap that isn't even quality is played all the time, over and over again, but not 'Absolutely'. WHY THE HELL NOT???
I know....they probably can't afford it. It's cheaper for them to buy loads of garbage than to pay for just a handful of quality stuff.

It was TOTALLY unique, and yes, I agree it is probably the funniest sketch show ever to come from Scotland. THEY'RE NOW REPEATING VIC REEVES' BIG NIGHT OUT BUT NOT THIS!!!???!!!! What the hell is going on??? No justice. I also think it had a hint of Python in it, but the only difference between them and Python is that Absolutely was more consistent in the comedy aspect.
Come back Frank Hovis, Denzil & Gwenedd, little girl, Bert Bastard, security desk man, etc. We miss you.


Come on Channel Four - it's ridiculous you haven't released the DVDs yets As well as bad business but preventing all these good folks from gladly parting with their money - it's just down right cruel !!!
There's not a great deal you can't get on DVD nowadays - with the vast majority not warranting 'digging' up again - especially some of the ITV over-repeated guff. It's your duty to ensure that Absolutely lives on - and why not stick Absolutely on one of the digital channels - with a bit of advertising on C4 to make everyone aware it's back - and that's bound the boost your lucrative sale propects. (I think that's a clever - so frightfully clever idea!!!)

Ian McGarry
Reading, England

This was the best comedy to come out of scotland in years and I know why C4 will not release this on DVD, it's cos they're English, POOOOOOOOOOOOOOFS (in the style of the scottish ultra-nationlist)

Seriously why not?. This is one program everybody remembers and I remember recording regularly on now decayed VHS. This is the closest thing to a scottish pythons and would be a great stocking filler at christmas.

Jamie Frew
St. Andrews, Scotland

why, why, why hasn't Channel4 repeated Absolutely or released it on DVD? A repeat showing would wipe the floor with the hideously overrated Little Britain and Bo Selecta. A brilliant, innovative series- and the clips prove it's still as funny as ever now.

Barry, London

Absolutly should be rerun or released on DVD because there is no resean that I can think of not to. At least not on artistic grounds, unless some one doesn't want it released, for whatever reason.

Trevor Allett
Oxfordshire - UK


I've already emailed Channel 4 requesting that they bring out a DVD before finding this site and am greatly heartened that so many other people share my love of Absolutely.
In common with many other petitioners, I agree that Absolutely was the best sketch show since Python and was far less patchy in terms of being funny. You can clearly see it's influence on the Fast Show and the League of Gentlemen.
The cast invented a wonderful array of comedy characters and catchphrases which still make me laugh when I think of them - despite not having seen any of the episodes for 10 years or so. It's completely beyond me why John Sparkes isn't the brightest star in the comedy firmament.
So I therefore humbly request either a re-run (on Channel 4) or a full DVD release of all the series. Come on Channel 4, I begging you to let me give you my money!

Duncan Will
Edinburgh, UK

I found my old copy of the Vido recently, it's a complete travesty that this landmark series hasn't been released in it's entirety!
It's as great today as it was 15 years ago!

London, UK

I personally have never laughed as much since the one and only time I heard Denzill declare that Gwenned's foul pant and vest broth was " very nutritious, It does contain the vitamins Ichh, Achh and Oeuf."

Absolutely poos all over all other sketch shows since with the exception of Big Train. A DVD retrospective costs very little to produce and I would be glad, no I'll go as far as gratefull, to put my money down for an advance copy even if it had been s**tblistered and smelt of wee.

Michael Shand
London UK

Absolutely should definitely be released on DVD or, at the very least, repeated so a new generation of comedy lovers can experience it's genius. I still chuckle at jokes from it nearly 15 years later.

It provided me with so much joy during the drug addled period of my late teens and I'd love to relive that crazy stage of my youth.

Watching Absolutely is considerably safer than drugs, and just as mind-altering

Dan Smith
Midlands, U.K.

Of its time this was the most humourous, anarchic television show on air. Every character was supremely funny, with some sketches attaining the status of classics. My particular favourites were the Frank Hovis monologues every week he came on he would leave me doubled up, howling with laughter.
I'm sure if this had been a BBC series DVD's and/or repeats would have been readily available way before now. Come on Channel 4 get your act together and listen to the voice of the people, you are sitting on a gold mine!
Words cannot express my gratitude to you for adding the video clip of "Bert Bastard at the over 80's disco". I have never seen a funnier sketch on TV. This sketch is even funnier than I remember.

Ivan Gardiner
West Yorkshire, UK

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