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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I was quite young when i watched Absolutely, but i do remember how funny it was and being able to laugh at classic phrases like ''stttoooooonnneeeeeybridge!!!!'' and old bert sayin ''oooou ARSE!!'' All classic moments, and why it's not out on dvd, i'll never understand! So much shite out on dvd.... give us a REAL comedy to get sore sides!
Lets make it happen!!

Chris Ferns
Glasgow, Bonny Scotland. (alba gu brath!)

Love, love, love 'Absolutely'. They show all sorts of other rubbish as repeats on TV, so why not something as funny as this?
And while I'm on my soap box, I'd love to see a repeat of 'Newman and Baddiel, In Pieces' too.

Isle of Wight

Isn't Frank Hovis on the Lavatory Express good enough reason?
I distinctly remember the old man Bert giving us his tips on how to satisfy a lady by stimulating her clematis! I can't help but laugh every time I think of this trail blazing show - what talent! Jack Docherty, John Sparks (the only non-Scotts member of the team), Morwenna Banks (delicious!), Gordon Kennedy, Pete Baikie & Moray Hunter (the guy who played Callum Galhooley who had an out of anorak experience & tried to sell a Suzuki GT250 workshop manual to Jehovah's witnesses);

Denzil & Gwyneth with their amazing DIY antics & I remember Denzil rehearsing the speech he'd penned for the Institute of Wood (don't forget the amazing Welsh subtitles!) - what gems! This is all from memory & the more I type, the more I seem to remember.
Everyone I know seem to spend a lot of their time trying to find themselves & to achieve inner peace.
As for me, I've been trying to find Stoney Bridge & will not rest until I find such a place!

Brian Marriott
Wednesbury, West Midlands, U.K.

I don't really believe in petitions for stuff like this (I expect DVD releases get arranged when people get time and a compelling business case, but these petitions always seem to start with an assumption that someone is deliberately not doing something) , but I just want to say my bit in support of the ace work the Absolutely team did with their shows.

"Doctor I've got a library books stuck up me arse"
"Start wearing a suit"
"Stoneybridge - with its own bust stop"
"And thing! NEW THINGS"
"I gave him a tip.... I said 'clean out the back of your taxi'"

The above is just a start to an avalanche of memorable quotes from Absolutely, all of which are fresh in my mind and can at the drop of a hat spark off a quoting war. I guess that goes to show that either a) I had no life when the Absolutely series were on or b) They contained some truly remarkable comedy.

I visited one of my best friends ever last week after not having seen him for six months or more. We still managed to quote - or make reference to - some Absolutely material at least once per day. All the more unusual that we were in the Czech Republic! Yes we found places to apply Absolutely humour to the streets of Prague. I am sure that the scripts were written in anticipation of my visit, some 15 years later.

This friend and I did also discuss that we didn't want more compilations - just the entirety of all the Absolutely output on DVD. We were actually complaining about John Sparkes' 'Barry Welsh' being a compilation when we really wanted to see the weak stuff as well, but now having read the episode guide I'm not so sure there was that much weak stuff for Absolutely. I've been rerunning "The Slobs" in my head for YEARS. How cool it would be to see them all again.

I'd definitely pledge 30 or 40 quid towards a "let's make a compelling business case" fund to show the powers that be that there is a (serious) market for digging everything out and stuffing it on shiny discs.

Cambridge UK

Why is it not out on DVD? Why do ch4 not even mention it on their site? Absolutely has some great character humour in the Fast Show, League of Gentlemen, Little Britain vein, yet a decade earlier. In some ways Absolutely was better than the aforementioned, it had crude and intelligent humour combined. I did nearly crap myself laughing when I watched On the Toilet. Ch4 would catch the current interest in character humour if they put it out again on TV or DVD.

Alastair McGowan
Monmouthshire, UK

100 ->

I'd buy the DVD in a flash but it has to be complete, not like "The Vido" or "The Words" so much great stuff was left out of them.

Fergal Daly

Gwenyth and Denzil sketch - when gwenyth gets stuck in the hoover is in our opion one of the funniest moments ever in the history of tv.
Please release absolutely on dvd.

Craig & Lisa Sturrock
Carmyllie, Scotland.

This is a must release on dvd, it is far funnier than programmes which have been massive hits since like Little Britain. The only Absolutely that was slightly substandard was the last series, but other than that it is the only sketch show ever which I think holds up to Python, and thats saying something, especially when you consider it is more consistently funny than Python whicvh was always a bit of hit and miss affair.
I have the vido which whilst has a lot of good stuff is not my favourite, my favourite is an episode of the telly I taped with Callum inviting the Jehovahs witnesses into his flat and songs like sensible hair. A season by season release would be superb, but otherwise if a best of was made every callum sketch is a must. And so many other genius characters as well Morwella Banks's kid on desk, Frank Hovis are another two that stick out in memory.

Cliff Homewood
Essex, UK.

Absolutely was & is one of the most original sketch series of my lifetime. It can not be compared to any of the other greats eg. Not the nine o clock, Fast Show etc. because it was entirely new & unique. Even the bad stuff was good!
Channel 4 please show it all again & then release the DVD as with every other program that you show!

Got to go my lovely pig's nerves are getting cold!

John Russell
Perth, Scotland

Absolutely was funny. I'd buy a DVD of it if there were one to buy.
Get your act together Channel 4!

G Parsonage

Thankyou very much for the excellent site. I watched all of the episodes at the time and also taped some. Over the years my tapes were lost, mostly due to being on Pal UK.
After I moved to Canada my multi system vid-day-o eventually broke and I could not show my daughters this hilarious programme. That has been put right now due to your site but I would LOVE to be able to buy a dvd of all the episodes.

This show truly is a classic and the modern day clap trap that attempts to pass for humour doesn't even come close. The only good thing about only screening 4 series was that it left us hungry for more and it was never dead on it's feet, like so many long running series can be at the end. By the way my 17 year olds reaction to the clips? She was laughing more than I was !

Please release it on dvd if you can. I am sure Mr Savage would even lend you his tapes if the master tapes are lost. His site has had over 300,000 visits. Imagine the money you could make if just 10% of those people paid 60 pounds for the set. Well worth it, not to mention the joy it would bring to fans old and new who have never forgotten the show after 16 years.

Adrian Long
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I watched Absolutely from the very first episode to the last and would go so far as to say it is arguably the funniest sketch show ever shown on TV. Characters like the Stoneybridge town council and the Nice Family always guaranteed laugh out loud moments every week.
Through time I have lost my videos of the show, so come on Channel 4 I must see it again. Repeat it or at least release all the episodes on DVD. You will make many people very happy, as well as a few quid for yourselves.


I was a big fan of Absolutely from the first episode in 1989. I can still rattle off verbatim some of the sketches, such as "George, it's a BARGAIN", "This is Callum Gilhooley" and "Father Nice omits to pay a parking fine" despite my tapes of the programmes having long since been covered by snow and hisses. "The Vido" never turned up in any of my local shops (although there was always a plentiful supply of "Absolutely Fabulous") and I recently saw a second hand copy of this going for £87 on e-Bay.
Surely the number of visitors to this web-site and the lack of Absolutely material available to all fans can justify a DVD release, or better still a repeat, even if it has to go on E4 or UK Gold or BBC3 (I think Little Britain and Two Pints of Lager have been shown enough for the moment). Come on, stop showing this tepid nonsense and put some genuinely funny and innovative comedy on: Absolutely (and A Bit of Fry and Laurie wouldn't go amiss either).

Kevin Watts
Swansea, UK

Put it on DVD because we are thousands of miles from the UK and we have spent 2 hours trying to remember the title of that funny and orginal sketch show on C4 that gave us Denzil and Gywneth and Stony Bridge.
It is a show that has obviously been watched by the writers of the league of gentlemen and little britain.
We will buy it - so make it now!!!

Jo and Will Cullen
Doha, Qatar, Middle East

Simply, the best and most original comedy sktech show of the 90's!
Release it now on DVD...... you know it makes sense CH4!!

Sean Pottinger
Edinburgh, Scotland.


I have the scripts but would love to see a DVD release.
Fave character was Callum :))

Preston, UK

I am lucky enough to own copies of both 'The Vido' and 'Number 2'.
These being VHS, they obviously only had room for a selection of sketches, and not entire series of Absolutely. It is about time C4 released this great program in it's entirety on DVD, so I can share the laughs and the characters with my family and friends, instead of making a fool of myself doing bad impressions of them!

Craig Mollison
Dundee, Scotland

My freind asked me to try track down a copy of this on video/dvd but I couldn't get it then I saw this site and know I know after watchin the clips why he wanted to see it again. This show looks really really funny and since so many other comedy series have been released on video and DVD its only right a cracker like this should be as well!!!
so come on RELEASE IT!!!

Andrew Malcolm
Galsagow , Scotland

I'm adding myself to the handful of people who would like Mr Don and Mr George released again.
"so, you can see me then?"
"I can see you now" Comedy genius.
London, UK

It's amazing that Absolutely hasn't been repeated. If a DVD release isn't commercially viable, surely a rerun on E4 would be possible? It's amazing it hasn't been repeated more often, considering the rubbish that does get repeated! James Radford
Caddington, Beds, UK

I never got to see Absolutely when it was shown on Channel 4 but ever since I have had people tell me that it was the best TV comedy show ever, and when you consider the very high level of British TV comedy as a whole, that must be saying something.
If Channel 4 were to release it on DVD, I for one would snap it up like a shot. Thanks! Ruth Gill
Baltimore, MD (USA)

This show is among the best sketch shows ever shown on UK TV.

Martin Gallagher

This is "absolutley" a gem of a series which I loved first time around and looking back at the clips realise how it has stood the test of time and looks as fresh as it did when it was first screened. Considering the endless reruns of Only fools and horses, the fast show ,porridge,red dawarf,ab fab,ect (the list just goes on) I think channel 4 is missing out on a great opertunity to prove that even in its early days as a broadcaster it was a pioneer of comedy and had the vison to commison this series, it should at least be rerun (even on E4)and then released on DVD, I think they would have a massive hit on there hands and any way why should they deny the world of some thing so good. Mark Wilkes

C4, you clearly have the Master Tapes for Absolutely. While we daily see all manner of obscure and trite rubbish being released to what must be a tiny market surely this radical, alternative comedy programme which was enjoyed by so many (and would be enjoyed by a new generation) can be considered for a DVD release.
As The Fast Show and Little Britain will testify there is a willing market out there who would find this show well worth seeing. Please come on, C4 and release them. I personally promise to purchase 500,000 copies just to ensure success!
Long live Stoneybridge!

Declan White

Well I just wanted to replace my old VHS tapes on Absolutely and the criminally ignored Mr don and Mr george - and when I got no where loking for Castlevision and then asking for: Absoutely PRODUCTIONS - then tarrraaa! - I find you and sadly my question is answered. Well, Channel Four - you are quite simply WRONG! Shame on you! And you should be so utterly! OK, enough English!
Alba gu brath! Gearaidh mac Griogair
Lochee, Dundee, Scotland
Why oh why do these tv people not listen to what people want instead of thinking they know...absolutely to me was a classic must be repeated every 6mths without fail type of show... Just show me the old folks sports day again I crack up at that as I do watching the old boy try n cook his dinner which ends up in a heap on the floor ....brilliant stuff
Now CH4 either bring it back or lets have it on dvd NOW. ..you have been warned by we the people ..
Bert Bastard (old person)


Andy your Absolutely screensaver is fantastic!, Absolutely is a forgotten classic - although it's great to see so many people still remembering it. I was lucky enough to have recorded series 2,3 and 4, and I managed to obtain a copy of series 1, having watched it on Channel 4 but not had the foresight to record it.

I have watched these so many times over the last 15 years or so and they never stop being funny. The Trouser Dance, The Old Folks Disco ("If there are any kids watching, Dettol is not for putting on your face. It's for drinking"), Don & George ("If the best things in life are free, how much are the nice things?"), The Nice Family ("Daughter - your amusing animal mistakes can at times, be most amusing"), Denzil ("I did take precautions Gwynedd - I took the precaution af marrying the ugliest woman in Swansea"), Frank Hovis ("I had the misfortune to be sick on a tramp")............there are so many great moments, performed by 6 extremely funny people.

Channel 4 should authorise a release of this now - not an abridged version - the whole lot - all 4 series - however when I met John Sparkes he told me that Channel 4 no longer hold copies of it (similar to the BBC - many classic TV Series were dumped to make space - there are loads of episodes of Doctor Who, Steptoe and Dads Army that no longer exist).
If you have not seen this show, you must. There have been few sketch shows to better it over the last 15 years - even Little Britain repeats the same jokes every week - Absolutely is not disgusting, in your face or offensive - it is challenging, intelligent, well-observed and very, very funny. If anyone at Absolutely or Channel 4 is reading - I offer my services.

Tim Hirst

I LOVED (and still love) ABSOLUTELY - I was lucky enough to go to LWT in London to see it being recorded, such good memories - I think I have them all on tape - but I think Channel4/E4 should repeat it (I love the fact that Paramount is now showing channel 4's VIC REEVES BIG NIGHT OUT - which coincidentally Jack Docherty co-wrote). Releasing ABSOLUTELY on DVD would be fab. Classic surreal comedy.

Jacqueline Fleming
Bonnie Scotland

Quite the weirdest show ever seen on tv. A work of genius. DVD - NOW!

Gregor Hall
Edinburgh, Scotland.

Please release Absolutely!

Lloyd Jones
Bridgend, Wales.

I haven't yet met anyone who has disliked Absolutely. There's a substantial market for a DVD release: after all, if relatively obscure series are being released on DVD, there's no reason not to release Absolutely. Also, a decent commentary and extras would guarantee big sales. Having been part of a large comedy fan community for several years, I can guarantee Absolutely Productions would not regret it. Tanya Jones
Devon, UK

I have been a life long fan of Absolutley ever since its first airing and despair at people confusing it with Ab Fab when asked if they remember it ! I would love to see all twenty eight episodes released on video/dvd and available for fresh eyes ! personally my favourite sketch has to be Callum Gilhooley applying for a passport ... absolutely classic!!!

Trevor Nixon
Douglas , Isle of man

I watched the whole series when it was first on and even saved a couple on video (that have since been taped over by my darling children!!) and have recently been trying to find a video/dvd without success. I think the series was pure comic genius and we really need to see them again. Especially Frank Hovis!!

Elspeth Potts
Manchester, uk

This is a must-see for any fans of comedy,not at all tame by today's standards!Bert bastard,Frank Hovis and especially Denzil and Gwenedd need to be seen to be believed,the Fast Show is being repeated to death on UK gold et al,this is definitely it's inspiration.Why not put it up there for comparison? man with a twitch buying a roll of sellotape is one of my absolute [no pun intended] favourites,I NEED to see it again.Please.


This series might not warrant a repeat, given its age and comparative tameness alongside modern channel 4 fayre. However, with DVDs having become so prevalent, and the list of titles available so wide, I see little reason why the show couldn't be given another airing. Mosth things from the 80s seem to have a nostalgic revival these days and "Absolutely" was a firm favourite among the alternative playground set. I am positive that there would be a market, albeit fairly small, for this show as a DVD release.
Do it now.

Quite simply, Absolutely was one of the funniest and most original comedy series of the past 25 years. The fact that this website garners so many visitors is surely testament to that. Having viewed a few of the clips, I am convinced that the series has matured better than most early 90's series. With the grotesque characterisations of The League of Gentlemen and Little Britain, surely Absolutely deserves its space on the sales stand.

Iain Stewart
Derby, UK

Another vote to release "Absolutely" on DVD. A startlingly original sketch show which never received the promotion it deserved when originally shown, yet managed to be influencial for a generation of UK comedians. (And stick Don and George on there too while your at it.... NO WASPS!) Alex Sheach
Portland Or, USA

A classic comedy - many of the writers and actors of which have gone on to do great future projects. This should really be made available and I'm confident would find new audiences as well as satisfying the hunger of the countless avid fans of Absolutely upon its original broadcasts.

Geoffrey Dent
London, UK

Absolutely is without doubt one of the funniest sketch comedy shows ever made, on par with Monty Python and Kids In The Hall. Channel Four are insane not to release it on dvd as many people would purchase it.

Pete Johnston
Glasgow, Scotland

This was a class show and deserves to be repeated and released.

Laois, Ireland

Just release the bloody thing on DVD. Please!

Peter Richards
Oxfordshire, UK

The greatest ever sketch writing team on the box. Bring back McGlashen, bring back Stoneybridge, bring back Frank Hovis, and the little girl, don & george, Calum Gilhooly, Devzil & Gweneth, Bert. Far too many to list. All episodes MUST be released on DVD. All episodes MUST be repeated on TV. With the recent popularity of sketch shows like Little Britain there I'm sure that there is a whole set of new fans waiting to become hooked on Absolutely. Ryan Scoular

I would like to say Absolutely was without doubt the funniest thing I had seen for ages at the time. I still repeat snippets of sketches with my brothers who also loved the show. We went to LWT to see the rehearsals for the show many years ago, It was hilarious.
It seems a pity that it has never been repeated or released.
I am sure there are a lot of fans like myself who still miss their sense of humour and would relish a repeat showing and indeed buy a dvd. Not to mention the number of new fans a second airing would attract. We have Little Britain, Green Wing and Early Doors as the best on offer at the moment. I think a repeat of Absolutely would attract the same fan base and more. You have my vote-Absolutely...sorry

Rob Staley
Manchester, England

Absolutley was on in my late teens, early twenties and was one of the great comedy shows at the time along with the Mary Whitehouse Experience and re-runs of Monty Python. I now have Chewing the Fat on DVD and as with the Fast Show you can see where many of the characters have orginated......Absolutely.
At least bring it out on DVD so us thirtysomethings can relive our youth!!

Gary Lewry
Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

This show should get a DVD release... there's nothing more to say!

Matt Locke
High Wycombe
Comedy as its rawest best. To this day nothing has come close to matching the originality of this show. Please re-run the series or at least release this marvel to DVD for the fans to share and for an entirely new generation to enjoy! "Welcome to Stoneybridge....... so called as it has a... Stoneybridge" Marvelous.

Paul Simpson
Leeds, UK

I would love to have Absolutely on DVD, as it was just my favourite comedy, and it's amazing how many sketches I can remember after so many years. As others have commented, it really was the forerunner to The Fast Show (and Little Britain, to a lesser extent), and I think had it been first broadcast 10 years after it was, it would have been a huge hit, but it was just so ahead of its time that it only gained a very devoted cult following at the time.
Obviously a repeat showing would be great too, and of course would add to the likely DVD sales. Here's hoping.... Moira.L.
London, UK

This show is just too good to sit on the shleves of peoples minds. It should be in the shops educating a whole new generation to one of the greatest off-the-wall sketch shows ever. Please, Please, Please release it!!!! Patrick Willard
Claygate, Surrey

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