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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Oh,come on! Dvds are cheap to produce and I have £60 in my pocket...come take advantage of me and release this!! (altough I'd settle for paying a tenner) JUST DO IT!! Dunfermline
Andy. B.

I was about ten years old when absolutely finished but I totally loved it and still laugh when I think about some of the sketches - especially the one with the welsh couple! Please release it on DVD or repeat it because it was superb.

Alex Burt
Glasgow, Scotland

A classic series which has been hidden away for far too long - share it with the people who missed it and give the rest of us a second bite...

John R

When it was originally on tele, although I recorded it, after a few episodes I thought it was so consistently good that it would be released on video. Consequently I did not take good care of the tapes.
Some years later, when I could no longer find my tapes, I got WH SMITHS to enquire: there were only two tapes, which I bought. I've subsequently learned, from this site, that the original recordings were trashed: look, it doesn't matter what the quality, the series should be issued on DVD. It has never been surpassed, and after the passage of time, I now find it has aged better than Monty Python, for instance.
Yet very few people know about it. May I make a plea for 'Mr Don and Mr George' to be released too. In fact with all the channels on tele, I cannot understand why they are not broadcast again. Unbelievable.

John Collins
Newton-le-Willows, Lancs.

Reply from Andy - John, I don't believe the original masters of Absolutely have been lost or damaged, as TV Broadcasters can purchase the rights of any of the four series from Channel 4 International to show them on their stations.
As you can see for yourself HERE. Type in Absolutely as the keyword and set Producer to Absolutely Productions and click search button. There they all are just waiting for someone to buy and show them!!!
Absolutely was recently shown on a newly launched TV station in Israel, so this goes to proove this fact even more.

They've gotta show this again, or at least release it on DVD. The funniest sketch show I have ever seen. "Denzil, I is stuck in the hooooooovva! the least you can do is help me"
"No Gweneth, the least I can do...are nothing at all." Jim Rod

We the people DEMAND the issuing of ABSOLUTELY! on a DVD as our inalienable right!!

David Marnin

This series must be released on DVD, when will it happen?

Crewe, Cheshire, UK
Absolutely was one of the finest comedy shows I've ever seen. I loved it, and that was back when I was 14!! Please channel 4 - maintain your street cred by re-airing this unbeatable classic series!! You would cause a comedic uproar!!
It's the sensible thing to do!!! Please. pleeease. pleeeease. No wasps though. heh

Ryan Mitchell-Smith
Wakefield, UK.

My videos are wearing thin now - I urgently need DVD copies. The series was so original I'm laughing right now just thinking of Calum Gillhooly declaring 'Could I renew a TV licence here?, Could I buy a stamp? ...... Is this a post office?' and Morwena Banks as the schoolgirl describing Christmas. "baby jeezus, lying in a manger ... with a twisty tummy" etc. Then I ask others if they saw it, and when they say no, I feel that they are really missing out. Please can we have a DVD or series re-run!! Steve Fifield
Twickenham, UK.

This was such an original series. Looking at The Fast Show etc, you can see where the latter got half the characters.
Please release this on DVD as its been completely overlooked.

David Russell

Please release Absolutely on DVD.

John D.
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

I still laugh when I think of a few of the classics, i.e copycat cleaner, Jeff the parkie and the sketch in the waiting room where the guy is humming the world cup tune.
Get it out on DVD !

Gerry Walsh

My sister has asked for Absolutely on DVD on her birthday. Imagine my surprise when I found out it has not been released!!! Please Channel 4 release this on DVD! Not only is it perhaps the funniest programme ever, it would also make my sister very happy on her birthday. Gail

The best comedy is unique and original. This is unique and original. I have never seen anything like this! I like Bottom, Monkey Dust and Reeves & Mortimer and in my opinion, they are pretty original. 'Absolutely' is one of these rare, special, possibly under-appreciated programs that don't receive enough attention or fame and it's quite sad.
I know so many people who would LOVE this as much as I do and when I ask if they've seen it, they all say no. They don't know what they're missing. My parents introduced me to this kind of humour and it's the best thing they could have done. Comedy like this is a treat. If I could just buy this it would really make my day and I know my friends would buy it as well. I've searched everywhere I can think of online in hope of catching even a glimpse of the distant memories Absolutely has given me.
I will NEVER forget Gwenedd wearing those chickens on her feet! Just brilliant!

Paula Cargill

I can't remember any other show on tv that made me check the tv guide on a Saturday just to make sure that Absolutely would be on through the following week. Please dont let this fade, it really was the very best of comedy that has never been equalled.
I would be one of the first to buy a boxed set!

Garry Ritchie
Arbroath, Scotland

Come on Ch4 / Absolutely Productions: TV now, DVD ASAP! I can't believe you haven't grasped this golden opportunity to re-release such an important programme.

Ssteve Beaton
Cardiff, UK

Please release a DVD, when there is so much other dross being put out, a gem like this is ignored.

Colan Tonkin
Biggleswade, Beds,
Absolutely has to be the most under-rated sketch show of all time. Frank Hovis proves indisputably that toilet humour is, in fact, the highest form of humour.
Repeat it or bring it out on DVD or else.

Gavin Mackenzie
Stoke-on-Trent UK

Channel 4, why not try a rerun of this very funny sketch show which was a forerunner of the fast show & Little Britain, many people unfortunately missed this hillarius show.
Start a new trend, show good comedy shows and get off the band wagon of 'Big Brother' & shows that have no merrit & rerun what we all want. Something to laugh at!

Peter Banfield
East Sussex U.K.

Yes, bring it back in some form so we can all enjoy again!!

Motherwell, Scotland

Please Channel 4, please at the very least show the series again on TV, if you ever have any some 'dead air' you need to fill, I can vouch that many would appreciate the chance to relive the wonderful experience that was... Absolutely
PS any possibility of a DVD release would be fantastic too :)

Craig Simpson
Livingston, Scotland

I so much want to buy a dvd to see callum again come on C4 do the right thing.

Alex Fraser
Glasgow Scotland

We NEED this on video. Don't the Channel 4/Absolutely folks want to make some cash?!
Absolutely is/was a hidden gem that outshines the latest hits like Little Britain.
Thanks for this great web site and for this petition.

Brendon S
San Jose, California (ex-pat)

This should be on every week - In fact denzil should have his own makeover show - he 'd show laurence lewellyn bowen a thing or 2. At least let me buy it all on DVD !!!!!

Steve Switzer
Chingford, London, U.K.

Please release it on DVD!

Stuart Fraser
Surrey, U.K.

Get this back on the telly...or at least DVD

Alister maclachlan
Gourock, UK

Get ABSOLUTELY back on the box!!! It's a crying shame, the youth of today (and the older generations) are missing out on pure comedy genius!!! At the very least, let's have it all on DVD, so we can all re-live the magic of Frank Hovis "on the lavatory" and Calum Gilhooley "can you spell it - aye". It's magic, it is, it's true!

Graham Smith
Larkhall, UK.
Fabulous Absolutely, what can I say? Have only parts of series' 3 and 4. A repeat would be the greatest thing since they put "A Bit of Fry & Laurie" on UK Gold. Half of my cultural references come from this show and if the world is not made aware of it's genius I may get locked up. "Ahh, it will ne beee..."

Rik Lee
Leeds, U.K.

Find it really hard to believe that after all this time such a masterpiece of British comedy has to date failed to gain the DVD release that it deserves, or rather that shed loads of fans deserve.
Please consider an immediate release.

Julian Olmann
Devon, U.K.

If ever a DVD was needed by the people, for the people, Absolutely is the one.
How many more box sets piled to the roof in shops that nobody wants before this true masterpiece is released. Somebody do something soon please. A nation awaits!

Brian Darling
Shilbottle, Northumberland, U.K.

A whole new generation out there needs to see this programme. Inspire, educate and entertain - show Absolutely again!!!

Roy McLellan
Glasgow, Scotland

Please, please, please, *please* release a DVD of Absolutely and Mr Don & Mr George. I have all the vidaaayos, but the sound quality is woeful (they've been watched and watched and watched) and I would pay a king's ransom for a DVD. And get it back the telly! Channel 4, what are you thinking?!?

Catriona F

Please show this again its pure genius!

Cornwall, U.K.

A DVD of all the bits of Absolutely is all I want from life. Please make me happy again.

Jim Caithness

This should be made available, the closest comedy to monty python in the last 20 years.

Cumbria, UK

Truely one the best comedy series there was and is. Please show this again or release it. I think it would sell in huge amounts were it to be released. You know it makes sense

Paul Hayward
Essex, UK

This series should undoubtedly be shown again, as is very clear indeed from these web pages. As with others have not anything but a few very bad quality pre-DVD (obviously) clips as memories. LETS HAVE A RE-RUN !! Haste ye back.

G. Montgomery
Come on C4 - give those old Absolutely tapes another airing.

Nick Baxter

I've searched high and low for copies of Absolutely without success. It was one of my favourite shows of all time. Who can forget such classics as...'The 50 meters freestyle for people who really are very bad swimmers indeed, ''Stoneybridge....with it's stoney bridge' to name but two. Given the rubbish that is normally shown constantly on UK Gold you'd think they'd show it...but maybe it's too funny for them. Simon Hardy
Liverpool, UK

Please,Please issue this on DVD, Favourite sketch was callum with the jehovas witnesses when he invited them in to his house, the arcane conversation `what type of a church do you go to` Callum replies ` err one with a STEEPLE`.
I would def buy this and Mr Don and Mr George series also.

Andrew Birch

I too believe that absolutely was possibly the funniest sketch-show ever, and I would dearly love to see it released on dvd, because the home-taped videos i had and the bought 'absloutely- the vido' were lost by UPS when I moved to the states. Finally, I really must stress, as someone lucky enough to have been an audience member for two of the absolutley episodes, I really do miss Absolutely, as do my friends, and a dvd release would be most welcome. If ever one is released I'd differently buy it. John
Florida, USA

Please release Absolutely on DVD, someone.

Stockport, UK

This was a Great Comic gem and a British classic that has been criminally ignored, Little Britain is great but Absolutely wipes the floor with it, we must all sign this petition and keep e mailing Channel 4 to get this repeated or put on DVD

Tariq K

I can't believe that Absolutely seems to have been lost to time. Channel 4, you should be ashamed of yourselves that you have left such a comedy nugget languishing on your shelves. Its about time Absolutely was repeated, or at least released on DVD so we can watch it ad infinitum. "Not you tabby!" :-)

Dundee, Scotland

Absolutely...a brilliant, under-rated and much missed comedy sketch show.
Well written, well performed and well funny! Why isn't John Sparkes on national TV?

Keith Kniveton

Many of my friends often mention (and try to recite) various sketches from Absolutely.
My personal favourite is Jack Docherty's 'Macglashan' character.
I'd love to be able to see the series again on DVD.

Phil Paterson

A rerun of the series or DVDs would be brilliant. It is far funnier than most comedy series on TV now.

It's a crying shame this is not repeated or released on dvd.Whole new generations are missing out!!

Phil Hannah

Funniest thing I've ever seen. Please bring it out on vido so I can show my vamily callum.

Hong Kong

I loved this programme. Any time I try to explain it to my mates they don't know what I'm talkin about. Please please replay it C4 so they can see what comedy genius they're missing out on.

Debbie More

Suely an undervalued product rotting on a shelf.

Scott Dickson

Plaese, Please, Please release ABSOLUTELY on DVD............ Fantastic comedy.....

Chris Clark
Rutland, UK

Why do we have to sit through endless repeats of Butterflies, Dad's Army and Are you Being Served when we could be whisked off to Stoneybridge. We demand full and regular repeats and/or a DVD release (at a push we we will accept it VID-AY-OH!)

Allison Burgess

Why is this show not available to buy? Ground breaking comedy now denied us ..........shameful.

Andy Ward
Harpenden, U.K.

Remember the live show at the Edinburgh Fringe.....the time Calum Gilhooley found a fish supper?
I'm sick of trying to describe to people how funny this was who weren't around at the time, always ends up in a wee huddle of those in the know laughing away......
go on stick it on DVD along with all of the Mr Don & Mr George stuff. James. B
Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dublin

Please release on DVD....please...please...pretty please?!

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Having been a big fan from the start, I really can not believe that it has never been repeated and never released on DVD. Each episode was a work of sheer genious, today's fans of sketch comedy who have never seen Absolutely would absolutely love it, I guarantee it.
Come on Channel 4/Absolutely Productions Repeat it now !
I will not rest until I see it again !!!
Or at the very least release a box set with all 28 episodes on it.

Andy Savage (webmaster of this Absolutely tribute site)

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.
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