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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

I would love to have the whole series aired again or released on DVD.  I would definitely buy the DVD.  My favourite was the old guy who just used to fall over to the tune of "Oh Bugger".  It still makes me laugh now.

Please put absolutely back on the air to make some of the current so called sketch shows be seen for what they are - pants.

Middlesborugh, UK

Absolutely was a sublime piece of work. At the time it stood out from the majority of comedy work in the UK. It was certainly far better than anything else coming out of Scotland, and initially I gave kudos to C4 for making it where BBC Scotland had turned it down. Now however I am at a loss. At least we KNOW the BBC would have exploited the series ad nauseam.

When it came, Absolutely was held up as the obvious successor to Python. The style was similar, certainly the humour, but more as a herald of things to come were the repetitions of catch-phrases - not so much perhaps, but certainly the repetitions in a sketch show of running characters. This was reminiscent of what was to come in the Fast Show and Little Britain.

The show did miss on occasion, but so did Python, and - like Python - when it hits the mark it is an absolute delight.

David Goodall
Lesmahagow, Scotland

I loved Absolutely, would like very much to see it again, please issue a DVD

Dan Sternbach

No one should be allowed to forget  'Margaret Rutherford, lovely woman,face like an a**ehole'.

Kidderminster, UK

There are few sketch shows that consistently make people laugh to the point of pain. I have spent the past 2 hours watching the clips on youtube. The characters had left my mind.... until a few seconds after watching the first clip. Within seconds, every character was back again. I think the whole of Tranent watched this show simply because Gordon Kennedy was in it. His first touch of fame was the Halls menthol sweetie advert. Who remembers that one? :-)

I almost hurt myself laughing when Denzil gets attacked by his recently mended uhhhhhhhoooooooovvvuuh!

This show was genius. Equally, if not better than, the likes of Harry Enfield and The Fast Show. This needs to be re-run or made available on DVD. I have just sent a, probably pointless, e-mail to C4 to ask for a re-run. Maybe the people who have commented here should do the same.... regularly..... until we get what we want.

Kevan Gordon
Tranent, Scotland. (Home of Gordon Kennedy)

I treasure the audio recording I have of Calum going to the Travel Agents as it's the only thing I can hear or watch from the series now that I live abroad. I and many other people I know would buy the DVD if we could - this is classic comedy from a very talented bunch!

Alan Dalziel
California, USA

Such a fan of the show when it originally aired. It is criminal that this isn't available on dvd!
Hurry up! We'll definately be buying it when (if?) it ever does
Good luck with the petition!

Wendy Canning
Portsmouth, U.K

One of the funniest sketch shows of all time , bring back mr don and mr george, and of course calum gilhooley ! now i'm off to new york ,or is it york?

Jason Hewitt

I would like to join the petition for the release of Absolutely on DVD. It is still one of the funniest sketch shows ever shown and now that Virgin have obtained the rights to showing it as part of their on-demand service (for free) I'm sure the market for a DVD box-set would be even bigger than before.

Hannah Staddon
Bournemouth, UK

I loved Absolutely. I was devastated when my old VHS tape finaly disintegrated. Please bring it out on DVD! Iknow plenty of people who'd buy it immediatley!


Fiona Kelly
Glasgow, UK

You know, for the past year I have been trying to obtain ABSOLUTELY on dvd. Like the rest of the fans, I really don't know why it isn't available for retail or indeed why it hasn't been released on dvd.
This was a breath of fresh air for the birth of a new form of sketch show.
I thought Morwenna Banks was hilarious. It would be wonderful to see it again.

Dawn Plowman
Cambridgeshire, uk

Absolutely was one of the best things on the box, this along with who dares wins shows that channel4 has made some great comedy. I believe channel4 would be doing themselves a big favour by releasing these shows on DVD

Paul Stone
Aberdeen, Scotland

This series has not been bettered by anyone since it was created. It is a crime not to release the complete series. I am sure if it was released it could surely gain a cult following.

Pete Murray
West Midlands

I agree, it would be good to see frank with his bog tales, calum, the stoneybridge mob, don and george, my vhs tapes are dying in front of me so yes please, i want to see the complete series out or as good as, a 3 hour dvd with the best bits, its not much to ask, is it

John Omeara
Islington london

Please,please get this out on dvd.
remember this when I was in my late teens,still to see anything funnier.


Bring back Absolutely !!!!!!!! It was the most original of sketch shows and is so missed - that a dvd set would be a treasure to buy.
Please bring back Absolutely...........

Tracy Whitehouse
West Midlands, UK

Go on, bring it out on DVD - Ive been looking in the shops for ages and this explains why Ive not seen it yet!!! Come on!

David Jenkins
Edinburgh, Scotland

Absolutely is the best comedy series I have ever seen.
What in Swansea are they doing, not putting it on DVD?
I like nothing better than sitting down with a nice sensible pint of Cheese-water and watching this great show.

Nev Alston
Bedfordshire, UK

Get it out on DVD now, ye basterd English

Colin H Robertson
Sussex, England

Absolutely was without doubt a modern classic comedy sketch show characters were well written and the comedy was so diverse.
I have been searching for years to get some videos or dvds so to be able to finally get some would be fantastic.

Bobby Miller

Absolutely is a series which often enters my conversation whether it's "why, oh why, oh why, oh why...." or "YES, I DO know how people got in the world," or "Quick.............get the thing!!!" I guess Morwenna Banks is the most memorable in her Little Girl chracter. Do any of her scripts survive?
I would LOVE to see a DVD issued of the series...all of them.

Sue Johns
Dorset, England

Absolutely was one of the most brilliantly funny series I have EVER seen on TV.  It is absolutely (pun intended!) disgraceful that I can't see it again, either on TV, or DVD.

Ruth Craig
Glasgow, UK

I'd only heard of this show through my parents and when it became available through the Virgin on demand service I thought I'd give it a watch. I am now addicted to it. Stoneybridge, the Nice Family and the Little Girl, to name a few, are characters that should not be forgotten. The cast is excellent, especaily Morwenna Banks (very underated and gorgeous!!!) and Jack Docherty (The sketch about the partings is my favourite).

So, please Channel 4, it makes perfect sense to release it.

James Guthrie
Barrhead, Scotland

The great, late DJ John Peel once said on air that Absolutely was the best thing on TV and that he was a big fan.  I agree whole-heartedly, and furthermore it must be one of the greatest mysteries of our age that this remarkably funny, intelligent and ground breaking show has not been repeated by Channel 4 or released on DVD. 

Channel 4 run 'Friends' back-to-back constantly, yet Absolutely remains locked away in the dark of someone's cupboard.  Some of the most awful comedies of the 20th Century are available on DVD, but Absolutely isn't.  It should be.  Channel 4, please run them all again, preferably at 10pm on Friday nights and then release a glorious DVD box set.  TV at the moment is in a celebrity/reality show nosedive, the re-run of this excellent show would be a sign that not all TV execs are asleep at the pages of 'Hello!'

ken white
London, UK

There's a wee town an hour or so north of here and every time we drive by the exit on the freeway I mutter quietly:

Mossyrock, with it's mossy rock !
I NEED this DVD to prove to my family I don't need to be commited !!!!!

This is URGENT.

Doug McLauchlan
Portland, OR, USA

Release Absolutely on DVD Because it was very, very funny and I'd love to see it again, and again...

David Gibbs
Bologna, Italy

Absolutely was and still is just the funniest thing ever on T.V. I loved all of it and my children are experts too. My eldest son (32) lives in Chicago and he is spreading the word- especially via Calum and McGlashen!!
Let's have a full set of DVDs so we can relive this wonderful collection -for ever. Thank you.

Michael Pickering
Sunderland, England.

Absolutely for me, was and still is, the funniest sketch show that i have ever seen. It should be released on DVD or shown on TV again for all those people who have not seen it. Not to do so would be a travesty, a CRIME even!!!

LONG LIVE McGLASHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Campbell
Motherwell, Scotland

It was the first alternative comedy show that i ever watched..i loved it.. I would like to own it on dvd..please please release it

Lisa Jackson

Absolutely is the finest TV comedy ever. Please make it available via DVD - I will buy it immediately upon its release.

Ciaran Roarty

I think it is very funny and in line with the humour of scotland. I think this would sell very well and i know many people who would buy it!

Jamie Macpherson
Fife, Scotland

Absolutely, should be released on dvd because it is so original.- there is no doubt that the release of the entire absolutely catelogue on dvd would be bought by millions of people.  - so it makes sense financially too.  - i just don't get why the whole catelogue is'nt already on dvd.

literally EVERYONE i've mentionned absolutely to, who remembers it, is longing for it to be released on dvd !!!

I guess there must be some obstacle in the way that has held up the  release of absolutely on dvd   - it's a total no-brainer from a commercial point of view.  - i just hope whatever the obstacles are, they can be overcome, - and that this website can contribute to this happening.

99% of everything on dvd is rubbish. - there are loads of people, like me,  who long to find dvd's of real quality - where there's real writing, real talent - and where the content genuinely stands up to viewing again, and again and again ........ and again !!!

all the characters are so memorable, so strong and so unbelieveably believeable in the way that only writers of comedy genius can convey.

finding this site on the internet is one of the best things i've found on the internet in ages, and i've loved watching all the clips again.

as you can see - like everyone  who visits this site - or has viewed the clips via youtube etc - i really hope dvd releases are going to happen SOON !!!

I'll buy the lot as soon as they're released, and look forward to recommending them to buy to everyone i know who has a sense of humour.

if it channel 4 that are reluctant to release the shows because they think there's no demand...........test the water by including a few clips on one of your "countdown of the best........."-type-shows, and watch the phonelines go into meltdown with "what what THAT!!!" type enquiries -

After that,  i'm "absolutely" sure every comment i've made here will be vindicated !!! 

yours hopefully

A Stoneybridge Citizen
Pete Wilks
Wiltshire uk

Please put my name on your petition.
Absolutely was the best sketch show ever made. I can't believe C4 haven't released it on DVD yet.

Tony Armes
Isle of Wight, UK

This was and is so funny. There´s nothing out there like it.

Philip James
Tarragona, cataluyna, Spain.

I and many other friends demand that a DVD box set of Absolutely is produced.

Neil McLennan
North London

I believe that Absolutely was and is one of the landmark comedy series of all time and transcends time and place. The excellent writing and superb characterisations demand that all episodes dhould be released on DVD and I for one would make sure all my family had a copy. The individuals comics came together with their prodigeous talents and made a series beyond compare and I am not even Scottish.

Tony Lawrence
Surrey UK

Yes, I would absolutely love to see Absolutely released on DVD.  It was a hilarious show, and I loved every minute of it.  I contacted Channel 4 a couple of years ago to see if they had any plans to release it but was told no.  I am more than happy to sign a petition requesting that it be released.  Brilliant comedy from actors who have gone on to greater things.

Graeme Maxwell
Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

I can remember inviting friends round to the house so that they could watch the latest episode of Absolutely.  I looked forward to each programme and soon I had learned a number of the catchphrases and lines of by heart!  I don't understand how a programme with the likes of Calum Gilhooley & Stoneybridge has not been brought out on DVD.  If it did get released I would definitely buy it.   

Please release this comic classic of the 1990s.

David Humphris
Aberdeen, U.K.

Would love to see Absolutely released on DVD.  Much better quality than Vido!!

Bryan Jones
Bournemouth (near Stoney Bridge)

There has never been a TV series that made me laugh as much as Absolutely (closely followed by Mr Don & Mr George). I honestly don't understand why they have never been re-shown or sold on DVD. I still quote Absolutely lines regularly.
Go on! Let us have Absolutely back.

Douglas Humphris

Some programmes date badly. We remember them with such fondness, but they prove to be embarrassing years later when we rewatch. Not so Absolutely. Watching again ( criminally, I can only do so on YouTube ) it's as great as it ever was. Gilhooley...Stoneybridge...classics of Scottish ( nay British ) comedy.
Reissue & repeat PLEASE!!!


Get 'Absolutely' on DVD as soon as it's possible.  This was one of the best comedies never to be repeated and it's long overdue a release.

South Coast

GET AW THE SERIES ON DVD......................THE NOO!


Absolutely was a pivotal moment in BRITISH comedy (rather than English comedy) and should be recognsed as such. If 4OD can show series 2 on NTL/Telewest then it must be overdue a DVD release - everything else on there seems to have been released on DVD. And of course let us not forget the spin-offs including the marvellous 'Mr Don & Mr George'.
These masterpieces must be released into the wild to remind us the importance of genuinely different and surreal comedy and their part in our great country's (ahem, countries) history of entertainent.

Paul Treneary

Absolutely, as I remember, was a comedy series that I enjoyed enormously.  The second series from 1990, was repeated by Channel 4 I think in 1995 and then after that, nothing.  Much as I like Father Ted, to see that series repeated ad nauseam is a bit too much, and there are plenty of DVD's on the market of that series, but not Absolutely.
I have just watched Absolutely on the NTL/Channel 4 On Demand service and have seen the clips on YouTube. 
Absolutely is a forgotten gem and is certainly up there with Father Ted.  Channel 4 should release it on DVD. NOW.  A sign of how good Channel 4 used to be before it started broadcasting purile rubbish like Big Brother.  Hmm, how about Big Brother in Stoneybridge?

Mike Stevens
Warrington, U.K.

It beggars belief that this gem of a comedy has not found it's way onto DVD after so long. I remember watching this in my late teens on a friday night in the early 90's and my thirty something pals and I still recite Denzils hoover sketch to this day....as well as "STONEYBRIDGE"!!!.....
Please bring it out on DVD....whoever, however Pleasse!!

Barry Workman
Dumfries, U.K

Absolutely was one of the funniest Scottish comedies ever made - especially as it was continually having a go at the English!!

If such dreadful programs as the 'Vicar of Dibley' get released on DVD, then why does 'Absolutely' not.....

David Bell

Just can't understand why it has not been repeated, when you look at the rubbish that is on.

James Gordon Orrell
Sheffield, UK

I want to buy the entire series as it rocks!

Rob King

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

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