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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I have absolutely on video, but I think it should be put on dvd. Dont like the thought of this show fading away. Mainly im a john Sparks fan and think he is so under rated. When i play me freinds his clips from absolutely/Barry Welsh show they all think its drop dead funny ..... most of them are from England ( we do not get menny funny men from Wales).
Realy love what you are doing and share you frustration ... good work.

Bridgend, Wales

My friends and I have been quoting sketches from Absolutely since we were at school, and we'd like to show people who've no clue what we're on about, what we're on about...

Wolverhampton, UK

Absolutely is one of my favourite comedy sketch shows of all time. It's completely daft, just they way I like my comedy. Many lesser comedies (or even so-called comedy shows) have made it to DVD, so I can't think for the life of me why Absolutely hasn't. It beggars belief.
Repeated would be good, but I'd just love to own it all on disc. All the performers/writers are extremely talented; the whole package is equally as good as Monty Python. Hope this helps.

Christopher Andrew Johnson
Norfolk, UK

It is my opinion that absolutley is one of the finest tv sketch shows ever to be produced. I would love to see it back on air, or at least released on DVD.

David Hulston
Kidderminster, UK

I remember how funny the series was and wonder why I have never seen it on DVD.
I have a book of Absolutely scripts at home to bring back the memories but a DVD would be even better. 

Thanks for your web site - its good to read the comments of some many Absolutely fans and one American lady who has never seen the show but knows what she is missing - for her sake - lets see the DVD released soon.

Chris Stewart
Berkshire UK

One of the best comedy programmes thet never got the recognition it deserved. It also was the spring board for great comedy actors.
Donald Gilmour
Scottish highlands

This show has got to be brought back out.it was and still is some of the funniest material around.when you see some of the usual rubbish that gets churned out over and over again ,this would be a breath of fresh air to old fans and new viewers alike..........well done on the site. great job.

Mike Davies
Swansea, Wales

Under rated, under repeated, what was at the time groundbreaking comedy. Just lookat the comedy and careers that sprang from it, either performers or writers, usually both.  Should have kept it going, who knows what we might have.

Andy Eglen
Norfolk. uk

Release Absolutely on DVD because it was the funniest programme ever!!!!!!
and we still quote lines to each other all the time.
Particularly Frank Hovis.....
'Here's a tip'

Yorkshire, UK

Stumbled apon this site in my deep search for the dvd of the greatist comedy sketch  show ever shown. Ggood work guys get this out.


With all the new E4 channels springing up - SURELY - there must be a space to re-run this wonderfully crafted  series that produced so much quality entertainment - instead of regurgitating the constant cycle of Friends repeats!

Some truly inspired comedy characters richly deserve a chance to be seen again by their fans and to a new audience as I'm sure it will not have dated.

Would definitely buy a box set of series to sit next to my Scrubs, My Name is Earl & Phoenix Nights collections - more of Channel 4 discovered comedy gems.

Bring it back!

Simon Bradley
Surrey, UK

It was one the best comedy shows around at its time,i've never seen it  on tv or video/dvd we need it on them NOW. Cheers

Jon Andrews

I had always looked for a Absolutely DVD box set on the web over the years, but to no avail. After finding this site I was suprised to find that the release of the box set is still not available. I don't have any video's of this great show and have until now only had the memories of the sketches to keep me going (and doing a impression of Denzil from time to time).

I am telling all my mates about this site and get them to sign too. We all loved this programe.

Best Regards

Kent Spong
Surrey, U.K.

I am 70 years old and am desperate to see this series released on DVD before I kick the bucket. I watched the whole series (apart from the 1st episode ) when first transmitted, and still think these are the most original and funny comedy shows ever produced. ( On a par with Monty Python and Spike Milligan's 'Q' series )   At the moment I only have a few episodes on an old vido.so keep plugging! I'm with you all the way.

Tony Gray
Middlesex, U.K.

I would love to see the DVD boxset of this series released.


Absolutely is a must for a DVD box set release.  Classic Scottish comedy with cult status.  Would undoubtedly be a surprise best seller.

Why has this not been done already?!

Get it released soon or we'll set Davy Bond on you!

Kevin Hadden
Paisley, Scotland

I was looking everywhere to replace my sadly worn out copies taped from channel 4 of the excellent ABSOLUTELY. Nothing made me laugh more than george and Donald or the Sensible Family!! 
They were so so funny, other fanatics used to giggle at work about " Thrumblenose" or Nicholas Witchell reading the news in nothing but his "suit and underclothing! "
Jack Docherty and all the gang were so great!!
How could anything which is even funnier than the fast show, the smell of reeves and mortimer or black books, all faves of mine that I OWN on DVD ....
Hello channel 4!!..... please give me the chance to share with my 3 teenagers the belly aching comedy of this show..
they were comic geniuses !!!! PLEASE  living in hope now

Darlington North East UK

As a Scotsman living in England I get very little chance to see most of these types of programmes as they are mainly shown in Scotland.

Kevin Campbell

Homegrown comedy in the classic friday-night slot on ch4. All those series, all those characters - music, satire, social comment, outrageous stereotypes, utter stupidity....need I go on?

No doubt if this had started on BBC R4 then transferred to BBC2, then BBC1, with endless repeats on BBC3, the cast would all be multi-millionaires by now........

Why the delay in releasing the whole lot on DVD? I can think of a lot more obscure and unfunny stuff available now and all we have is e-bay to get the 'best of' vidos and this site to remind us of all those wonderful, awful people!

The only alternative is to find a 'hurly-burly bag' and go back and make sure I set the vido for every episode....

Best wishes


A hilariously funny series with highly talented actors; one of the best sketch shows ever and one of the very few to rival Monty Python.  It is a travesty that it's not available on video/ DVD - my own video copy wore out long ago!

Bob Tucker
Devon, UK

This was one of the funniest, most original sketch shows ever shown on British television.  The links, I recall, were particularly neatly done and  this show can be seen as an important milestone between Python's anarchic treatment of the TV format and later (often sadly repetitive) fare from The Fast Show, Harry Hill and, more recently, Little Britain.  Absolutely at its best was better than the most recent of these and at least as good as Python.  Morwenna Banks's little girl was an inspired creation as were the Stonybridge Town Council, Gordon Kennedy's strange wandering poet and the myriad of sinister, surreal characters portrayed by Johnny Sparks. 

Mr Don and Mr George went on to their own series (deservedly) and were always entertaining in this show.  In fact this double act and the warped mirror they presented on the world sums up what was original about this programme.  It created an alternate universe which didn't set out to superficially satirise or court laughs from shock value, nor did it depend overmuch on audience recognition of characters (a phenomenon which lets down later sketch shows). 
It exists in its own normality, jarringly different from our own and yet somehow, hilariously - sometimes uncomfortably - recognisable.  
Please give us the chance to enjoy this classic gem again!

Plymouth, UK

Absolutely was quite simply one of the funniest and most original sketch shows ever shown on TV which featured  fresh ideas and a unique brand of comedy not seen before or since. This series MUST be released on DVD so that future generations can experience the brilliantly innovative televisual gem that was ABSOLUTELY !

Paul Dickinson

If Absolutely were new today it would be as popular as Little Britain. The characters and scenarios were all original and watching the odd clips today still make me laugh. 

Somerset, UK

I wish to add my name to the petition. Only being able to see this footage on decade old cassettes is a crime against comedy. I had a Polish friend round the other night and had him in stitches merely by describing  attempts in Stoneybridge to set up a Monarchy. I have read plays by Shakespeare, Beckett and Pinter but none have been remotely as satisfying as the works of Mcglashan. Future generations should not be deprived of this precious material. Think the DVD is a great idea.

Murray Mackenzie
Cork, Ireland.

This was just the best comedy sketch series ever. I have the video but, like most other people's copies, it's worn out. At some point, someone will put it onto DVD illegally from the video and Channel 4 will lose out. Your move, Channel 4......

Jane Hart
Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

I had previously watched the series and indeed purchased the video with different sketches from the series. I thought stoneybridge especially was groundbreaking.
I have tried to find the series on DVD everywhere but failed I now know why.
This is such a shame as it was a superb series

Mike Bates

Please bring back one of the funniest and most original sketch programs since Monty Python invented the genre - no other program has dared to fly in the face of normality in such a funny way.

Please, please lets get this released.

Andrew Hall

I love Absolutely it is probably one of the best comedy shows that ever been on TV I am  disgusted that other rubbish comedy shows get  released onto DVD why can't the release Absolutely.

Jason Dore
West Sussex, UK

Quite simply, one of the most consistently funny TV shows ever...
3 million viewers can't be wrong!

Andy Loader
Wiltshire, UK

One of the funniest sketch shows ever.  Just reading this website has made me laugh at the memories. 

Mark A
Newtownards, Northern Ireland

Wow - never heard of Absolutely before. Yay for email forwards. Really hope for a dvd soon... One that will play over here!

Oklahoma, USA

Hullo there.
I've been hoping and praying for some form of DVD release of this truly great comedy show for years. As far as comedy history is concerned, the show was a true and much funnier successor to Monty Python, with memorable characters and situations. I still laugh my head off every time I think of the dyslexic mind reader ("Fufock yon basten!"). Mr Don and Mr George were amazingly surreal characters, as well as Callum G. And the Stoneybridge councillors were a pure joy.

Please, please, please, can someone somewhere get the shows released? My life would be complete.

Simon Walker.

Letchworth, hertfordshire, UK

This comedy and the fantastic players in it deserve a good DVD airing.   This fabulous, surreal comedy has a longevity which has kept it in the hearts of so many people, who deserve to be able to re-capture it again for real, rather than just from memory.   All the players involved in Absolutely deserve to have achieved stardom.

Thank you for your great and continuing efforts, Andy!  

Carol Ashworth
Northumberland, UK

It's a total classic that should be given the place it deserves and seen by a new audience

Lee Patterson

I remember Absolutely from my student days, and my friends and I still come out with quotes to this day.  But memories are fading and a DVD release would bring it all back.  There are some things on your excellent website which I'd forgotten about, including Calum Gilhooley's "G...for Gnome", which completely cracked me up.  Incidentally my sister lived in Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh (Calum's address) about the same time as Absolutely was on the television!

Another one which I always remember was Macglashan's tirade about Scotland and England's World Cup groups:

Scotland's Group:
Scotland, Uruguay, Brazil, West Germany.
England's Group:
England, Lappland, Melchester Rovers, Me and My Mum.

Fife, UK

Channel 4 is not fully aware of its heritage with the exclusion of this series not being put on to DVD.  "The Vido" parts 1 and 2 do no justice to the delight that was bought to people's homes in the early nineties, as they haven't really selected the sketches that got everyone's gases going.  For example, Jack Docherty wanting to buy all the goods in a rather crap shop - i.e small ironing board and rather silly small guitar.
They must realise that there is a demand for this programme to be output in its entirety - I for one, would hate for Morwenna to be forgotten for the wonderful creation of the little girl.

Nick Wenham
Kent, UK

Release it on DVD because its brilliant and Ill buy all the DVDs

Alan Stewart
Below Scotland

It was ground breaking and innovative.
when you look at classic comedy that followed such as Big Train and The Fast show they hold elements of that 'off the wall' edginess that made Absolutely a genuine classic sketch show.
The characters, the writing all came together to make something special.
It is overlooked due to it's humble beginnings. Had it been on BBC2/1 it would be repeated often and available on DVD but due to it's early Channel 4 outing it just hasn't...along with Scully.


D Wolf

I can't believe this show has not been released on DVD in full, my mates and I still quote from it regularly!  I absolutely love Bert and Frank Hovis not to mention Denzil and Gwyneth.  My brother and I used to do Stoneybridge voice overs too. 


Absolutely should be released on dvd,simply because it is one of the funniest sketch shows ever recorded!

David Kemp
Isle of Arran,Scotland

The shows were close to genius level with hugely talented actors attaining new heights of comic invention. 'Absolutely' stood out as a beacon of light in a grey sea of mediocrity with clever writing around superbly crafted characters. There has been precious little to match in recent years - my love of comedy goes back seven decades of radio and television, starting with ITMA through The Goon Show, Round the Horne, The Navy Lark, then the classics of Milligan's Q, Python et al. So much modern 'comedy' is forumulaic and badly executed.

Whoever has the power to do so must commit the complete collection of 'Absolutely' to DVD - there is at least one guranteed customer right here

Bob Dennell
Banstead, Surrey

There is so much poor comedy around which easily finds it's way onto dvd. Yet why is it that a real groundbreaking, classic comedy show like Absolutely isn't available? So many people loved it and so many comedians cite it as an influence.
Please release it.

Kilmarnock, Scotland

Why do I want absolutley released on dvd? simple. I like it, I prefer it and its got lots of pockets

Ally Fisher

I have hundreds of reasons for wanting a dvd release but the main one is CALUM GILHOOLEY, the FUNNIEST character ever on TV. His appearance with Jack in court nearly caused me to die laughing. The shows were a 'must see' when I was a lad.

Suffolk, uk

I want a DVD release. I want to see Gordon Kennedy as the barman telling the man in the green jumper that he's talking sh*te!!

George Mullin

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