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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I worked in a chain of video shops about ten years ago - and at least one video was released (I think possibly two). These didn't sell well - probably because of the time at night the original airings were made - and not really repeated, so didn't get a mass following.

However... channel 4 could at least air it again on e4 or more4 so we can get another dose.

But... if you visit http://www.channel4.com/4od/ and use their on demand service - you can view each and every episode from all 3 series.

I would so love to have copies on DVD.... here's hoping

Mark Ketteringham
Coulsdon, Surrey

I'd like to join the clamour for a DVD release of "Absolutely", and would buy several copies if I could as presents for the less fortunate. Oh - and "Naked Video" too, but I think that was on BBC?

Peter Hunt
London UK

My friends and I came upon some episodes of Absolutely back in the 1990's.  For a golden few months we watched the few tapes we had.
In that time we showed anybody who would take the time to to actually see what this show was that we kept raving about and trying to impersonate.  Just about everybody we showed loved it.
The catch-phrases and characters infiltrated our language and lives on with that group of friends, including my wife, to this day.
The tapes we had were lost less than a year after we first saw them, and we have never seen a show since, yet the legacy carried on for a decade!
These are the emotional reasons why the DVD should be made,. but I hope I have demonstrated that there would be a large group of old watchers like me and a new genration of kids looking for a new 'cult show', thus making it econmically attractive as well!

John Spurr
Aberfoyle Park, South Australia, AUSTRALIA

Everybody should have the opportunity to watch one of the funniest shows ever made, instead of being subjected to the rubbish TV companies produce nowadays.Keep up the good work and please let me know when it is released.

Newark, Nottinghamshire

Absolutely was classic sketch show and deserves a full DVD release.

Denzil and Gweneth, Stoneybridge Council, Calum, Frank Bovis etc were defining macabre characters of the early nineties, Catchphrases abound. It deserves to be given a new audience.

If campaigning worked for gems like Garth Marenghi's Dark Place and Kids in the Hall then Absolutely is fully deserving of campaign for a full release (with commentries  if possible!!!)

Or I'll send Calum round!!!


Richard Crofts
West Midlands

Absolutely was an excellent english comedy show. Many of my friends did not watch it untill it had almost come to an end. They richly deserve to see the whole series from the first episode, and I deeply desire to be able to watch it all again.
Bring it back. It was excellent.

Dave Watkins
Essex, UK.

Release it on DVD Because I would buy it. Ho yes! more than likely the 4 series box set.

I find it incredible that whoever is holding the purse strings on this doesn't understand what they have. This was a major, slow burning, word of mouth hit in the early 90s. It may be that there is some reluctance to risk a DVD release given the cultish (ie low?) original viewing figures (I don't know what they were), but believe me, everyone who watched that show was passionate about and addicted to it!

This show BATTERED naked video and inspired Harry Enfield/Fast Show etc.
Come on. We'll make you rrrrrrrrrrrrrich! ish.

Justin O'Gorman
Bramhall, Stockport, UK

Please please please, release this series on DVD.

many thanks

Matthew Davies
Manchester, UK

I watched all the shows when they were first aired, I thought they were amazing & find this kind of comedy so so funny. Since then of course there was Barry Welsh, who I introduced to a lot of friends when I was working in Andover, Hants. They all thought the same.

I sit here & watch these clips over n over again, just watched the men doing dressage, had forgotten it, spliting my sides laughing.

If this was released on DVD I would but it on release day. Please Channel four do the right thing you won't be sorry

Cheers IAN AKA Wynff

Ian Charles

Bring Back Absolutely

I remeber seeing it when i was younger and I thought it was the funniest show on tv. I've been watchin clips on youtube and they're so good. they bring back so many funny memories.  please bring back my beloved Absolutely!!!!

Scot Brading
Cockburnspath, Scotland

I wish 'Absolutely' to be released on DVD because it is clearly as good as, if not better than, other Scottish comedy shows such as 'Naked Video' and 'Chewing The Fat'.

Also it was aired at a time when shows did not automatically get a DVD release at the end of each series run. If it had been aired now it would almost certainly be available on DVD. This is patently unfair.

Additionally, the humour is not at all dated and would easily sit alongside contemporary sketch shows such as 'Little Britain'  and 'The Fast Show'. In fact, it is probably more current and on trend than it was when it was made.

Furthermore, it contains many, many catchphrases which the mobile phone ringtone companies could exploit to enormous fiscal gain.

Finally, I feel the only reason it has not secured a DVD release is because it is a SCOTTISH show (with several English actors ) and the powers-that-be believe it would not have UK-wide appeal. Which is a load of BOBBINS!.

Mrs Tweedy
West of Scotland

I was an avid fan of absolutely and have always regretted that I didnt tape it. I thought it never got the recognition it deserved and I suspect it has been plagiarised also (see the Fast shows unlucky alf...Bert Bastard?).
It would mean alot if I could have a copy of every episode, as I feel that this show was on a par (if not better than) its contemporaries. Bring em back, so I can show everyone what I was babbling on about in the 90's!!!!

Gavin Hickin
Stourbridge, West Midlands

Given the crap that does get repeated, it's poor form this never has been.

John Yorston

The Absolutely series was a defining moment in british comedy never seen before or repeated since.  dvd for sale please.

Tristan Mackie

Despite being 29, I can´t remember this being on TV.  I am now hooked.  I always recommend people to watch: McGlashan: We even invented the English, World Cup Draws and Reading the News.  Stoneybridge Olympic Bid is very good as well.  Shame we have to watch these on tinternet.


Absolutely was (is) a gem and it's a mystery to me why it's never been released on DVD. I'd certainly buy one and I know several others who would too.

Jim P
Berkshire, UK

I strongly support your intentions to release the series Absolutely series on DVD for the floowing reasons.

a) I was an avid fan of the shows and found them to be hilarious and enertaining!
b) Whilst there are other "classic" Scottish comedy shows available on DVD, such as, Still Game, The Vital Spark, Chewing the Fat, etc., it would be very unfair and disappointing to hold back on the public, by keeping all these wonderful sketches in the vaults.
c) The revenue from DVD sales would be substantial.

Davey Mullen
Stewarton, Ayrshire. SCOTLAND

I am desperate for this to go on DVD - i made my own 'no wasps' sign when I was a teenager!

Charlotte Taylor
Middlesbrough, uk

Absolutely, THE best comedy program ever to be shown on TV.  I used to watch this gem of a program with all my friends. it was wathced religously and we where gutted when it finnished. One of the best sketches was the one with Jack Docherty in a blonde curly wig sitting in a doctors waiting room. he then proceeds to eat his fingers. the sketch keeps going back to Jack as he eats himself and on the final visit, it's just his head left. The person next to him ask him what he's in for and Jack looks at him and say's.......i can't stick to my diet! Classic. i still have a chuckle every time i remember that.


Why can't they re-run Absolutely instead of programmes like 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps which is completely sh**e.

John Warnock

Absolutely MUST be released - complete and unabridged - as soon as is humanly possible! It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the funniest, most influential comedy series ever aired on UK TV. Its legacy can be seen in many of today's sitcoms and sketch shows; influences are patently obviously noted in such greats as Big Train, The fast Show, Catherine Tate, et al. The list goes on...

I do not _want_ a DVD of Absolutely to be released - I NEED it! I daren't watch my VHS recordings any more - for fear of them self-destructing, so crispy are they.

I hereby pledge my £30-40 for the boxset - yes, I want all three delicious series in one big fat box of comedy gold.

Come on, Channel 4 - play the game! You release all kinds of toss. GIVE US ABSOLUTELY ASAP!

(If anyone knows of the correct address (email or otherwise) to petition C4 for a release, I'd be more than happy to add my voice.)

Cheers to all Absolutely fans worldwide,

zarathustra =]


Wiltshire, UK

Release it on DVD cause it needs to be seen! It's so funny....

Dave McNeill

ABSOLUTELY was the funniest sketch show of the 1990's. Every episode had something memorable or brilliant in it. It broke the mould of British comedy.
I cannot remember laughing so much than when Morwenna Banks did her "little girl" or John Sparkes played Denzil for example. It is criminal that this has not been released on DVD with a host of extras plus commentaries by the cast. 
Please release it as soon as possible.

Alex Goldfinch
East London UK

I, David Boothroyd, hereby pledge that when the full series of 'Absolutely' is released on DVD, I will make sure not only to buy it myself but to tell all my friends (including those not old enough to have seen it when it went out) to buy it too. I think it's absolutely scandalous that it's not been released yet when any old rubbish from the 1980s is available on DVD, naming no Naked Videos, oops sorry names.

David Boothroyd
London, UK

Please release Absolutely on DVD or Give it another run on some TV channel 

Thomas Matthew
Dublin, Ireland

This was one of the funniest programmes when I was growing up and one of those that was a wee bit rude but that parents didn't mind you watching because it was a harmless bit of fun.
Coming from near Falkirk, my friends and I liked the fact we could tell someone to 'Get to Falkirk' and not get in any trouble! 
I still giggle at the thought of the Stoneybridge community and put the accent on whenever referring to places with similar names (once worked in a place called Stoneywood and without fail would adopt a Stoneybridge accent and read out the name when passing the sign).

My sister and I have been searching and hoping to find this series on DVD for years so I hope this campaign is successful - two guaranteed purchasers of the whole series right here!

Channel 4 or whoever is responsible please, please, please release this series ASAP - it's cruel not to.
Absolutely yours

K Jack
Hull, UK - Scotland originally

This must be released as it is one of the only comedy shows that actually made me hurt from laughing so much. I can't believe it's not been released yet. 3 of the 4 series are now being shown on Teleport's On Demand service which has made me want to buy it even more!

Rebecca Belgian
Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Brilliantly funny and original show. I want it on DVD now!!!

Rob Wilkinson

What a show!
It's a disgrace that it hasn't been released on DVD.
Get it sorted!

Ross McMahon

There is a desperate need for this to be on DVD. So many sketches are still relevant today. Charity, Global warming. -No forget all that, having just watched some of the reruns on Virgin On Demand, it is still top notch spot on laughs, all the way-

Just do it, alright

Stuart Amer
Kent, UK

A briliant show, much in need of repeating - don't do a Goodies on us & leave us (& a generation who have not seen it ) in the sh*t ! Jim Green.

Jim Green
Bedfordshire. Britain.

'Absolutely' must be repeated and / or released on DVD otherwise the Welsh Institute of Wood will banish Denzil to the far side

Apart from that I want to laugh loudly again @ :
Frank Hovis on the 'ravatory'
The Stoneybridgers and 'Seen Canary'
Callum Gilhooley
Don and George
etc etc etc
as my video copies are now worn out and beyond playing

If it is made available I promise that I will never, ever again mention that all Englishmen are pooves (which they are, however.....)
All the best with the petition

Alasdair Gordon (Scottish - not an English poo.......sorry)

Absolutely was one of the most influential Sketch shows of the late eighties not only in the UK but abroad as well. Canadian cult comedy team "Kids in the hall" once qouted being influenced by this show. How and why it has been subverted I'll never know. I once bought a copy of series one of the spin off series "Mr Don and Mr George" for a pound from Asda bewildered at why it was cheaply disgarded by consumers but  I treasure it now for it's obvious rarety.
Although some sketches are now dated there is a wealth of sureal humor here that is timeless. This is to the likes of the Mighty Boosh as Link Ray is to the sex pistols. Although these new genres of comedy are so distanced from Absolutely we must achknowledge their origins there as people achknowledge the origins of Punk Rock in the early experiments in distortion that Link Ray started.
If we are forced to endure Harry Enfeilds career being dragged back into the limelight why can't we at least pay tribute to the genius that bought us Calum Gilhooly and Stoney Bridge?

Andrew Murray
Kawasaki, Japan

Absolutely was certainly one of the sharpest pieces of comedy I can recall on TV. I would imagine that airing the entire collection again would be a treat to many. Surely some home grown talent deserves the exposure over the endless re-runs of Friends.
Please consider our opinions.

Ian Craig

Absolutely's a classic comedy from my youth which i remember being quite cutting edge for its time. I'm sure if released on DVD it would gain a cult following through the original fans and todays student generation. In a few years we'll be looking back at the 1990's the same way the 1980's is going through a retro revival just now so get a grip Channel 4 and get Absolutely out for us to watch!

Kilmarnock, Scotland

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

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