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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

Hi Andy,
Stumbled on your page today and with it the great and necessary work you're doing to keep the Absolutely flame alive.

This comedy was, in my opinion, one of the most memorable and ground-breaking comedies of its time, yet it's increasingly overlooked while it gathers dust in, well ... wherever it's gathering dust.  It should be taken out, shaken forcefully, given a quick blow (for remaining dust, I mean) and nailed instantly onto a bunch of DVDs and thrown to the four corners of the earth for us all to enjoy and cherish once again.  [Oh, hang on.  The earth's round, isn't it.]  ... should be thrown all round the world for us all to, ... etc.

You can't get your hands on this stuff anywhere.  Not even on one of those dodgy shopping channels selling stuff you can't get in shops (apparently).  For years I've yearned to see it again, but with no hope of ever doing so.  Your petition, and the encouraging responses posted from The Great Gordon at Absolutely Productions, are creating those funny little tingly feelings you get at the top of your bum crack in times of excited anticipation.

So, get the whole lot out as a boxed set ASAP.  And remember to include, with each box, a pair of chicken skin shoes ("one size fits all")!!
With best regards,

Neil Jenkins
Toulouse, France

I would love to see Absolutely on DVD as it reminds of me of Scotland.  Since moving away 7 years ago, it is always nice to see old Scottish shows that remind me of home (and of my youth)!!!

Jönköping, Sweden

I loved this show as a child and over the years I've almost worn out the old VHS tape my parents so thoughtfully used to record some of the episodes! I need the entire series on DVD because my tape is in danger of breaking :-P

So many people loved this show, I'm really surprised it was never released on VHS back in the day (aside from the one tape that made it to the shelves), never mind now when almost everything else (no matter how dire) is getting multiple DVD editions released.

Louise McLaughlan
Glasgow, Scotland

"There are a shop in Madagascar what are open quite late!"

There simply has to be a DVD of this incredible show out soon. I was mesmerised by it and like many others have spent years quoting it to non-plussed millions. These shows are our past and our memories. The TV companies have no right to disregard our needs.
Thank heavens for You Tube, where I have just found the many clips you have posted.
Well done to you, sir. I knew somebody would have the wherewithall to get it up there.
Watch my Absolutely clips on Youtube by clicking here.

DVD NOW!!!!!!!!

Simon Zarych
Kent, UK

Absolutely was simply the best comedy sketch show ever produced for British television. The writing was superb and the characters truely unique and memorable. In my opinion this show stands head and shoulders over anything done since and I include Little Britian, The Fast Show and The Catherine Tate Show. Calum Gilhooley still has me in stiches and I think McGlashin is simply the greatest comedy character ever created. I still laugh at the thought of his play "Back in Time" where a man goes back in time to 1965...and shoots Geoff Hurst. Brilliant...just, absolutely brilliant.

I currently live in New York but I was lucky enough to "vid-day-o"  a lot of the episodes of "Absolutely" when they first aired. I even bought a universal VHS player when I arrived over here so I could still watch my old UK tapes. Sadly, my Absolutely videos are showing the strain of time as I've played them so many times. If there is any justice on this earth someone somewhere will realise the value of this diamond of a show and get the material onto DVD so we can treasure it for ever.

If there are any would be distributors out there reading this petition let me share this thought with you: Fox Network canceled a cartoon show called "Family Guy" a few years ago because they didn't think the ratings were good enough. It lay around for a while until Cartoon Network picked it up and gave it a late night slot during the week. The ratings for "Family Guy" in that slot were higher than CBS's ratings for "The David Letterman Show" which aired at the same time. This was enough for Fox to box the first two seasons and distribute on DVD. They made a killing, so much so that Fox got the original cast back and Family Guy is just completing it's fifth season. "Absolutely" deserves the chance to be recognised as the truly brilliant show that it is. So come on Channel 4. Try repeating the show to generate interest (the material is still really strong and relevant) and then make some money by issuing the DVD's.

Oh, if only toilet paper were money, then maybe Frank Hovis could grant our wish. Or better yet, the Stoneybridge Council. Maybe they could do another promotional vid-day-o after their near miss to get the 1996 Olympics.
I live in hope.

Eddie Cairnie
New York

My wife and me both loved this show and have always wished we had it on tape to watch again.
Well done for all your hard work and carn't wait for the DVD.


Andrew Wilson
Manchester, UK

Absolutely may not have been on air for 13 years but my memories of the the characters have not died.. I need to educate my younger friends with the hilarity of Bert 'Bugger' Bastard, the Stoneybridge Councilors, Denzil & Gwenedd and all the other beautifully crafted sketches..
My cheque book is waiting, bring on the complete DVD... PLEASE.!!!

Simon Read

I was reminded only yesterday about how hilariously funny Absolutley was / is, when my daughter asked me where Stoneybridge was. I took great delight in rattling off all my favorite characters to her, the man on the toilet etc..  A dvd of this much ignored show would be the top of my xmas wish list. Why hasnt it been shown on UKGold yet, everything else seems to have done?

Jimmy T
Runcorn Cheshire

Does anybody else remember the Absolutely sketch where they all pranced around pretending to be horses? Or the one where frank Hovis coffed up someone else's pubic hair on to the dining table or when he had damp patches around the Lino in the lavatory and of course all of the Stonybridge sketches. Nothing has come close to being this funny come on repeat it or put it on DVD.

Weston Super Mare, UK

Absolutely was and still is one of the funniest home grown tv comedies ever to be shown. Would I love to see it on dvd then, Would I love to see it on dvd now ?????
this is the resting place of Jack The Kipper, who used to harass prostitutes by slapping them on the bottom with a kipper.....
Denzil why does a hoover suck and not blow.... because gwenith it has no teeth......
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ha ha ha ha hahahaha
Anyway to summerise, please please get all of the full series on DVD as soon as possible (my video copies are wearing very thin).....

Denis and Caroline

Absolutely is one of the best (and most underrated) comedy shows in history. We should be given the chance to see it again, outside of the Stoneybridge Olympics sketch shown on those sketch countdown shows (which in itself is impressive given how little press Absolutely is given in comparison with the other shows on those lists)

Adam Wilson
Grangemouth, Scotland

I need to educate my teenage kids of the humour from Absolutely.
Have told them in length about the scenes I remember but they really need to see these to appreciate the far-fetched hilarious comedy which was Absolutely...

A Macklin
Northants, U.K.

Great job on the web site Andy. I Googled "Absolutely" a few years ago and turned up very little. I thought that no-one had watched or remembered the show until last year, when a Stoneybridge sketch was voted the 30th best ever sketch by Channel 4 viewers (see here).
Ian Hislop was interviewed for the accompanying programme, and said something to the effect that Absolutely had been criminally ignored. I'm sure we all agree with that!

"Absolutely" has lots of fans, as this petition is testament to. So please, please, PLEASE Gordon/"powers that be" let's have that DVD soon!

London, UK

Well, we have been bombarded with tons and tons of sometimes questionable "classic comedy" from BBC MoneyHandOverFist Enterprises. First it appeared in video format (no tape over 90 minutes, otherwise it becomes a Boxed Set), and then The Corporation forced fans to upgrade to DVD. How many times can they release BlackAdder? *Nothing against the series mind...*

Yet a huge lump of my past is missing. I have some crinkly old Long Play VHS recordings of the second series of Absolutely. And that's it. I mean, I love Denzil's Missus getting sucked into the vacwwum cleaner, and I REALLY LOVE Frank Hovis. But I miss the bits I'm missing, as it were.

And what about a whole generation of kids growing up YET NOT quoting "To the radiogram" or "Help Your Mother!!" or any of the other thousands of immensely quotable gems.

Britain's sense of identity is deteriorating (according to the press). We are losing our Britishness. And Absolutely is not available on DVD. Am I the only one to see the obvious connection?

Well that's enough ranting. Just get it back on the telly (for telly watching types) and on DVD (for people who don't have a telly - like me) FORTHWITH. I think my point is well and truly made.

Good luck, and remember, it's no worse than a bit of soap floating around...

Rev. Brad Jackson.

Brad and Lisa Jackson
East Yorkshire, UK

Please make Absolutley available on DVD !!!!

Tal Fisher
Givatayim, Israel

Please, please release these comedy nuggets on DVD.  It is the only way that the youth of today would be able to watch a sketch show with real inventiveness and quality writing as oppose to banal p!sh like Little Britain that is merely I joke retold, badly.

I would be especially proud as a Scot if it could make a return as there has been a dearth of real talent from us since.


Absolutely was class..........unlike so much other old comedy released on dvd...........timeless too........it is, its true

Please please please - one little dvd but so much laughter

Mark Riley
St Albans

Please release every episode of this brilliant programme on DVD.  I spent my late teens and early 20's trying to convince everyone I knew to watch this strange show that was tucked away late at night on Channel 4.

I loved it.  I loved the weird family, the strange little girl, the Welsh bloke on the lavatory and of course 'Stoneybridge'.



Must be released on dvd, most under rated comedy ever!

Steven Bartlam
Northumberland, UK

Please make Absolutley available on DVD !!!!

Guy Fisher
Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Please put Absolutely out on DVD! I've been waiting so many years to see it again!

Essex, UK

Oh my god!!!!
    Where are the god dam thrills? and the dvd release?
I'm gagging for an absolutely fix, I miss it!
Please release it soon. It brings back so many memories and is refreshingly funny still.


Bring it back, the best comedy show I ever saw.

Stephen Ride
Galashiels, Scotland

Get it sorted! Or I'll be laying a wee curly jobbie on your doorstep! Similar to those found in the back of taxi's resembling a coiled cobra.

Ed Wood

This is a clasic comedy series that deserves to be remembered in a modern format that a new generation can enjoy

Philip Carberry
Orkney islands scotland

I'm glad to see that someone has started a petition to get Absolutely released on DVD.

I used to love the show and last Christmas wanted to see if I could get some episodes on DVD to give as presents. My sister loved the sketch where they were pretending to be riding horses to the Radetzky march.

When my searches were fruitless, I was absolutely astounded. When you consider that far inferior shows, such as the Fast Show, are on wide release, it doesn't make any sense.

My favourite character was the little girl, but every character was well drawn, well written and very funny. And every actor was brilliant, John Sparkes was often stomach churningly gross, but great, especially as Denzil, the DIY supremo.

There is nothing on like it now. Little Britain was alright for 2 series but overstretched last year - and Modern Toss? Time Trumpet? There just isn't the inventiveness. Or the humour, I even loved jack Docherty's English hating scot.

Stop messing about and get it in the shops for Christmas - or else (I'll have to get my sister an inferior gift)


Richard Price
Bedworth, England

Big fan of Absolutely and of Morwens Banks, an underated talent who should have been seen so much more. I was sad when it ended and bitter that many inferior comedy shows have surfaced on UK Gold etc. This was well written and pinched a nerve in my funny bone. Need a re-run and need a dvd release now.

Andrew Cooper
Dursley, Gloucestershire

I'm still using most of the jokes and catchphrases on a daily basis!!!!


Channel 4 has been consistently great at putting out comedy, and subsequently issuing it on DVD.  The Father Ted DVDs were a great example of this, as were the Drop The Dead Donkey ones.

I'm asking for Absolutely to be released on DVD as it was another gem from Channel 4.  I particularly loved Pete Baikie's musical items, and Morwenna Banks at the little girl (so much like my little niece now when she explains things!). 

The 80's and 90's were great for British comedy on Channel 4.  Now, apart from Peter Kay, we just seem to get constant Big Brother, which is a shame.

Barbara Kirk
Wakefield, UK

Yes bring back Absolutely, one of the best comedies ever!

Bob Burwell

After recently trying to explain Absolutely to a friend, I came across this web site and the vido clips. I spent most of Saturday night howling at the likes of Frank Hovis and Calum Gilhooley. Please please bring it back on DVD or vido or whatever, just bring it back it truly deserves another airing.

Rob Wilkinson
South yorkshire U.K.

I only just watched this today on video and it was totally fantastic!! This needs to be relaesed on DVD!! It'd be criminal if it wasn't!!!

Darren Waring
West Midlands, UK

It was a wonderful droll.comment on our world today.  Even reading a description of the characters /sketches makes me smile. I have a couple (i think)  of parts of episodes recorded on VHS . John Sparkes my favourite..so articulate

Geoff Morris
Coventry w midlands

Absolutely has to be released on DVD, it was the funniest show on TV, and I know people that have never heard of it! This has to change!

Yeovil, Somerset

I have been constantly looking for the last 3 years for any DVD of this Excellent comedy show, will never forgat DIY Denzil,s reply to gwynnth,s question of "why does a hoover suck" his reply was "because it does'nt have any teeth you stupid women", Absolutely hilarious!
Please bring it out on DVD?

Phill Stevens
Essex , UK

"here is a map of England which will now be renamed Poofland"
"a pinger ponger!!"
or sumthing like that, this show was absolute genius only vic n bob in thier prime came remotely close
this needs to be released, theres far too much substandard comedy around,

Matt Wilson
Leeds, England

How fantastic that so many people feel the same. I am lucky enough to have several episodes on good old video tape which I treasure. However, back in the day I missed quite a few episodes and would love to see these and have them to enjoy over again on DVD.
I have never laughed so much in my life and can rely on the likes of Stoneybridge town council to cheer me up every time. Pure quality, pure class - BRING IT BACK!


There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

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