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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I would not be who i am today if i had never seen Absolutely;it helped to shape me. I'm sure it's been said countless times,but it's the closest thing to Python that we've ever had. In a world of dire,unfunny,badly written comedy, Absolutely needs to be ushered back into society to show all the wannabes how it should be done. Plus,my dvd collection will never be complete otherwise.
Think you know comedy? You need Absolutely.

Scott Jarratt


Can't believe given the huge amount of dross released on DVD every week that we've yet to see a release for this seminal series.  I'm lucky enough to own one of the videos, but that only has around 70 minutes of absolute madness.  Where's the rest???

Paul Mutch
Fife, UK

We have to be able to see Morwenna Bank's "Little Girl" again. This is absolutely essential to the humour health of the nation.

Martin Evans
Bungay, Suffolk

Stoneybridge must return!
This series still sticks in my mind after all these years. it still brings a smile to my face when I remember Frank on the toilet, Shadwell, Callum, Don and George.

Fair play to you for keeping the memory alive. If they ever bring out the dvd I would buy it in an flash!

Gavin mcColl
Hampshire uk

I was young when Absolutley first aired, around 12-13, so please forgive me as I can't remember exact details. I only know that I used to love it and would dearly love to watch it again. If the Nightingales (another brilliant, underated comedy) can get a dvd release then so should Absolutely.

Again forgive me for not giving detauiled reasons but I am/was/will be a big fan of this programme.

Ed Casey
Newport, Gwent

This was a highly original and very funny sketch show which hasn't been bettered since. It blows overrated shows like Little Britain out of the water.
MacGlashan, Callum, Frank Hovis, Denzil and Bet Bastard are comedy immortals.
There is no way this show should be forgotten- get a DVD out for people who appreciate good comedy.

John Cooper
Cambridgeshire, UK

This series was one of the funniest ever shown on Channel 4.  The fact that they appeared in Britain's top 50 sketches on the latest in  a long line of tv charts, proves that this is under-rated but still well loved. 

We put up with all the American tosh that doesn't make it and are given the opportunity to watch tosh like Joey or chat shows like Tyra (oh Lordy, if ever I lost the will to live watching t.v. it was watching that piece of trash one day when I was ill) but quality tv?  Very limited.

Please, please give us the chance to see the comedians we loved so much...the sketches about car stickers, the singers around the classical piano, the gang from Stoneybridge and my personal favourite, hte Welsh guy...was it Shadwell??
Bring it back!!!!!!!

Sue Taff
Sheffield, UK

Absolutely was (and remains) the funniest sketch show I've ever seen. All of the cast should be granted the freedom of Stoneybridge and John Sparkes the freedom to do what he likes -on any TV channel, at any time! When you look at some of the dross that's released on DVD, it beggars belief that such a fondly remembered show has somehow managed to miss the radar. The money is ready and waiting -as soon as the DVD is available, I'll be down the shops like a shot -and then watch it accompanied by a pint of old phlegm lovely beer!

Cambridge, UK

Get it released ffs its not Nelson Mandela.
Jeff Jones

Cramlington, Northumberland (We don't have a stoney bridge!)

There has been a titanic struggle going in Mr Hovis's underpants and his battle should be shared for us all.  My vido player does not work anymore so it is the only way I can enjoy Stoneybridge. (Also can you release Mr Don and Mr George on DVD at the same time - There's been a thing)

Ian Broadbridge
Bristol, UK

'Absolutely' is hilarious!
I may be biased as a Scot but I'd rank it alongside 'Blackadder', 'Red Dwarf', 'Little Britain' etc. as the cream of British television comedy. If you're having trouble getting it repeated in the UK let alone released on DVD then what hope is there for me seeing it again stuck here in Oz?

Stish Nangle
Sydney, Australia


Absolutely.  Pant wettingly funny.  I was speaking about the show with some friends tonight, remembering some of the characters and sketches.  We were all in fits of laughter.  At that point I decided that when I got home, I'd go straight onto Amazon and by the DVD, becuase SURELY it would be on DVD.  But no. Not sausage.  Couldnt believe it. 

Why has it not been released?  Classic Scottish comedy at is very best.  Stuff that should be kept and passed down the generations to your grand children.

Edinburgh, UK

Release it on DVD because the world needs it. And besides, the TV's rotten here.

Stewart C. Russell
Toronto, Canada

G for gnome! Why does a hoover suck? Becase it doesn't have any teeth!  You've got to stimulate the clematis!  Wash as you go and it doesn't build up!  By Aberystwyth those people know how to make wallpaper!  Gavin lives in York!  Bloody peas!

Shall I go on - 15 years later I still remember so many sketches and catchphrases.  Absolutely was a superb comedy show with consistently high quality writing, no filler and laughs by the bucketload.  I would not hesitate to buy the lot if available on DVD or would love to see re-runs expecially considering some of the rubbish about at the minute.  I used to have the lot recorded on VHS but stupidly recorded over it years ago when I was short of tapes.  Why oh why oh why!!!!!!!

Peter McCarroll
Lisburn, Co Antrim

Its extrodinary, the amount of affection and fond-memories this series is held in! - just reading tru the comments, I remember so many of the characters I'd forgotten, and the classic sketches i'd half-remembered. -i'm sure the DVD would be a seller if it were released. - fingers crossed!

Galway, Ireland

The world deserves to see Absolutely in its entirety, especially for the genius of John Sparkes  ".....you can kick him in the teeth.....It's for charity!...." etc, etc

The point has already been made that the age group that watched it originally will now have a bit of cash, and I'm sure a DVD would sell extremely well.

Ian Maddox
Port Hedland, Western Australia

I have searched and searched in the past to try and buy a vid or DVD of the series would love to be able to buy one.  Many of my friends and family loved the show and even now, we somehow manage to bring 'Stoneybridge' into conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, please, please release it on DVD

Sam Watts

Channel 4 MUST release all the episodes of Absolutely on DVD. It was a superb TV show and deserves a full release (along with The Mary Whitehouse Experience from the BBC).

Mark McArdle
Cheshire, UK

As a fan of top rate comedy, I have to say that Absolutely is in my top 3  one of the funniest shows I've seen (along with Bill Hicks & Phoenix Nights - eclectic tastes or what?!?!). In my opinion the true test of a shows influence is its ability for sketches or characters to stay fresh in the mind, and for the briefest mention or smallest reference to elicit a smile or a laugh - even after 15 years off screen, my friends of a similar vintage and I all remember Stoneybridge Olympics bid & Calum Gilhooly boring the ar5e off anyone he meets, and some can recite word-for-word various sketches. AFTER 15 YEARS!!!!!! This show has to be repeated, or at the very least released on DVD. If nothing else, it will teach young fans that there's more to comedy than dire tripe like "My Family"!!

Colin McDonald
Ghana, Western Africa

I remember watching the series and finding it THE funniest sketch program ever. Memories of Frank on the lavatory and Stoneybridge still make me laugh today. I hope the series is released on DVD, I would love to own this fantastic series, which is far better than most of todays so called comedy and would, I think, prove very popular.

Pete Rooney
Chester, Cheshire

Please release Absolutely on DVD.  I lost the video in 1995 when my ex-girlfriend kept it and I still have not got over losing it!
The fact that so many people have bothered to find an obscure web site and sign this petition bodes well for retail sales when the box set is released!

Lanny Vogel
Bournemouth, UK


This Series ought to be released on DVD.

Tom Hancock
Cambridge, UK

This is a classic comedy sketch show, with a large and growing fan base, any DVD release would be sell in large numbers to old and new fans of the show.

Liam Kearney
Strabane Ireland

Absolutely: the most ace thing ever.
Release the DVDs. I'll even buy copies for all my friends...


I think it would still have mass, if not 'cult' appeal today. I used to have a screen name called nipnapsh*te that the majority of people in the chatroom knew from 'Absolutely' days. Always the comment was "do they have a DVD?"


Absolutely was one of the top three comedy sketch shows ever! I personally would purchase many many many copies of the DVD - if there was on! Come on Ch.4 - lets have them repeated, please!

Jim Rumsey

Release it simply because it is the funniest series EVER.

John Valentine
Musselburgh, Scotland

Quite simply one of the best comedy sketch shows of the 90s. It is, it's TRUE!!! Seeing as one can not even get hold of a copy of "Absolutely - The Vido" (it's "videyo") any more (although this was a let-down - we wanted each series in it's entirety!!!) - I am all for pressuring those concerned into releasing the whole lot on DVD now! There would be guaranteed sales - everyone of my generation remembers the show & it's humour needs to be passed on to the new lot - God knows they could do with a sense of humour!!! :o)

Bring back Frank Hovis, the Little Girl, Don & George, Denzil & Gwynedd ("Dr. Willseeyounow say that you are what you eat... and you have obviously eaten something very stupid!" - genius!), the lounge pianist , Gwyn & all the others! They are sorely missed.

Elias Cameron
Worcester, U.K.

Let's hope that Absolutely Productions deal with Freemantle Media will mean that the DVD is finally released


We were lucky enough  to see some of the original run of Absolutely. We loved it so much we ordered a video compilation which we have used over the years to introduce many friends to Absolutely.
I went once again to our video collection (which has been severely reduced since the advent of DVD) to introduce a scottish friend to the delights of the programme. I was horrified to discover that it had previously been lent to someone ...... but don't know who and therefore our best comedy video ever is lost.
I thought naively "No worries. Its about time we had a DVD version."

Please, please, please release this series in full on DVD so future generations can experience the wonders of Absolutely. Don't let this comedy (arguably funnier than Monty Python) become a mere memory .... its just far too good!!

Sue Newport
Somerset, UK

I think it was the funniest show on TV. My wife and myself still remember it very well and as we live close to a village called STONY stratford which has a bridge,it always brings to mind STONYBRIDGE

Roland Bentley


Was just the funniest show along with Mary Whitehouse (which also disappeared into the abyss) - Still try and describe the "Stoneybridge - City of Discovery" sketch now. Would definitely buy the DVDs

Phil Marston Cheshire, UK

This is the funniest comedy i've ever seen. All those years on the telly in demand by viewers, and it's not released on DVD yet?
I'm drooling at the thought of this being released, and hope that they release all episodes in a box set rather than just the highlights. I for one will buy it.

Neil Stewart
Sydney, Australia

It was the funniest thing on TV and I still annoy people to this day with the catchphrases. It was (and still is) so refreshing to have a funny sketch show that isn't so far up its own arse it can see through its own mouth. The characters (especially Denzil) are streets ahead of anything recent.

With the amount of tripe already released on DVD, at least give something great a chance.

Cornwall, UK

Release this stuff on DVD!
This was a quality comedy programme that is far too good to be buried and forgotten about.


DVD now please!!!!!
Aberdeen, Scotland

Why in Swansea hasn't this been released on DVD. There's simply *no* excuse not to...

Gareth Bouch
London, UK

Like many otherz, I'm zdaggered that thizz haz never been repeated. When you zee the trash that iz releazed on DVD theze dayz, it'z even lezz credible that there'z no way of seeing them again.

I managed to record 5 episodes on VHS at the time, but the tape is wearing thin. Come on Channel 4 get your collective fingers out.

Micky Ross
Glasgow, Scotland

PLEASE !!! the TV is awful here in the states and we miss Absolutely SOOOOOO much.  I promise to buy at least 3 copies!!!! Pretty please :D

USA, Expat

This series was an absolute classic and deserves to be repeated again, as well as released on DVD.  Why has this not been done? Many people have fond memories of this series, and when talk turns to comedy, it is always mentioned.  Why hasn't this dawned on channel 4 yet?

Stephen Cookson
Kent, England

This is one of the best comedy series to have ever been created.Original characters,great scripts,fantastic actors / comedians and to top it all of ...bloody funny as well.....John Sparkes was amazing some of the funniest characters ever to appear on TV.....Please repeat them all or even better release on DVD

Dave Parker
West yorkshire UK


A work colleague of mine slipped the word "zenzible" into conversation the other day and we both started wetting ourselves laughing (everyone else looked blank, but never mind). I went to check Absolutely DVD prices on Amazon and was astounded to find (after scrolling past 20 pages of Absolutely Fabulous collections) that it hasn't been released on DVD!

Given that the people who were students when the show was originally aired are in the 35-ish age group now with some money to spend, Channel 4 must be sitting on a potential goldmine. I for one would snap up a box set of the complete episodes like a shot. And any show featuring characters like Bert "stimulate her clematis" Bastard and Frank "coiled and glistening" Hovis deserves a wider audience.....

Dave Thomas
Bristol, UK

Quite simply the iconic cult comedy show of the early 90s. Nothing else matches it. There are literally thousands of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s up and down the land who will want this DVD. Prime DVD buying public. If I had the rights I'd be releasing it straight away!

Dave Miller
Aberdeen, U.K.

An extremely funny and original comedy which I would love to see again.  Would definitely buy DVDs of this series

Martin Lewis

Take my cars, my dog, my wife and my house. Just give me the finest sketch show this country has ever produced.
Please. I'm on my knees here.

Jim Hutchinson
Stirling, UK

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