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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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I think it should be bought back on dvd because my mother has asked if its out yet ever since they started to make dvds!! please for the love of god, give me some peace and release it already!!!!

Mr Hulls

Great show!  Wouldn't be difficult to transfer it over.



If all the TV programmes that are on just now can be justified as comedy then its about time ABSOLUTELY was back on the box, would just wipe the floor with them completely.


Yes! I do know what an absolutely box set is!
it's a box of records that your mummy and daddy want to put in the televisioned player because they have a worned out tape that makes the television look all wobbly when they play it. They wants it cos if they want to buy the proper tapes of absolutely they have to buy it off a lady amazon from the computer who won't take money because she will only swap it for an arm and a leg. That is what an absolutely box set is. it is - it's true!!!!!

Martin Lowe
East Midlands, uk

Absolutely was one of the most creatively funny programmes there has ever been on TV. In the lineage of Spike Milligan and Monty Python (though better than Python in my opinion). It was always on at non-peak times and was not promoted in the way that so many lesser programmes have been (as a result of which I have never seen the earlier programmes). Needs to be repeated because I am sure that there is an audience who never caught on to the show when it was first broadcast. Needs to be on DVD as this is the type of comedy which can be viewed many times and actually become funnier over time (and repeats would create a new market for buying copies of the show). I am lucky enough to have the two Vidos but these are only part of the story and are now wearing out. I would buy a box set - and so would my brother.
We also need DVDs of the complete Mr Don and Mr George (also wearing out on video tape) and the Morwenna Banks Show.
So if you can sort all this out please I will go down to the station to get my note book while you make a cup of tea.

Peter Jennings

With out doubt this series was the best comedy of its time - surpassing Vic Reeves Big Night Out with ease.
Its originallity and sheer insanity make it the natural successor to Monty Python and Spike Milligan's "Q" series.
Please, please release the whole thing on DVD or show it on Paramount!!

Graeme Marchbank
Scotland - not Stoney Bridge!!!

Brilliant mildly surreal comedy that still gets talked about today . if it come out on dvd  e.mail me and I will buy it. forget London .Stoney Bridge for 2012

sandy fleming
Lanark, Scotland

Was such a brilliant underrated comedy program, I really dont no why channel four never released all the seasons on dvd. please show it again on channel 4 or let us buy the dvd- pleeze !!!!!

Tracey Peutherer
Armadale, Bathgate, west lothian, Scotland

Ever since I was introduced to Absolutely by my girlfriend at the time (now my wife!), i was hooked. The sooner it is released on DVD the better!

Chris Marriott
Nottingham, UK

Sat on a flight from Copenhagen and crying with laughter as I recounted the Frank Hovis sketch, where he has a titanic struggle, with a work colleague.  All of us of a certain age remember waiting for the humming theme tune and looking forward to the best 30 minutes of comedy.  Long before the latest fad comedies Absolutely was the topic of conversation at school/work.  Bring on the box set!

Damon Wheaton
Berkshire, UK

It should definitely be released on DVD. I'll buy it for starters, and I can think of a number of friends that would do the same. While we're at it, it should also be repeated.

Mark Balsom
Aldershot, UK

Lots of crap comming out on DVD so why cant something excellent and funny like Absolutely be released?

Slarty Bartfast


I cannot believe that this show has not been released on DVD yet, or repeated, it is a crying shame that so many people are not be able to enjoy the genius that is Absolutely.

Tony Arnold
Herts, England.

If they don't have the decency to release this stuff on DVD I feel I shall forced to go and live in Swansea...

Guy Garrard
In The Hoover

Stoneybridge! It's twue it's twue. Get this out on DVD now or it's  prejudice against the scottish, the best comedy since the Fast Show.. get it oot ya buggers!

Big Malky

Paul Graham
Coventry, but from Johnstone, Scotland

Release it now because it was a great series and it will sell!!!
Martin Kelly
Durham, UK

I loved squawkie talkie please bring it out on dvd or video or show it again.

Amy Gould
London, UK

While we're waiting for the Absolutely box set,  another vintage Scottish comedy series, NAKED VIDEO is being released on DVD on 17th July 2006.
Have a look on PLAY.COM to pre-order.

Bristol, UK

It should be repeated because it was a genuinely funny and unique show. Great Scottish humour ("English? We INVENTED the English!") and characters. It's bizarre how these independent shows don't seem to get repeated or released on DVD ("Chelmsford 123" is another example of a classic not-to-be-forgotten C4 show). It doesn't matter if people haven't even seen the show because one can't help but like it from the start. COME ON Channel 4 - get your act together, or at least sell the rights to the BBC and let them release it on DVD.

Christopher Goodall-Short
Málaga, Spain

To all involved with ABSOLUTELY. You may have underestimated how popular that show was! Have you seen how much used copies of the VHS go for on eBay? That in itself is an indicator of how much we all want to get our hands on a copy. If/When it does get released on DVD, I'm certain it will be a best-seller.Even now my husband and I use Absolutely-speak in our everyday conversations and folks think we've gone nuts. The public should be made aware of these characters again. When I call Sean Connery 'Seen Canary' and use Calum Gilhooley's phoenetic alphabet ('G' for Gnome) they'll understand....
Thanks for listening : )

Debbie Regan
Hull, uk

Would love to see Absolutely repeated on TV. pleeeeeease

Pam Baraud
Essex, England

This show was a classic.Absolutely hilarious and way ahead of it's time.I have a couple of episodes on tape and they are still laugh out loud funny now.
The characters were inspired.Frank Hovis and Callum always made me laugh,but the old guy had me in hysterics.
Channel 4...give us the DVD and repeat it now.It's much funnier than anything in the last 15 years.Will knock little britain off the top spot.



If you look at some of the s**t that does come out on DVD "Absolutely" should be released to redress the balance.  
Funnier than monty python ...

Ed Hawkins
Currently located in Adelaide, Australia

An excellent "new wave" comedy programme which set the pace for Chewin` the Fat, Only and Excuse, Still Game etc etc.
Must be repeated....its part of our rich comedy heritage.....!!

Ian Burnett
Huntly, Aberdeenshire

Please, please, please release this fantastic series on DVD

Cris Peploe
London, Uk

I've just spent an enjoyable few hours looking around your site. My friends and I often reminisce over some of the classic Absolutely characters and sketches. I'll make sure I e-mail them the link.
Like many others, I would love to see this and Naked Video released on DVD. I would certainly snap it up and I know many other who would.

Thanks for keeping the memory alive.

Mike Whitfield
Bangor, Northern Ireland

Absolutely on DVD, Why? 'Cos it was so damned funny and probably one of the best comedies ever.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (British ex-pat)

This programme used to have me in fits, the characters are wonderfully weird and unique and my firend Gareth used to do such good impersonations from it that I just want to see it again and relive those jolly times watching it.

Sally Roydhouse
East Yorks

Non stop laughter whenevr I watched it, and the classic Frank Hovis farting sketch has me crying with laughter everytime I watch it...even better than the renowned Blazing Saddles campfire scene!
Miles better than most of the current crop of sitcoms so...Let' have it on DVD now !!!!

David A

"Absolutely" was a great show; given that "Nightingales" has recently been released on DVD it seems strange that "Absolutely" remains unavailable. "Nightingales" was very funny but compared to "Absolutely" has a very limited appeal in terms of potential audience. Why has Channel 4 chosen to release the one but not the other? I seldom meet anyone whose even heard of "Nightingales" yet mention "Absolutely" and chances are that someone will start talking about Stoneybridge or one of the other characters.

Toby & Rachel Whitty
Frome, Somerset, England

I have got third generation copies of the first and second series only and I have been wanting to have better copies for years. I taped the 3rd & 4th series myself (as i was at a few of the recordings)and they are better but i still want them on dvd.  I would definately buy box sets of complete series but not 'best of' compilations.

Neil Jones
Clacton,Essex, U.K.

God what fond memories I have of this show - I am a native of Swansea and was particularly fond of John and Morwenna's Denzil & Gwynedd characters - now I live in Yorkshire and I would love to see a revival even more. I loved Pete Baikie's bizarre songs ("I can do anything anything anything anything A-haha!!!!) Don & George, and Stoneybridge Town Council reminds me so much about Rural Town Council meetings I now attend as part of my job, it's all I can do not to laugh all the way through them and it's a wonder I haven't been fired!!!   ABSOLUTELY the BEST TV sketch show EVER, and I cannot add any more than has already been said on this petition other than please, CHANNEL 4, BRING IT OUT ON DVD, SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yorkshire, England (formerly, errrSwanzzzeeee, home of Old Phlegm, lovely beer)


This is a classic series, and should be seen by all comedy fans, one of the closest things we`ve had to python in years,genius.


This was one of the funniest sketch shows of the 80s/90s turnaround and some of the sketches new and innovative.
If you didn't laugh at this, people had to check your pulse.
Gilhooley, McGlashan, Zorba, Don and George...... the list is endless. Taking over from Naked Video and predating Chewin' the Fat, this was a vital link in the chain.

Please, please repeat and or make available the series'.

Stuart Massie

What a classic TV show - very funny and unpretentious, unlike some!!
It is easily better quality than many which are available on DVD - why not Absolutely?????

Jasper Clark
Essex, UK

All the shows should be released on DVD, simply because I want it, and it was consistently one of the funniest series I think I've ever watched.

Sarah Pearce
Reading, UK

Fully support your campaign for the DVD release as well as a repeat broadcast.
Best of luck, looking at your news page it seems you are finally getting there so hope my support helps. Just wish I'd found your site sooner, it's first class!

Richard Lewis
Godalming, Surrey, UK

Please, oh PLEASE get this released on DVD asap!  Preferably the entire series and not just the material on the existing vidos.

I already own both the vidos but would buy any DVDs that were produced.
PS: It's vidaaaaaaaaayo!

Dave MacDonald

A cult series with memorable characters from influential writers should be released as a box set on DVD .

Reg Atkins
Hampshire, UK

They say you are what you eat so someone must have eaten something really stupid not to bring this series out on DVD

Fred Pontin
Cheltenham UK

This should be released on dvd because it is a classic comedy and should be available for fans to buy.  Channel 4 would make money out of this!  Please, please, please allow us to view this again on dvd as vid-e-os just don't cut the mustard anymore.

Kerry McCarroll
Lisburn, N. Ireland

This is one of Scottish Comedy's forgotten greats. The next episode could never come quick enough and I have spent the last 6-7 years listening to rumours of new series, re runs and DVDs.

Please let it be true.
Come on Channel 4, re issue.
If you do I will arrange for Maigrette to put oot.

Brian Lindsay
West of Scotland


The best comedy ever to be broadcast on TV, and still not vailable on DVD? what's happening? have they lost their heads? or the tapes ?

Al G
Melbourne, Australia

All hyberbole aside, this was one of the finest and most consistently funny sketch shows ever made. Had the good fortune to see the first episode again the other night and - references to Thatcher's Britain aside - the show stands up very well indeed. Are certain members of the group resistant to a DVD release? Ruddy shame.

Dan McDaid

Absolutely was one of the funniest sketch shows shown on TV in the early 90's and as such is well worthy of release on DVD. Many lesser series have been released so why not this one. Come on Channel 4 , pull your finger out.

Paul Smith
Waterlooville , Hants , UK

Absolutly NEEDS to be released on DVD to prove to all the youth that there was great comedy before Little Britain, Peter Kay and The Mighty Boosh.

Sarah Simms
East Dulwich UK

So, you want Absolutely on DVD then? No, I want Absolutely on DVD now!

Jason Rose
Inverness, a bit like Stoneybridge in that we have a stoney bridge

E4 showed a clip of Absolutely the other day and it reminded me of the unbridled genius that it was.
Come one, with all the rubbish you can get on DVD these days why have we not got this excellent show?

Niki Jones
London, UK

It is, quite simply, one of the best comedy sketch shows ever and, as a dyed in the wool python fan, that is saying something!

Chris Wood
Cornwall, UK

The funniest British comedy show ever - not having this available on DVD is a terrible waste.

Jeff Thomas
Den Haag, The Netherlands

Bring back Absolutely on DVD, the world is waiting. There are millions of new fans out there to be had and unless you bring a DVD out, they will never get to witness the comic genius that was Absolutely. There hasn't been a sketch show since that begins to hit the mark left by Absolutely. New series??? Come on, you know it makes sense.

Craig Ruff

There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrows below to view the next/previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.
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