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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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Finally! I've been searching for signs of life on Absolutely for so long... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have it come out on DVD (multi region of course, so we can also enjoy it here in America).
One of the best sketch comedy shows I've ever seen! I really miss Stoney-Bridge, the "little" girl's stories, and of course, my favorite: the Scotsman who claims to have invented frogs (among other things). Oh, and the fly.
PLEASE release it, my American friends (who've never seen it) think I've gone nuts when I try and explain this show to them :)

Keren Falkenstein
Los Angeles, CA

The series are quite simply a piece of history. There is often talk in the media of a multi-cultural Britain and all is rosey in the garden of England but when since Absolutely has a Scottish programme had such a broad appeal to the UK masses. I can't think of any. May be by repeating and specifically releasing the series on DVD, the UK will be reminded of what greatest is in Scotland. By the way I am a born and bred Englishman,

Oh, and did I mention how flaming funny it is.

Dom Miller
Eamworth, England

in a Welsh accent please.... Hello - my name's Shadwell - and my wife is brick.
Or so our kids think. We have been doing this sketch (amongst others) for -well almost an hour now....
We are getting very old and soon our fading memories will fail us and so we need one of those DVD things to remind us what our names are.... 

Shaun Frayne

Wonderful show, Everytime I visit Scotland I try to find Stonybridge and I cant find it!

Nick Foster
Reading Berkshire

It's a classic piece of british humour which should be released for all to enjoy. There's not many who will laugh as hard at the mere mention of Stoneybridge anymore..

Haydock, England

We could never understand why this FANTASTIC comedy series was not repeated ad nauseam, except you would never get sick of it. Someone is missing a great selling opportunity here. Someone once said no to the Beatles, too! Fresh, funny, part of our cultural heritage, has inspired loads of other stuff, and MUCH better than little britain!!!!! Please let us see it all again, and again....

Sue Westerman
Midlands uk


Please make a DVD of this series. John Sparks is a comedy genious.
Kevin Chard

It was the best comedy sketch show I have ever seen and I would definately buy it if it was released on DVD.

Nicola Ballantyne

Please let us relive the genius that was 'Absolutely' - and make our lives complete once again!

Helen Beard
Plymouth, UK

Absolutely MUST be released on DVD because the whole series was a wonderful out of anorak experience, and future generations of fans should not be denied!

Morag Kelly
Ayrshire, UK

Absolutely is one of the best sketch shows of the last few decades - it demands to be repeated and/or released in full on dvd.

Henry Parr

Absolutely should absolutely be re-run in full.  It's unbelievable that it's not been laid down on DVD.

It was the most consistantly funniest programme ever!
When you consider what has/is being re-run??????!!!!!!
Good luck with the campaign.
What is the reason?

Stephen Ball
Cheshire, UK

It's a must for all good Hibees, basically.

Alan Shaw

I have been waiting for Absolutely to be released on DVD for years. The price of the video compilations that appear on ebay should give an indication of the demand for available viewable material. Please, please keep on trying for a release of everything Absolutely on DVD and save me from trawling through the online auction lists.
Finally, thanks to the Absolutely team for a brilliant show that has never been matched since it left our TV screens and big thanks to this website for giving me the opportunity to write this begging letter.

glenn spencer
Kent, U.K.

Absolutely was truly exceptional and groundbreaking comedy - it changed the face of British comedy / humour (sorry, Macglashan - SCOTTISH comedy / humour) and deserves to get a wider audience.

Here's a test to see if it's sunk into our social consciousness.

Go up to a stranger and say "Stoneybridge" in a high-pitched voice. Chances are they will look blank, but repeat with a different stranger and soon you'll find someone who breaks into a broad smile, a conversation about the Absolutely series will begin, and it will probably contain phrases such as "you watched it as well?", "whatever happened to that, has it been on again?", along with other quotes from the series. Not many TV comedy shows that disappeared 15 years ago have had this effect!

Cambridge, UK.

Dear Mr Ch 4,
Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, release Absolutely and Mr Dom & Mr George on DVD or I'll get your cat and stick a banger up it's arse.

Rob Smith


We need Callum Gillhooley in our lives - release the DVD


The entire series should be released on DVD!


I think this show was and still is one of the funniest UK grown shows ever produced, it's stood the test of time remarkably well. It also manages to make both me (38 yr old) and my kids (6 and 9) laugh like the mad hairy laughing man without being (too) overtly rude that the kids can't watch. There are many other shows from that time that are out on DVD and are far less deserving than Absolutely and I think it's about time that the show was given a well deserved outing for the current generation to laugh until they cry like I did.

Chris Nice

We need the show on DVD now. It's simply one of the funniest there's ever been and it's frankly gobsmacking that it's not already available when you consider some of the stuff that is!

Andy Moore

Release it for all the great, great sketches. To show people who missed out.

Ian Blandford
Nottingham, UK

Please release me let me go...

It's only fair that the younger generations should be introduced to Frank Hovis crapping himself and little girls talking about....all sorts!
....why oh why has it not been released on DVD?

It's TWUE!!!
(and always remember - never wee-wee at home)

The Dave
Maidenhead - not Maidstone

Absolutely Funny Then, Absolutely Funny Now.

David Archibald
Perthshire, UK

forget dvd's make mcglashen first minister.


I'm fed up telling my 2 grown up sons this was the best tv prog ever ,
I still call my misses magrait to this day ,she has often told the familly we will be going to Stoneybridge on our hols

please hurry up with those DVDs

John Mckenzie
Torphichen ,scotland

To whom it may concern...
Please, please, please release on Digital Vido Disc ASAP.

For me, Absolutely IS the funniest sketch show ever. Don & George, Stoneybridge, Frank Hovis, Callum, etc. What a fantastic bunch of characters. The comedy songs were great too. "Start wearing a suit", "Sensible hair", "I just don't care", "Life ain't nothing without death" (and the associated Triffic animations.)

Would love to see other 'related' stuff too; Mr Don and Mr George, The Morwenna Banks Show, The Creatives, MAC, etc released... but Absolutely on DVD in its entirety is the really important one. You must feel for the poor sods who have no idea what it is, and what they've missed.

And remember...
"No Wasps"

John Gonsalves
Chelmsford, Essex, not nr Stoneybridge


Very simply, I'd like to see again a classic show with so many memorable characters and moments. I have a few episodes on old, worn VHS cassettes, which serve as a reminder just how funny Absolutely was. Glad to see that the petition seems to have worked; just registering my vote here as an extra customer that Absolutely Productions can add the "pre-order" pile...

Sean Ellis
Farnham, Surrey, UK

Simple. This was, and is, one of the funniest tv programmes.......ever!

Please repeat it or, even  better, bring it out on DVD so the drunks coming home from the pub can recreate those good times from the early 90's!

Michael Paull
Devon, UK

Please,please,please Channel 4 release the gem on DVD.
I've had "The Vido" on Vido since it's original release date and still crack up when watch such clasics as Colin's "G" for Gnome and the Stoneybridge Games Comittee.

My friends constantly ask to borrow it and are told not on your nelly this is irreplaceable and they cant understand why its never been remastered onto DVD as they would buy it instantly.

Alan Runcie

Great website.
I would LOVE to see Absolutely shown on TV again, and am aghast that its not been released on DVD yet!!

Neil Mackie
Doncaster, Uk

Like nothing else on TV, before or since. I was disappointed a long time ago when only two videos of highlight were released and still disappointed today in the age of the DVD. These programs do not deserve to stay in an archive forever more. They are far to good. Easily among the best comedy to be produced in the UK.

Mike Clarke
London, UK

My Daddy says...
This is a piece of comic genius! To hide this show away in the archives is to deprive future generations of the kind of fresh/ingenious ideas that are so lacking in much modern comedy!
The inspirational power of these shows will be lost if they are not released for the world to enjoy once again!
...it IS! IT'S TRRUUEE!!!!

Deeside, N. Wales

Couldn't put it any better than the comments below. Been looking for the DVD ever since DVD's were invented.

Mark Jenkyn - Jones

The series was one of the funniest comedy series ever produced in Scotland and is still amazing and funny to this day.  The ability to purchase this series on DVD is esential - every person you speak to who has ever seen one of them wants to own it to watch over and over again.

Douglas Livingstone

Absolutely was ground-breaking comedy. All the more reason to stay in and watch it back in the early 90s because the cast seemed to really enjoy themselves as they performed. I can't help wondering whether it aired a year or two shy of the great British public being ready for a comedy series with the word 'Absolutely' in it! Would love to own the whole thing on DVD.

Pat Fraser
London, England

A much underrated show which I'm sure provided a lot of ideas for more successful programmes... like the Fast Show for example.

Mike Smith
Leamington Spa


Underrated, undervalued and the best comedy series to have ever been on Channel 4. It really has no rivals. An absolute gem.

Sean Gallagher

Great site - this has made me want to go and dig out the 10 or so episodes I taped off the telly from the last two series.

Given the amount of utter garbage available on DVD these days it's unbelievable this has never seen the light of day on DVD. The prices the compilations go for on eBay suggest there's a pile of cash to be made by digging these out of the vaults and getting them out on DVD.

Besides, I never saw any of series 1 or 2 and I want to!!

Abiding memories? Calum putting his tapes in alphabetical order and finding them all in the "T" section. Then throwing away his The The tapes when he decided to ignore the work "The". The Stoneybridge Olympic bid and all of McGlashan. Also, I seem to remember one bizarre sketch in which the word "Perkins" appeared over and over ("When I was young, all this was Perkins" etc.)


Alan Lawson
Stockport (and formerly Glamis, Angus)

Absolutely... was and is one of the best, funniest shows on TV. It's always fresh when you come back to it. I'd by the DVD if it were available.

All very talented, original thinking people.
Only 'Green Wing' has come close since.

Roger Diamond, Kent

I would pay anything to have complete series of absolutely on DVD. It is quite simply the most consistent, original and rewatchable sketch series ever produced. Please fill the biggest gap in the DVD world and release it and take as much as my cash as you like.

Tony Carus

In these days when any old piece of rubbish receives a DVD release barely weeks after it has been shown on TV how could they not release such an all time comedy classic as Absolutely?  This was undoubtedly one of the best and funniest shows around, not just of its' own era, but ever.
C4, we don't need to see every episode ever of Friends for the 421st time and we definitely don't need to see Joey even once.  If you have nothing new to fill your airtime then at least show repeats of one of the funniest British shows ever.  The support exists from those of us who remember it first time around and it would surely win a whole new generation of fans.

Dave Woodley

please please release absolutely on dvd it was fantastic!!!!!!
have been searching on line and cant believe it was never released

Courchevel, France

Please release the complete Absolutely on DVD. The characters and sketches are still memorable all these years later, and should be allowed to bring joy to a new generation.

Carl Mandy
Surrey, UK

Get it released on DVD!.  I have only a couple of episodes taped from TV to look at, from my days at Polytechnic.  Now I want to see more of the episodes I missed. I want to be able to laugh again.  PLUS - NOBODY BUYS VIDEOS ANYMORE!

Darren Lumby
South Yorkshire

This really needs to be released on DVD

Stephen Gray
Broughty Ferry

I think Absolutely should be released on DVD purely because of the absolutely fantastic impersonations of welsh life. Perfect!!

Millie, Wales


Classic British comedy that I always felt was the more highly evolved son of Python.  Don't get me wrong - I love Python but for every belly laugh there was a handful of abstract, eccentric moments of total high-brow bollocks. And most of it doesn't date well - as with Not The Nine O'Clock News where it's topicality left it floundering in the past.

Not so with Absolutely. I am on a mission to purchase this on DVD so I can expose my younger, Spanish wife to one of my favourite comedies of yesteryear.

Bob Hughes
Reading, Berks, UK

Absolutely excellent site!
And add another name to the petition...

Dave, UK.

Absolutely was the Chewin' the Fat of its time - a superb collection of celtic comedy - just tried to order it on DVD and was amazed it's not available!

Steve Kelly

Bring it our on DVD so the nation could once again enjoy this comic mastery and C4 could raise their profits. Everyones a winner really. There is little support for many of scotlands TV products, Rab C Nesbitt being one of the greatest but all seem to be dwarfed by the english rubbish (as well as warranted excellence) on TV which is blatantly being controlled and financed with english interests at the forefront. Hear the voices and give us what we want.


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