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Absolutely Petition
Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

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One of my favorite shows ever. Even yesterday in conversation,me and my brother had a convo about Stoneybridge...............with it's Stoney Bridge

I would buy the whole collection on DVD straight away if it was released and it should be because it is a hidden gem of comedy

Paul Jones
Bucks. Uk

Just the present for my 28 year old son Jamie a DVD set of absolutely.
(which he loved when he was a wee laddie). But oh no there is'nt one, I just cannot believe it. I have brought him up as a copy cat cleaner, wash as you go and it dosnt build up, and he shops at Marks and Spencer. So I think I deserve something in return. What on earth is going on Channel 4 think of all the money a DVD would make. Either repeat the series or produce the DVD. Lets go shopping!

Richard Hubbard

Without doubt the funniest show channel 4 ever put out, MUST be repeated and released on DVD.  Kids today NEED to watch it to know the true meaning of comedy.

Darren Jelf

We HAVE to get this series released on DVD.  I need to have copies of the denzil and gwynneth sketches at the very least so I can porve to others I'm not insane and simply made them up!

Tim Gould
Cardiff, UK

It was a quality show, many a good laugh watching it especially Macglashan as all we scots hate the english!!! get it up ye!!!

David McAlpine
Prestwick, Scotland

A brilliant show that I'd love to see again - to see the glories of Stoneybridge on vi-DE-o would make this McDermott very happy indeed!

Kate McDermott


Please bring back absolutely. Not only was the  series a pure comedy masterpiece , but it was also informative and educational .
Maybee a few hail mary's will do the trick.
The reverend splendid

Bren, Hampshire.

Bring it out on DVD.  Absolutely the finest comedy on C4.  Just found some VCR programmes I taped and the tape is knackered!  Would love to watch all the antics again in digital quality!

Alison MacAulay
Aberdeen, near Stoneybridge, Scotland!

The best comedy series channel 4 ever did,its a must for repeats and a DVD release.......................please!!!!!!!


Myself and many of my friends still have hours of fun remembering various absolutely sketches. These times are always ended  with total disbelief that the show was never repeated or released on video/dvd. Please Please Please let this show have a second life. It is to good to leave it gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.

Dominic Fallon
East Sussex U.K.

Oh god, please!!! Absolutely was the funniest sketch show of an entire generation. It is an appalling gap in the DVD market.

Sion Hughes

As an Island we produce the best pound for pound comedy in the world but inch for inch absolutely was supreme. Ahhh - Friday nights in the late eighties!! Release it marydoll  !!

Caroline Hooper

Bring back absolutely on dvd.  Channel 4 have just re-released Nightingales and we'd been told previously that the source tapes for that were missing.
Morwenna and one of the other cast members had said this about the source tapes for Absolutely, so are they missing or can we have a dvd set please?
We'd love all the cast to record 1 invidual commentary each and then one full cast commentary, have some galleries, revist locations (especially stuff for the stoneybridge sketches).


Ray daley
Coventry, uk.  also Stoneybridge and The Welsh Institute Of Wood.

The vidos go for OBSCENE amounts of money on Ebay, hence I can never afford them (well, would you pay 33 quid for a vidayo?) - trying to download off torrent would take about a month - c'mon C4, get your act together and give us what we want. I really cannot believe this has not been put out on DVD, this was such a brilliant show and myself and the other half are always lamenting the fact that we've never seen it in years.

Zoe Wilson

I'm at a loss to understand why this hasn't been issued on DVD.  Inventive, surreal, intelligent and utterly inspired, it's rare for a sketch show to be so consistently or creatively funny.   There's a new Francie and Josie book out for Christ's sake, so it can't be that it's too Scottish...Anyway, it was superb and deserves to be preserved.

Adele Hartley
Edinburgh, UK

Please give Absolutely the recognition it deserves as a comedy with such uniqueness and originality by giving it a posthumous DVD release.
It's the least they can do! I miss it so.

Tall Paul


Oh god, please!!! Absolutely was the funniest sketch show of an entire generation. It is an appalling gap in the DVD market.

Sion Hughes

This show was utter genius, a Python for 80's kids - DVD release now!

Adam Kennedy
Düsseldorf, Germany

Please, please release Absolutely on DVD now!!!!

Rhiannah. W

Just want to add my voice to the petition for Absolutely to be released on DVD.

Iain Watt
London, UK

I want to watch it again! I loved this programme, and can't believe that one of the best comedies ever is not available on DVD - I'd buy the lot in a flash!

Fiona McInnes

I would love to see the series again. My girlfriend and I often quote from it and any clips I have been lucky enough to see over the years on compilation shows have only whetted my appetite to se it again - and I can't find any videos of it.

John Peters
Thames Ditton, Surrey

Absolutely is one of the funniest comedies there has ever been on TV and could appeal to all despite being intrinsically Scottish. It is far funnier than the current Still Game with better characterisation.  I laughed out loud looking over the characters on this website and was reminded of some I'd forgotten. I'd love my 12 year old son to see it, I've told him all about it so please release it on DVD or video and make it available to a whole new generation. It deserves to be seen again.

P.S. I used to live at 36 Polwarth Gardens - next door to Calum Gilhooley !

Kay Cruickshank
East Lothian, Scotland

Without doubt, the most original and funniest comedy show of the 90's. A true classic. The sooner it is relased on DVD the better!

Martin Wheeler
London, UK.

I loved this show and am just left with vague memories of Stonybridge and the little girl girl who "Knows where Babies come from" etc.
I need a memory top up! I fear if I do not see them again soon I may even forget the words to I can do anything........

Kev Woods

Keep up the good work - can't wait for them to see sense and bring out the DVD.

Alan Chorlton


Release it because it's the best ferkin TV comedy series in the last twenty years...........................No bees!

Mr Andrew

The last comedy show that truly used to leave me helpless.
Albert Bastard was one of the great comic characters of the 90s.
".......It's for drinking!"
Also Mr. Don & Mr. George on DVD please. Vastly underrated. Good Luck.


Come on Channel 4. The BBC have 'The Mighty Boosh', you've got nothing if you don't release this slice of genius on DVD. Do you have a probem with making a profit?.....

Brett Long
Surrey UK

An absolute classic being deprived to the new generations. Full with sketches that have since been closely copied. It'd a good idea to persuade the old Absolutely gang to reform and do some new stuff, I bet they have some great sketch ideas.

Gareth James
Cardiff, South Wales

Absolutely was a groundbreaking comedy series featuring a host of superb comedic talent. Channel 4 have wasted miles of videotape and a pile of DVDs the height of the Eiffel Tower in producing the endless drivel that comprises episodes of Friends. Why can't you spare just some time to release this classic comedy, or repeat it between repeats of Friends and the endless Celebrity Big Brother rubbish.

Come on C4 - this is a series from when you used, sadly, to be great.

: ( at the demise of a wonderful channel.

Andrew Walton
Leicester, UK

Just gee us the Vido right ya tadger!  I wahnt the DVD coz I ain't got a vido player got it?

Russ Craig
Edinburgh, Scotland

This show was Absolutely brill, and it should be on DVD its one of the best comedies ever, if this had been out today it would have been on dvd, don,t let this fade away on some dusty shelf, come on credit were its due. Oh bye the way do you like my bubble jacket.

Wigan Lancs

Release it because videos of this material is like gold dust - I just paid £33 for The Vido and No.2 on e-bay and would love to see it in better quality.

Andrew Rogers
Worcester, UK

Please release this on DVD ... if only for the Welsh Hoover sketch.
Seriously this was a brilliant program which deserves to be released for all to see!!!

Dave Haw
Portsmouth, UK

What kind of business men are you? have you seen the prices tatty old tapes of this show can fetch? c'mon guys, butts in gear: release the lot!

Steve Beaton
Cardiff, UK


Aye, Release it on DVD cos it's brilliant like !

Chris Weddle
Moenchengladbach, Germany.

This should be released if only to avoid people making money with high-prized incomplete poor-quality DVD-rips on ebay !!
Please please release !!!


Absolutely...without peer in the entire realm of sketch comedy...as funny as anything from Monty Python, Fast Show, Little Britain etc (very high praise)...light years beyond anything being produced in the US...count me as one of many who would buy this on DVD/Video the moment it becomes available.

Simon Hutchings
Florida, USA (ex-pat)

'Absolutely', was, without doubt, a masterpiece of work.

I still regard it on a parr with the likes of 'Father Ted' for example - and it knocks spots off anything that we see today....

Why are we getting crap on tv these days like "2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps" and "Titty bang bang" when quality stuff like this is sitting on the shelves waiting to go back on air - and to whole new fan base waiting to discover it.

In the world of multi channel digital television, I can't believe that there is no room for such a classic series of 'Absolutely'  
Sort it out.

Glen Hunt (The afternoon show) Radio City 96.7

A brilliant programme! All you have to do is look on e-bay to see the crazy prices that people are willing to pay for second hand videos of the series. That in itself shows there's a market out there. Come on, you know it makes sense.

Alisdair Kennedy

Absolutely was one of the most unique and funny programmes on TV and there has been nothing to compare since its demise.  Even League of Gentlemen, Fast Show and Little Britain have not had me in fits or been so memorable as the sketches and characters from Absolutely. I would buy it for myself and friends if it was available on dvd.

Elena Faramus
Lundy Island, Devon, UK

One of the cleverest sketch shows ever and sorely missed by all that enjoyed it at the time.This show is more than worthy of DVD release.

West Sussex

Dear Sir/Madam, Is it at all possible to see the whole series of absolutely on tv again!!! It was way ahead of its time and still stands on its own against little britain and the like. A new generation needs to see comedy like this.... pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee!!!!!!
Do it for Stoneybridge!!!!!

Steven D. McCarron
Aberdeen, uk

Brilliant characters who my husband and I still remember fondly to this day. It would be great to show this wonderful comedy to our children and be able to watch it again ourselves.

Alison Lambrou
Gloucestershire, U.K.

Please, please, please bring Absolutely back! It was one of my all time favourite comedy shows! From Denzil and Gwyneth to the man on the bog and many others it was laugh a minute! TV shows that are far less funny than this get released on DVD or repeated on the box so come on! Get it sorted and bring this gem back!!!!

Hertfordshire, UK


Forget the Goodies, the greatest travesty of not repeating a classic comedy show is Absolutely. How can Channel 4's execs sleep at night knowing they are depriving a nation of the most original and hilarious comedy sketch show to span two decades? Release the repeats and put them on to DVD NOW!!!

Mark Spinks
Dunstable U.K.

Please release Absolutely on DVD ASAP, my old video copies have worn out/been lost and I need to see again.

James McCabe

1. My copy of "The Vido" was lost in an endless chain of people who wanted to borrow many moons ago.
2. My English Girlfriend thinks I am making it up.

Paul Lindsay
York, U.K.

I loved Absolutely when I was little- Frank Hovis was my favourite, but nowadays I'm a big Denzil fan :)!  I would definitely buy it on DVD if it were released.
The demand for an Absolutely DVD release is surely evident from how much the VHS videos are selling for on Ebay!?  (ie nearly £20!)

Joel Wyatt
South Wales

Simply for the sheer endearing genius of the whole series.  Surely so far ahead of it's time that comedy 'of the moment' still hasn't caught up!

Susan Grace
Sale, Cheshire

A complete DVD set of all the episodes has got to be commercially viable. This stuff is classic and we are still using the catch phrases today...
Many poor comedy series are being given DVD release so it vexes me that this series of GEMS is not given its fair chance.

The full unedited original versions are what is wanted (not the edited second showings or the repeats). That raw edge gave it much of its lovability.

Gary Thomson
Oxfordshire, UK

Given the interminable reruns of Friends that C4 insist on showing, here is a chance to show some quality comedy.

David Tyrrell
Oxon, UK

"Absolutely" was CLASSIC Scottish comedy. Well written, brilliantly acted and hilariously zany in the Python tradition but with a very Celtic twist.
It has to be released on DVD as the comedy was SO good, I still remember the sketches today.

Kenneth Sands
Auckland, New Zealand.

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