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Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

Andy's petition to get Absolutely
Released in full on DVD or TV!

The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?
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I am absolutely (ahem) astounded that this has never been released on DVD. This is up there with the Fast Show, Vic and Bob and Harry Enfield and Chums (another one that should have had a DVD release !!) When you see the ridiculous prices the VHS goes for on ebay ( I once bid about £15 for ONE series and still got outbid ) its difficult to understand why this has been overlooked for so long.

I remember as a 14 year old sitting watching it with my parents and my friend, when the sketch comes on with the guy whispering over the chemist counter that he's looking for condoms..the shop keeper responding by shouting out 'AH CONDOMS!' and mentioning (shouting) condoms again several more times...both me and my friend said nothing, just left the room similtaneously and spent 20 mins upstairs peeing ourselves laughing..after this I made it my business to watch every episode I could, and still havent stopped laughing 15 years later...alas, my video containing all series's gathered so much mould in in a damp cupboard in my student bedsit, I can now only replay the sketches in my mind.

There was a time I never thought this would see the light of day on DVD and was resigned to paying stupid money for videos on ebay, however it seems that common sense has prevailed and SOMEONE will eventually release this..... Little Britain ( laugh out loud the first few hundred times, forced laughs, then channel change ) Catherine Tate ( hit and miss ) and the Mighty Boosh ( for f***'s sake !!! ) have all had DVD releases, so for goodness sake,  a DVD release is long overdue for this, one of the UK's finest comedies.

I suppose it would be to greedy to now start a petition to get the seminal Mr Don and Mr George released ???

I'll have the pizzafish please.

Douglas MacLeod
Stornoway, Scotland

This show was pure quality and should be released so everyone can see it

robert Earle
Liverpool, England

I can't believe that there is no way on getting the complete series on DVD......surely that's illegal ???


Frank Hovis and Siadwell sketches should be compulsory viewing for all.
All the shows should be released on DVD NOW!


Absolutely is a treasured memory from my teenage years. All my friends look forward to it each week, and discussed it in school the following morning.
I have both the tapes, but a complete DVD set... oh I'd probably wet myself!
So come on folks get your finger out and make many people happy all over again.
So long as the DVD's cover doesn't clash with my cookers jacket, i'd definitely buy it.

Christopher S Herdman

Please release absolutely on dvd,it was brilliant!!  it kept me grinning during the early 90s-i`d definately buy it!

Kevin Drayton
North Devon,UK

Of course this should be on DVD.  Good grief!  Excellence of this order should not be left to drift away through the ether never to be seen again.  Frankly my vidos  are well past their best and are hard to recognise as anything much at all.  So come on somebody.  Do the decent thing.  Have you any idea of the money you'll make??  Aside from which, "Trousers.  I'm wearing trousers ..."

Maggie Anderson
Cambridgeshire, UK

Its a no brainer. Nothing has come close since. Knocks 'Little Britain' into obscurity.

Surrey, UK

Have never understood how such a great series could seemingly be forgotten. Desperate for a DVD release, so I can share it with my children - I know they will love it.

Mark Paul
Derbyshire, England

This show was an absolute gem.
I still find it hard to tell people about "Stoneybridge" and the "Partings" sketch without descending into fits of giggles.
It was pure sillyness as its best!

Paul Hughes
Bangor, Wales

Whilst watching a repeat of the 50 Best Comedy Sketches on Channel 4 last night, the Absolutely entry was a real jewel in an otherwise predictable list. Don and George, Frank Hovis, Denzil and Gwynneth, Callum Gilhooley (?), to name but a few, form huge part of my comedy history and I miss not having them around. For such an influential comedy group to not have some representation on dvd is not only a criminal oversight, but is also hiding a rich seam of British comedy that is up there with Monty Python, Pete and Dud, The Fast Show and The League Of Gentlemen. They're all out in the marketplace; the time for Absolutely HAS COME! Plus the fact that I lost my copy of 'Absolutely, The Vido' some years back, and I think it was worn out anyway.
Please release the dvd boxset!

Malek Hyde-Smith
Cambridge, U.K.

One of the best (if not the best) comedy shows of the early 90's.  I remember it very well and would love to add a dvd set to the collection alongside Python, Blackadder, Bottom, Red Dwarf et al.  During a period when many great comedy shows came out in the UK, this program deserves more than relegation to the archives - at best...

British comedy is now stronger than ever and this show will gain a wider audience, i am sure, by having a new lease of life on dvd. You never know...compared to the early 90's, an international audience could beckon with the benefits of the internet these days.

Ian Dawes
Bournemouth, Dorset.

I think that Absolutely should be released on DVD, because I think it was a fantastic series, especially Peter Baikie and his silly songs.  It was the starting point of many comedies since and it has been tragically over looked by channel 4.

Claire Fisher
Hayes, Middlesex

A truly great comedy sketch show that should never be overlooked - superb characters and scripts that deserve to be released onto DVD so this show can be kept alive.

Chris Glennon
Marlow, Bucks, UK

Our first child is due in November and he/she must have the opportunity to watch Absolutely.  Please release a DVD box set soon.

Neil Cottingham

This was THE FUNNIEST sketch show EVER. I did have them all on video but sadly the box containing them was lost during house move. This show must be released on DVD. PLEASE!!!!!

Jason Gilmartin
Glasgow UK

The best comedy ever.

Isabelle Harrison
Glasgow, u.k.

DVD of The series required urgently - boxset would be bliss

Dave Pestridge
Rowley Regis, West Midlands

Best sketch show ever - what more to say?  Can't believe it has been seemingly forgotten. PLEASE release a DVD box set, money no object, this stuff is priceless.

Ian Massen
Grimsby UK

This was one of the funniest shows I ever watched. It's unbelievable that it still hasn't been repeated or made available on DVD. I'm sure there are thousands of people who would love to see this again who, like me, would buy the DVD in an instant if it were available!

Mark Howarth
Bolton, Lancs.

Repeat the series then release it on a DVD box set. It'll sell and make money if that's what you're worried about. It's steets ahead of alot of rubbish that's released. There's a whole generation that hasn't seen it. Just do it. It'll do fine. It's timeless.

Brian, Kent

This should be on DVD as it was classic Scottish humour of which there has been too little. Me and my friends used to get together to watch a really grainy video copy and I can remember very little else on television from my early 20s that I enjoyed as much. I have watched some of the clips on here and it hasn't aged at all. Much funnier than Chewing the Fat. There have been loads of really inferior things released on DVD which are much less deserving than Absolutely so hopefully sense will prevail.

London but originally Aberdeen

PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE can we have this show repeated or even better how about the box set of all episodes. Come on you know you want to.

Gary Moncur

soooooo funny the Welsh soap opera with Denzil and Gwynneth when she got stuck up the hoover! and her make up please bring it back please!!


I loved ABSOLUTELY when it was on tv and recorded it and watch it over and over and over ..... and some more. I dont have the tapes anymore and I REALLY want to watch it AGAIN! I would pay upwards of £55.20 to have this on DVD! Realease it ASAP plskthxbye

Ryan Dodson
Norwich, UK

Please ,please release on dvd ,we had such a great time watching with our four sons ,I know they would love to have a copy each .

Lesley b Skinner
Kent ,uk

If it can make the 50 Greatest Sketches while some of the dross which is released on DVD can't, then I believe Channel Four are committing a criminal act of neglect to my laughter lines.

"Absolutely" appeared on Channel 4 about a year before Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer arrived with their similar surreal brand of humour, yet they are the ones held up as an example on the form.
Give us a DVD ... at the very least!
Has there ever been a better comedic character than Calum?

Danny Murphy

I would like to see this brilliant comedy show on DVD because it is one of the funniest and most original shows I've seen.  It will make a lot of people laugh and surely that's reason enough to release it on DVD?

Zoe Lea

Absolutely was one of the funniest shows ever on television, I have Mr Don & Mr George on video and am desperate to get everything Absolutely ever did on video or dvd.

Mark Costen
Gillingham, Kent

Release it on DVD because it was a fantastic programme!

Caroline Wallace

I would definatley buy it on dvd.  I would love to see Siadwell again.  Include some bonus clips of him from Naked Video!

Nathan Jenkinson
Birmingham uk

Absolutely was the funniest series ever! It formed my childhood!
I spent most of last year searching the internet for a copy of it!
  If this release goes through, I'll be the happiest nerd alive!!!!

Paul, York

Amazingly funny show bring it out on DVD now!

John Heaton

Best comedy show. 16 years on and  the vido's recorded from the tv no longer have a vido player. Bring it out on DVD.

Andy Taylor
Edinburgh, Scotland

please please please can you get absolutely out on dvd or even re-run it, so much pants has been brought on on dvd, but a top program like this has never been give a new lease of life.
SORT IT !....please

Jonathan Walker
Billericay Essex

The whole 4 series-worth of episodes on a DVD box set!  Come ooonnnnn, you know you want to!  Pleeeeeaaaaaaase nicely?!


Sarah Derryman
Bath, UK

Absolutely was a brilliant show, made at a time when TV companies weren't afraid to take risks, rather than deluging us all with reality shows.

We get repeats of certain shows ad-infinitum (Only Fools anyone?) - and yet Absolutely has never been repeated on terrestrial TV, and only once shown on satellite, cropping up in the grave-yard shift!

Many shows that have followed it, have stolen characters and sketches from the show, but where these latter shows bask in the glory, their progenitor remains an unknown oddity to most people.

It's influence on British Comedy is every bit as valuable as Monty Python, and there is a whole new generation out there that needs to be exposed to it.

Channel 4 - REPEAT IT!

Absolutely Productions - We demand a FULL box-set on DVD with shed-loads of extras!

This show deserves nothing less.

London, England, UK

This release is well overdue - sign me up for a set of copies if they'd even do a small release!!!

Newcastle Upon Tyne aka Pooveland

i saw one episode 4 years ago on grainy bootleg video and remembered it immediately (by title no less) when asked if i'd ever seen it  this afternoon at work;  I am 22 and if i like it; who wouldn't?!? It laid comedy foundations more people should realise.

Lara Easton
Surrey, UK

"Yes, I do know what happens when you move overseas!"

Ihave such fond memories of watching 'Absolutely' with my brother when we were a little younger than we are now. I had both of the "vidos" and we both adored thespin off series of 'Mr Don and Mr George'.

The surreal humour and the fantastic characters inspired us to quote the show relentlessly, much to the annoyance of others.

It's hard to pick favourites, but if I had to, I'd say Morwenna's Little Girl and Mr Don and Mr George - I also loved Peter Baikie's songs. I recall one about trousers and another gem which was Morwenna singing "I want a baby and I want one now, I want a baby and I don't care how!"

Ah, it certainly needs a full DVD release ASAP...

Ok, I'll shut up now. Bye

Ben Ripley
Location : Melbourne, Australia

it would be great if absolutely was released on DVD, come on, they did it for TRAPDOOR!!!!!

mike painter
Essex, uk (honestly!)

OK. As Scottish teenagers who loved good comedy, my brother and I listened to, and loved, a Radio Scotland show called 'Bodgers Banks and Sparkes' in the mid 1980s. I could go into reasons why we loved it, but It was just funny - simple as that. Friendly, well-written, original, character-based surreal Scottish (but not parochial) and performed with an air of real enjoyment that made its humour infectious. I'm pleased to say I still have some bootleg copies of these episodes on audio cassette (is it really 20 yrs on??)

It was a real delight to find that it was transferring to TV a few years later as Absolutely. And I remember the real joy of watching the early episodes and discovering the visual reality of all these great characters - Don & George, Shadwell etc. as well as the relief at finding the thing had not diminished at all in the transfer. I do also have some (equally bootleg) VHS vids of some of these shows - but nowhere near enough. And in particular, the very first series, which I thought was the best, I have no record of at all.

Anyway - you said you wanted detail!!! I would 'absolutely' love to see the shows again, and think this hugely under-rated comedy classic deserves to be revived. It really should happen on paramount or UK Gold or something (lesser things have been - much lesser things have been!!) But failing that then yes please let's get them on DVD or video.

But if we are doing this, here's one final plea: let's get the whole thing - I mean every single episode of all the (3?) series - in their entirety, and un-edited. I am sick of having to see great TV series carefully filletted and re-packaged, so that what you are actually watching is someone else's choice of the best sketches. Something like Absolutely deserves to be seen in its complete form, so we can all make our own judgements on what we liked best. 

And remember....
Life Aint Nothing,
Life Aint Nothing,
Life Aint Nothing,
Compared to Death!

Tony Hutson
Edinburgh, UK

Please release the DVD, this show was genius when it was on air and so much modern Scottish humour (Chewin' The Fat) as well as humour in general (Fast Show, Little Britain and more) owe a huge debt to it.

And release Mr Don and Mr George too! No wasps!

Paul Adams

The most original, quirky and downright hilarious sketch show ever deserves a release. partly so i can relive gwyneth and denzil's domestic bliss and the stonybridge council meetings but also so that a whole new audience can discover the genius of you guys. please, please, please release the dvd! john

John Bennett
Brighton, uk


It's this simple - people who think shows like 'Little Britain', 'The Fast Show' and 'Panorama' are the funniest TV programmes ever need to see 'Absolutely' ... AND IT'S TRUE !!!
Calum Gilhooley's detailed explanation of his CD filing system and the consternation caused by the Stoneybridge 'Vide-o' need to be seen to be believed.  'The The' and the 'Ford Mond-o' have never been the same since.

So hurry up with the complete series on DVD.

Or we'll send Calum round.

Or maybe we won't.

Where do they live, anyway ?

Ivor Canning
Herts, UK.

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