The Piggin' Collection Guide. The cute PIG ornaments created by artist David Corbridge.

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The first Piggin pigs appeared in 1993 and were produced by Collectible World Studios until 2006 when Xystos took over the range. The Piggin' Club started in 1994 and enabled members to receive club pieces, pins and news. It ran from 1994-2006 and was re-introduced again in 2007. You can buy Piggin's from many different places including Amazon who stock a good range of Piggin's. New Piggins are introduced all the time so collecting them is a never ending process.



The Piggin Collection Video :

Here is a list of which Piggins you can see in my video with the time you can see them. How many names did you guess right?

0:00 Piggin Hand In Hand
0:09 Piggin Phobia
0:15 Piggin Animal Hospital
0:21 Piggin Top Banana
0:28 Piggin Chav
0:33 Piggin Cheeky Monkey
0:39 Piggin Swearing
0:45 Piggin Telly Addict
0:51 Piggin Diamond Geezer
0:57 Piggin Wrapped For You
1:03 Piggin Pants
1:09 Piggin TXT Maniac
1:15 Piggin Gorgeous
1:21 Piggin Tosser
1:27 Pigin Pick Of The Bunch
1:33 Piggin Weather
1:39 Piggin Alarm - Millennium Special 1999/2000
1:45 Piggin Tickled Pink
1:52 Piggin Special
1:57 Piggin Birthday
2:03 Piggin Pest
2:09 I Need A Piggin Hug
2:16 Piggin Stress
2:21 Piggin Sleepless Nights
2:27 Piggin' Off Your Rocker
2:33 Piggin Sexy
2:39 Piggin Hole In One
2:45 Piggin Greedy
2:51 Piggin Paralytic
2:57 Piggin High Flyer
3:03 Piggin Bills
3:09 Piggin Stocking Filler
3:21 Piggin Bluetooth
3:27 Pucker Up It's Piggin Christmas
3:33 Piggin Pies For Santa
3:40 Piggin Kiss me
3:45 Piggin Homesick
3:51 Piggin Childish
3:57 Piggin Plastered
4:03 Piggin Relax
4:09 Piggin Over The Hill
4:15 Piggin Birthday Kisses
4:21 Piggin Housework
4:27 Piggin Pickled
4:35 Piggin Together
4:41 Piggin Birthday Suit
4:46 Piggin I Love You
4:53 Piggin News
4:59 Piggin Poorly
5:05 Piggin Tired
5:11 Piggin Holidays
5:17 Piggin Creative
5:22 Piggin Football
5:30 Piggin Decorating
5:39 Piggin Lottery
5:46 Piggin Poo
5:53 Piggin Trouble
5:59 piggin New Beginnings
6:06 This Piggin Heart's For You
6:13 Piggin With Love
6:19 Piggin Computers
6:28 Piggin You Did It
6:35 Piggin Many Happy Returns
6:43 Piggin Tantrum
6:48 Piggin Little Monsters
6:57 Piggin Exams
7:04 Birthday Delights
7:10 Piggin Stuffed
7:16 Piggin Sweetie
7:21 Piggin Merry Christmas
7:28 Piggin Romantic
7:33 Piggin Hammy Horror
7:44 Piggin Presents Brooch

So how many Piggins have been made so far?
I have compliled a list of the Piggins I know of, if I have missed any then please let me know via my Youtube video:

Piggin' Fare Play, Piggin' Purrfect, Piggin' Pollen Count, Piggin' Spare Tyre, Piggin' Grief, You're The Dog's B.......!, Piggin' Chillax, Piggin' GaGa, Piggin' Facebook, Piggin' Kids, Piggin' Twitter, Piggin' On The Road, n The Piggin' Office, Piggin' 3D, Mr P, Piggin' Vamp, It's A Piggin' Mad World, Piggin' Luurv Machine, Piggin' Alien, Wii Too Excited, On Yer Piggin' Bike, Strictly Piggin', Little Angel, Pigs Might Fly,Piggin Campin, Piggin T.L.C., Piggin' Sex Bomb, Piggin On the Road, Piggin Mi Pod, Piggin Late, Piggin Place Your Bets, Piggin Lovey Dovey, Piggin Holiday, Piggin Hot Stuff, Piggin Love Buggy, How Clean is Your Piggin House, Silence of the Pigs, Piggin High Maintenance, What A Piggin Pantomime, Size Does Piggin Matter, Piggin Waltzin Around, Piggin' Ruldolph, Piggin Close Shave, Piggin' Lovey Dovey, Piggin' Sealed With A Kiss, Piggin Hitched, Piggin Fashion, Piggin Tee'd Off!, Piggin Hungover, Piggin Bad Habits, Piggin Ironing!, Piggin Bad Habits, Piggin Chocoholic, Piggin Smokin, Piggin Relax,Piggin Mobiles!, Piggin Trekkin, Piggin Let's Flog It, Piggin Just The Two Of Us, Piggin' Tantastic, Piggin Poorly, Piggin Lovely, Piggin Laugh, Piggin Special, Piggin Dog House, Piggin Flu, Piggin Skint, Piggin Cloud 9, Piggin' Nip & Tuck, Piggin' On the Piste, Just One Piggin' More, Piggin Love Me, Love My Trainers, Piggin' Mint!, Piggin Simon Says, Get Piggin Motivated!, Big Kisses, Christmas Wishes, Dressed Up For Christmas, Guess Who Piggin' Loves Ya?, Happy 18th, Happy Hallowe'en, Here's To Piggin' Us, Just For Piggin' You, Love At Christmas, Piggin' Ark, Piggin' Barkin' Mad, Piggin' BBQ's, Piggin' Be Happy, Piggin' Bear Hug, Piggin' Beer Bellies, Piggin' Bingo, Piggin' Birthday Kisses, Piggin' Bladdered, Piggin' Bright Spark, Piggin' Chill Out, Piggin' Christmas Cheer, Piggin' Christmas Presents, Piggin' Christmas Spirit, Piggin' Close Shave, Piggin' Cloud 9, Piggin' Down In The Mouth, Piggin' Dressed To Thrill, Piggin' Easter Bunny, Piggin' Fast Food, Piggin' Grumpy Old Git, Piggin' Hand In Hand, Piggin' Home Improvements, Piggin' Hoovering, Piggin' Horny, Piggin' Hot Property, Piggin' Inkin' Of You,
Piggin' Lifesaver, Piggin' Little Star, Piggin' Love Letters, Piggin' Loves Me, Piggin' Lucky Days, Piggin' Magic, Piggin' Never Again, Piggin' New Balls Please, Piggin' Newly Weds, Piggin' Nosh, Piggin' On The Piste, Piggin' Oven Gloves, Piggin' Paperwork, Piggin' Party On, Piggin' Rudolph, Piggin' Rugger Off, Piggin' Shipmate, Piggin' Sick as a Pig, Piggin' Smokin, Piggin' Surfin', Piggin' Sweet Dreams, Piggin' Tea Towel, Piggin' Tickled Pink, Piggin' Top Bloke, Piggin' Treasure, Piggin' Vindaloo, Pucker Up It's Piggin' Christmas, Snow Hearts For My Piggin' Sweetheart, The Groom, This Piggin' Hearts For You, You Old Smoothy, You Piggin' Did It!, 21 Again, Piggin Hearts on fire, Piggin Bunny Girl, Piggin Full, Piggin Pile-Up, Piggin Legless, Piggin Wasps, Piggin Birthday Kisses, Piggin Road Hog, Piggin Pants, Piggin Holidays, Piggin Hero, Piggin Christmas presents, Piggin Freedom, Piggin Special, Piggin Cars, Piggin Desperate, Piggin Good Luck, Piggin Homesick, Piggin Fashion, Piggin Surprise, Piggin Thong, Piggin Present, Piggin Sexy, Piggin Stress!, Piggin Crackers, Piggin Perfect, Piggin Celerbrations, Piggin Panic, Piggin Potty, Piggin Parties, Piggin Traffic Wardens, Piggin High Flyer, Piggin Ironing, Piggin Birthday Suit, Piggin Hungover, Piggin Lost, Piggin Am I bovvered, Piggin Kiss me, Piggin Pride, Piggin Scared, Piggin Santa's Helper, Piggin Sex Kitten, Piggin Thanks, Piggin My Valentine, Piggin Hey Sexy, Piggin Best Mates, Piggin I'm Sorry, Piggin Happy Birthday, Piggin Decorating, Piggin Mum's the Word, Piggin Destiny, Piggin Cheeky Monkey, Piggin Especially For Mum, Piggin Get me out of Here, Piggin Sick, Piggin Tired Out, Piggin Snow hearts for My Piggin Sweetheart, Piggin Horny, Piggin Diamond Geezer, Piggin Grumpy Old Git, Piggin Telly Addict, Piggin Dreams, Piggin Bills, Piggin Snoring, Piggin Guess who Piggin Loves Ya?, Piggin Stocking Filler, Piggin X Factor, Piggin Gluttony, Piggin Bad Habits, Piggin paperwork, Piggin Gorgeous, Piggin Creative, Piggin Relax, Piggin Love, Piggin Accedent Prone, Piggin Tantrum, Piggin Diet, Piggin Childish, Piggin Queuing, Piggin Housework, Piggin Candy Kisses,
Piggin Bossy Boots, Piggin Pickled, Piggin Moving, Piggin Happy Birthday, Piggin' Cut And Blow, Piggin' & Friends, Piggin' Alarming, Piggin' Allergic, Piggin' Angel, Piggin' Angels, Piggin' Anger, Piggin' Animal Hospital,
Piggin' A-tten-tion!, Piggin' Bad, Piggin' Bad Habits, Piggin' Balls!!!, Piggin' Basket Case, Piggin' Bathtime, Piggin' Bedtime, Piggin' Best Of British, Piggin' Best Scrubber In Town, Piggin' Big Cheese, Piggin' Big Chopper, Piggin' Bills!!!, Piggin' Birthdays, Piggin' Bling, Piggin' Bottoms Up, Piggin' Break-a-leg, Piggin' Bunny Girl, Piggin' Candy Kisses, Piggin' Carol Singers, Piggin' Cars, Piggin' Cheeky Monkey, Piggin' Cheers, Piggin' Cheesed Off, Piggin' Childish,
Piggin' Chocoholic, Piggin' Christmas Crackered, Piggin' Christmas Eve, Piggin' Christmas Kisses, Piggin' Collectin', Piggin' Computers, Piggin' Congratulations, Piggin' Cowboys, Piggin' Crackers, Piggin' Crocodile Tears, Piggin' Cuddles, Piggin' Cupid, Piggin' Destiny, Piggin' Diet, Piggin' Dishes, Piggin' Dog House, Piggin' Domestic Goddess, Piggin' Doorstop, Piggin' Dressed To Kill, Piggin' Drunk As A Skunk, Piggin' Easy Tiger...!, Piggin' En Pointe, Piggin' Exams,
Piggin' Extra, Piggin' Fashion, Piggin' Filing, Piggin' Fix It!, Piggin' Flu, Piggin' Football, Piggin' Friends, Piggin' Get Well, Piggin' Gift Wrapped For You, Piggin' Glamour Puss, Piggin' Gluttony, Piggin' Good, Piggin' Good Luck, Piggin' Good News, Piggin' Gorgeous, Piggin' Got The Hump, Piggin' Greatest Hits, Piggin' Greenfingers, Piggin' Hangover, Piggin' Happy Birthday, Piggin' Head Over Heels, Piggin' Heartbreaker!, Piggin' Heartthrob, Piggin' Hen Nights,
Piggin' Hero, Piggin' Hitched, Piggin' Hitchin, Piggin' Holidays, Piggin' Homesick, Piggin' Homework, Piggin' Hooked, Piggin' Hot Stuff, Piggin' Hungover, Piggin' Ice Christmas, Piggin' In Bloom, Piggin' Ironing, Piggin' Jingle Bells, Piggin' Kids, Piggin' Kiss Me, Piggin' Knackered, Piggin' Lap Tray, Piggin' Late Again, Piggin' Laugh..., Piggin' Legless, Piggin' Little Devil, Piggin' Load Of Rubbish, Piggin' Lottery, Piggin' Love, Piggin' Love, Piggin' Love Birds,
Piggin' Lovely, Piggin' Lucky, Piggin' Luv'd Up, Piggin' Makin' Hay, Piggin' Mobiles!, Piggin' Mondays, Piggin' Morning After, Piggin' Moving, Piggin' Munchies, Piggin' Neighbours, Piggin' New Baby, Piggin' Nice Pair, Piggin' Night Fever, Piggin' Noel, Piggin' Off Your Rocker!, Piggin' On Safari, Piggin' On The Pull, Piggin' On Tour Again, Piggin' Opposites Attract!, Piggin' Out, Piggin' Over The Moon, Piggin' P.I.G., Piggin' Packing, Piggin' Pain, Piggin' Pants, Piggin' Papering, Piggin' Parties, Piggin' Party Time, Piggin' Past Your Sell By Date!, Piggin' Peace, Piggin' Peckish, Piggin' Perfect Ten, Piggin' Petrified, Piggin' Phobia, Piggin' Physical Jerk, Piggin' Pickled, Piggin' Pies for Santa, Piggin' Pigs Might Fly, Piggin' Pile-Up, Piggin' Place Your Bets, Piggin' Plastered, Piggin' Please Hold, Piggin' Pocket Money, Piggin' Poser, Piggin' Postie, Piggin' Potty, Piggin' Pregnant, Piggin' Presents Musical, Piggin' Pressies, Piggin' Queuing, Piggin' Racket!, Piggin' Relax, Piggin' Retired, Piggin' Rise N' Shine, Piggin' Roadhog!, Piggin' Romantic, Piggin' Romeo, Piggin' Santa, Piggin' Saucy, Piggin' Savings, Piggin' Scared, Piggin' Scored, Piggin' Sealed with a Kiss,
Piggin' Service, Piggin' Sexy, Piggin' Shopping, Piggin' Shut It!!!, Piggin' Sick, Piggin' Skint, Piggin' Sledging, Piggin' Sleepless Nights, Piggin' Snoring, Piggin' Special, Piggin' Special Delivery, Piggin' Sporty, Piggin' Stag Nights!, Piggin' Star, Piggin' Star Teacher, Piggin' Stocking Filler, Piggin' Stress, Piggin' Stress, Piggin' Stuffed, Piggin' Supermum, Piggin' Superstar, Piggin' Surprise, Piggin' Swearing!, Piggin' Sweet Tooth, Piggin' T.L.C., Piggin' Take Off, Piggin' Tea Break, Piggin' Tears, Piggin' Teed Off, Piggin' Telly Addict, Piggin' Test Drive, Piggin' Thank You, Piggin' Tickle Your Fancy, Piggin' Tired Out, Piggin' Together, Piggin' Together Rain Or Shine, Piggin' Tooled Up, Piggin' Toothache, Piggin' Top Chef, Piggin' Tosser, Piggin' Touring, Piggin' Trouble, Piggin' TV Dinner, Piggin' Txt Maniac, Piggin' Ugly, Piggin' Untidy, Piggin' Veggies, Piggin' Walkies, Piggin' Wasps!, Piggin' Weather, Piggin' Welly Christmas, Piggin' Winter, Piggin' Wise Guys, Piggin' With Love, Shop Til You Drop, Simply The Piggin' Best, Spring Piggin', Summer Piggin', Piggin' The Bride, Piggin' Thinking Of You!, Piggin' Through Thick & Thin, Piggin' Winter Piggin', Piggin' You Did It!, Piggin' You're A Star,
Piggin' You're Expecting, Piggin', You're Piggin' Purrfect!, Piggin Bon Voyage, Piggin Baby's First Christmas, Piggin Be Happy, Piggin Best Dad, Piggin Best Mates, Piggin Best Mum, Piggin Birthday Surprise, Piggin Choccy Heaven, Piggin Cool Yule, Piggin Good Luck!, Piggin Happy 18, Piggin Happy 21, Piggin Happy 30, Piggin Happy Christmas, Piggin Happy Retirement, Piggin Horny Little Devil!, Piggin It's Piggin' T.V. Time!, Piggin Let's Party!, Piggin Little Angel!, Piggin Miss You Lots, My Piggin' Baby, My Piggin' Hero, Piggin My Super Hero, Piggin Old Git!, Piggin Our Anniversary



How to display your Piggin collection.
So you have been collecting Piggins for a few years now and you are running out of places to put them. Its time to invest in a display shelf.




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