Littleover School - Class of 1983 Photograph
Are you on this photo, Perhaps you know someone on it.

Hello and welcome to my page devoted to my old secondary school - Littleover School, Pastures Hill, Derby, England.

I attended Littleover school from 1980 to 1985.
Below you can look at a photograph that was taken in May 1983, The photograph features all of the 3rd year pupils as well as the form teachers and the Head master.

If you would like to get in touch with some of the pupils I have listed on this page then its worth registering on friends reunited website.

If you were in the 3rd form in 1983 then you are probably on this photograph.
Take a look and see. Even if you were not in the 3rd form in 1983 but attended Littleover school around that time then you may recognise some of the teachers.

Do you recognise anyone on the photograph?, If you do please let me know I will add them onto this page. Use the "Contact/Feedback" page on to contact me.

List of people identified in the photo so far, Can you identify any?

Pupils :
Tajinder Sandhu, Harjinder Rai, Dalwinder Ghajminger, Johnathon Morris, John Thatcher, Kevin Evans, Jennifer Moseley, Lleweln Brown, Diane Hutley, Beverley Thomas, Paul Hughes, Susan Boddington, Kate Stephenson, David Haxall, Zoran Radavoiavic, Andrew Hodgson, Steven Price, Chris Turner,Gobinder Manku, Emma Stafford, Ravinder Sanghera, Linda Titley,
Sukhbir Rai, Tim Ferguson, Debbie Smith, Debbie Broadhurst, Kevin Butler, Clive Barraclough , Rachel Barratt, Suzanne Williamson, Raj Kumar, Anil Sarder, Sally-Anne Outram, Claire Gamlin, Trevor Powell, Kuldip Gidda, Samantha Paulson, Kevin Philips, Paul Edwards, Angie Woodcock, Anne-Marie Wigley, Lisa Thoreson, Lee Pinkerton, Sarah Spalding, Helen Deaken, Andrew Nixon, Gill King, Joanna Read, Robyn Sim, Harminder Tamber, Darren Johnson, Pawan Kalia, Nicholas Cresswell, Sonia Grant, Paul Aygyle, Justin Farnan, Ian Cooper, Andrew Ward, Charles Hallam, Dene Beeston, Debbie Consterdine, Bhupinder Cheema, Wayne Gray, Nicola Rippon, Jonathan Hannell, Chris Hueck, Angela Lawrence, Helen Nicholson, Paula Bailey, Angela Ault, Lena Mann, Beverley Woodhouse,Diane Forster, Johnathan Hannell, Samantha Fearn, David Tivey, Kevin Shapcott, Lisa Crampton, Tara Jackson, Lorraine Rhule, Madhu Bali, Rosalyn Guillet, Diana Fox, Matthew Blake, Chris Junokas, Ian Turner, Melanie Andrew, Rosemary Dearden, Rosemary Hill, Karl Warburton, Richard Mosley, Colin Taylor, Robert Marr, Dolkeith Brown, Kamaljit Gill, Theresa Williams, Angie Cole, Louise Eckersley,Marina Elson,Deborah Bates, Caroline Taylor, Tim Cremin, Chris Johnson, Leo Coleman, Martin Harrison, Gaiva Kappia, David Gregory, Jill Stevenson , Leigh Hall, Lynwen Hilton, Kusam Sharma, Mohammed Hussain, Jane Corden, Sarah Lucas, Joanne Newton, Richard Millington, Ruth Onslow, Sarah Farmer, Helen Capewell, Susan Taylor, Karen Mccluer, Kenneth May, Jahangir Khan, Harjinder Johal, Ravi Johal,Richard Aspery, dawn shipley, Beverley whelan, Paul Smith, Jane Ballington, Kully Sandhu, Debbie Mallery, Zaffer Iqbal, Kuljit Johal, Nazneen Akhtar, Louise Tudge, Ruth Macdonald, Harbinder Rana, Ravinder Sembhi, Kathryn Blurton,Arshad Asghar, Mohammed Saleem, Nazir Aslam, Johnathon Lawton, Sanjeev Toor,Shareen Elahi, Tasleem Kouser, Khatiga Rafiq, Nighat Farzana, Elizabeth Hyndford, David Wright, Marcia Bradshaw.

Sadly, No longer with us (passed on) :

Nadine Bullock, Derek Crawford, Steven Eley, Vasudev Patel, Suzanna Gibson, Gill Collins.

Teachers :

Mr Bill Salt (Technical Drawing teacher), Miss Barbara Martin (Physics and Chemistry teacher) ,
Mr steve Lill, Mr Keith Hicklin , Jack Connor (Head Master), Mrs Jane Read, Mr Dave Owen,
Mr Derek Fisher, Mrs Helen Wardle, Mrs Marion Brockway.

Jane Read was head of year, this photo was her idea - there had never been a year photo at Littleover before and Mr Connor wasn't too keen on the idea initially.

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