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QTVR of Markeaton Park Orangery 2005
This page is for additional 360 degree photography.
The world Wide Panorama is a website showcasing 360 degree photography from around the world. The 360s are shown as interactive Q.T.V.R. movies.(Quick Time Virtual Reality). It is possible to create interactive virtual tours using 360 degree photographs by linking the 360s together with hotspots. The 360 degree photos are created using specialised stitching software that joins together a series of images into a cylinder or sphere. These images have to be taken with a special panoramic tripod known as a VR tripod. There are lots of websites with 360 VR tours on them, go and take a look.

This page is for additional 360 photos as part of the World Wide Panorama project.

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WWP1205 - Best of 2005

Title : Markeaton Park Orangery at Winter 2005
Fullscreen version : 1.15Mb Quicktime format
Photograph taken : 29th December 2005

This photo was taken from the same place as my summer one featured on the Best of 2005 WWP event.
The summer version can be seen on my WWP page HERE.

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